PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Frinch Well-Known Member

    Good point. We need to rally together and do something about this, before it becomes so common in PvP that people start to predict and counter it.

    And before it spreads to other games.

    Like, all of them.

  2. Nightmre New Member

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  3. Nightmre New Member

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  4. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Exiles and betrayal quests exist on the TL-PVE server. There were only 12 questions in the PVE poll....the missing one was the one about Exiles.
  5. Siren Well-Known Member

    Well, hopefully Daybreak will find it too much work to try and allow both sides to roll all classes right from the start on the TL-PvP, and instead they will just re-enable Exiles, and betrayal Q-F and F-Q here (because it's a longer quest chain, to prevent faction hopping).
  6. Adevil Well-Known Member

    A couple months ago summoners were finally given some love, and their pets were fixed. The necro tank actually taunts now, and the scout does dps. The sorcerer was previously the only one worth using, and it's still amazing dps. Scout > sorc for single targets, sorc > scout for group targets. And let's not mention the dumbfire pets, LOL! Although the dumbfire pets for all classes were actually made useful again a couple years back.
  7. Adevil Well-Known Member

    In both those cases the player is already engaged. Please explain how adding auto-engage will alter those examples.
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  8. LizardKing Member

    If the whole betrayal mechanic is going to be gone then they need to have all races and all classes available for whatever city you want to start in. I know I have a could of good races picked out for aesthetics, but my guild is rolling Freeport -- as it currently exists I can't play the character I want in my guild -- one or the other needs to be available. Yes, I have been in this guild since 2005, so I am not changing that :)
  9. Xephane Active Member

    I know it says it doesnt but it's called a glitch, if you active "Feral Rage" outside of combat and then engage in combat it doesnt suspend, so you also have 50% run speed in pvp combat
    It has already been said they are not changing it, it defines a coercer. They are adding pumice stones to the game, do not buy them at your own risk
  10. Siren Well-Known Member

    The Coercer has charm, yes, that is one of their defining skills. Where does it say the bleeping thing has to last 8 minutes though? NOT. Nerf it down please.
  11. Xephane Active Member

    I'm really annoyed by the whole auto-engage thing.
    It's like these people don't know what CC or a snare is. This is NOT necessary in the game at all. Mounts are not 130% anymore. You have sprint, if you snare even with apprentice snare version 1 it's a 23% snare! It's like fishing, if you can't catch it, you don't deserve to kill it.
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  12. Xephane Active Member

    Pumice stones are the nerf. If you use them it has a 0 second duration :) The whole point of the pumice stones is to cure that.
  13. GBlack Active Member

    Does it exist on TLE? Which vendor?
  14. Xephane Active Member

    They aren't available YET but they will be on live
  15. Hane New Member

    PvP death should result in release to bind only. The dungeon respawn rushing is boring, breaks the open world feel, creates an arena/bg type style. Respawn location camping is tedious as well.

    Immunity shouldn't be applied on zoning if you were in combat before you hit the zone line. Zone hopping, so tedious.
  16. Nachu New Member

    you realize that only people near max level can vote on progression right? if people limit themselves on gaining xp and enjoying all the content instead of racing to level 50 then when the vote comes around they won't be able to vote. if you want to level lock for pvp that's fine but you eliminate your right to vote for progression. If you want to experience all the content you shouldn't be punished for that.
  17. Balbasur Active Member

    Devs, do not put in auto engage the majority does not want it and is stupid. Also nuke all the blue stats on gear by a -30%, ty.
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  18. oakmiser Active Member

    Okay after reading what people have said. I can agree about disabling racial speed, teleport, slow fall, and glide. They ruin a lot of early PvE content as well as PvP or at least alter the feel that the initial game had at launch.

    I'll agree with EoF bringing those back in. EoF has Call of the Tinker, Gnomish Speed Boosting boots, Gnomish Parachutes. All those things will counter what the racial abilities do.
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  19. Siren Well-Known Member

    Name even one skill from any of the other 23 classes on the TL-PvP that forces everyone else to keep buying and carrying a special consumable item just to counter it in any fashion whatsoever. (Or even name another skill that runs for 8 minutes straight-- or 5, or 2-- not to mention one that takes over total control of another player so he/she is completely helpless for that whole time.)


    I can't believe the devs are even making that the fix. There must be some awfully complicated coding behind that one 8 minute charm. (So...the devs can't even fix ONE skill? At all? We're not talking about getting rid of it here, just making it so it isn't 8 freaking minutes long.)
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  20. Siren Well-Known Member

    Oh! You make a good point. So the cash shop XP pots are also "Pay to Vote."

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