PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Tehrror123 Member

    Then you need to put in a lvl and gear buffer in so we can test lvl 50 PVP, cause some of us have been busting our butts to get geared to properly test pvp..
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  2. Xephane Active Member

    No. Just no.
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  3. Daarkstar Active Member

    Thank you for letting us know, looking forward to seeing those feedback summaries :)
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  4. Naroc Active Member

    I'm am 100% supportive of a beta buffer at this point. People have hit 50. We've started tackling 50 content. The end game PvP and PvE should be tested to it's absolute max potential. Please consider adding a beta buffer with this new update.
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  5. Slant Well-Known Member

    If the aggressor has the choice to engage in pvp, the defender should have the choice not to. Thats my stance on it.

    Other than that I just want my damn taunts to function in pvp.
  6. Drew575 Active Member

    No to forced combat.
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  7. Slant Well-Known Member

    Try reading that again drew.
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  8. Drew575 Active Member

    I fixxed it :)
  9. Tehrror123 Member

    Im fine with NO engage as long as the person CAN NOT zone or Evac with player hate on them..
  10. Ecugia88 Active Member

    This is a real crappy way of announcing this kind of info. We thought one of our members was trolling us cuz we couldnt find the link to the thread or announcement.
  11. Savne Member

    This is completely just a guess, but the devs said they're working out what will be going on the marketplace and what will be removed. Maybe stacks of pumice stone will only be purchasable on the marketplace (and will hopefully be tradeable and cheap).

    I can't see why else they wouldn't just reduce charm duration in PvP combat.
  12. Veems Member

    Not engaged.. sure.. fine. The ability to sit there by fg (for example) let someone drop you to half health then port for ***** n giggles.. No, disable the ability to port/evac as well as Racial abilities. (When hated on by another player) srs. I hate everyone.

    Trying to catch someone on a 29% mount with the occasional sprint I'm okay with. Trying to catch someone going 90% speed boost.. not so much.

    Dps/blue stats need to be dealt with. Scouts are eating people alive. (Nb4 srs)

    So this pumice stone, an item players WILL have to purchase in order to roam without fear of becoming someone's b*tch, will this also break free from any cc/detrimental effect still...? Can we throw away cc classes and cures too? Also curious as to if they will cost status taking into consideration it's not "as easy" to get. Not trying to beat a dead horse (cause that's just rude) just seeing how it would be a lot easier to reduce the effect in pvp combat. I don't see how anyone would have an issue. It still gives them there "cc feel" without having to worry what to cook my master before he throws me in the cage again..
  13. Naroc Active Member

    Don't give them evil ideas. :(
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  14. Xephane Active Member

    Pumice stones - 2 minute recast timer and cures 100 levels of ANY effect on caster.
  15. Naroc Active Member

    Will just make all forms of CC pointless.
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  16. Malachy Well-Known Member

    1. Revote on PVP Beta after wipe regarding exile and appearance slots, no one here believes those polls were indicative of the players actually on PVP servers as the results were bonkers.
    2. Isle of Refuge needs to go back in, people should be able to choose IoR, DLW, FF, Freeport or Qeynos as starting zones. Please see thread, IoR is live and well on LIVE servers for people that had toons still camped there, they can leave and recorded themselves doing so.
    3. Forced combat and no zoning once engaged.
    4. CC immunities need to be put in place.
    5. No pumice stones. Absolutely not.
  17. oakmiser Active Member

    So, self cure. then I can't recast it for 180 seconds. You think it makes all the CC you can cast during that 180 seconds pointless?
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  18. Tynsil New Member

    Notations Regarding

    Tynsil [DarkHand] Templar - Beta Server [PVP]

    Bug Report
    Zone: Invasion of the Vale & Antonica
    Bug Type: Audio
    Server: Beta PVP
    Character: Name: Tynsil Class: Templar Level: 19
    Time: 1:41 AM - 07/11/2015

    Received: "Letter to Shivo" After Interacting with "NPC" - From Completed Ring Event - Including ( Mob Count #2 ) "enraged wolf"
    Granted Access to zone: Invasion of the Vale.
    At Entrance - NPC Located Underneath First "PVE" Encounter - " a giantslayer thug"
    At Location - -2,371.30, 10.97, -55.85
    This NPC is Represented as "an unlucky adventurer" or deceased. *Potentially* even Wounded -
    His Audible Responses pertain to: "Hello, Salutations, Well Meet"

    Level 18

    07/10/2015 - 2:09 AM - Zone: Antonica - Harvesting: "Wind Felled Tree" - Foresting Skill Approx lvl (70-85) - Character: Name: Tynsil Class: Templar -
    Received Message - " You need at least 20 Foresting Skill to harvest Rare Components from the wind felled tree"

    07/08/2015 - 8:06 PM - Zone: Thundering Steppes - Griffon Tamer Near Antonica Entrance is Missing ( May be Removed Intentionally at this time )

    7/10/2015 - 6:45 PM - Bugged Monster - Forcefully Resetting To Spawn Point Location: 1,218.76, -0.87, 237.59 - Highland Patriach

    Bug Report - Zone: Antonica - Server: Beta PVP
    Character: Name: Tynsil Class: Templar Level: 19
    Time: 12:16 AM - 07/11/2015
    Location: /loc -1,630.95, -6.05, -851.71
    Ring Event - "a focus of decay"
    Produced the Next Wave of Encounter's Before - Stage 1 was Completed
    Remaining Encounters - "Mob Count - #2" "a restless Caltorsite" - Remaining of "Mob Count - #4" < Far Left & Far Right > of Wave 1 - UnFinished When - Wave 2 Began: "Mob Count - #5" "a plaguebringer acolyte" Spawned

    Engaged in PVP - Lost Fame & Loot, When Engaged at Less then 50% Health. Closer to 20-30%.
    Credit for Kill Should be based upon a Success in Duel or a reward based on a challenge

    Zone - Everfrost Area: Guardians Gulch
    Location: /Loc -398.45, -30.90, -666.98 Time: 3:01 AM 7/13/2015
    Spawn of PVE Encounter "a Galebreaker pilgrim"
    Floating above content & multiple spawns residing in same stuck location "Mob Count - #3"

    Zone - Everfrost Area: Guardians Gulch
    PVE Encounter - "a glacier bear"
    Mobs of this encounter lvl 48 and lvl 49 - Hostile/Ready to Attack
    Mobs of this encounter lvl 47 Non-Hostile *** Note: lvl 47 Mobs found with "1 Up arrow" ^ were Hostile ***

    Zone - Everfrost Area: Maiden's Walk
    Issue: Zoned into Instance Entrance: " To IceSpire Summit "
    Exited Zone, Loaded into Everfrost - "Invisible Wall had Character Pinned in" Was able to work around it, Entrance still functional but requires adjustment
    location: /loc -97.31, 59.65, -904.30 Time 3:41 AM 07/13/2015

    Zone - Feerrott - Area: The Drowning Causeway
    Issue: Did not give Exploration Experience
    location /loc 79.91, 3.50, -98.59 Time: 4:12 AM 7/13/2015

    Zone - Feerrott - Area: Restored Druid Ring
    location: /loc -574.12, -14.78, 830.84 Time: 4:32 AM 7/13/2015
    Issue: Druid Ring at Location graphic is Missing

    Thank you for your time & Consideration regarding these matters.
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  19. Daarkstar Active Member

    Freedom or Mind pots are still on a 10min recast no? Keep it at something like that...or even better add cure charm to Freedom of the Mind. 2 mins is too short, most mages usually die with one CC resist let alone some magical pumice we haven't seen yet.
  20. GBlack Active Member

    You should make a sticky thread for changelogs and announcements like this one.
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