PvP Time-Locked Expansion Server Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Simmadown New Member

    My dude is tilted right meow. That's what happens when you level multiple characters to 50 just to have them wiped. It will be alright my friend.
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  2. Nightmre New Member

    Since everyone want auto engage and no evac then lets just have battlegrounds....... idiots
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  3. Jenka New Member

    Please bring back the appearance tab!!:(
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  4. Naroc Active Member

    I'm amend this post by saying pumice stones won't exactly make CC pointless. However, it seems silly people are all for a free CC breaker while at the same time preaching to protect "class defining" abilities. Who knows, we'll see how the PvP turns out.
  5. Xephane Active Member

    You misunderstand. I never said I am "All for" the CC breaker. It is just Daybreak's way of fixing it, and we have to accept that, which is the point I'm trying to get across. Also, I'm "preaching" because it IS a class defining ability, just like a Shadowknight's Harm Touch, an Assassin's Assassinate, Ranger's snares and roots, etc... The point is, that yes! these are strong! BUT they are supposed to be. Every class has something that makes them good and worth playing, there is nothing broken about charm, especially if it has a cure. I'm pretty sure I have stated this once or twice, but people who complain ruined Nagafen. The minority who spammed the forums about what should be changed was listened to, and look at what happened to the server's population. Daybreak is not making the same mistakes SOE did. they are not going to harshly change or remove something because people cry about it. The game is currently a lot like it was in old days if you think about it. They are doing good so far. CC lasted full duration, SK could highly damage people with harm touch, etc. Anyways, what I'm trying to get at here is, that if something gets changed the way you want it to, it will also change something else (See Domino Effect for more details), this is primarily why Nagafen was ruined. If you played recent Nagafen like I did you would notice that there were a lot of Crusaders, Bards, Rangers, Chanters, and Summoners running around dealing harsh damage and being nearly un-killable because a lot of classes were useless as they had been crushed into the ground by nerfs while the others had been raised up. I have seen a few people say a lot more than once what they want and it really will not help your case. Please just state your point but do not beg for things. This is the whole point of the pvp polls. They are trying guys. Please just let them do their thing.

    Give feedback, not cryback. Have a good day.
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  6. Dull4h4n Member


    1. Return to bind on PvP death.
    2. Fix tank mitigation.
    3. Reduce (or remove) charm (they did it in EQ1 for a reason).
    4. Fix range attack dmg.
    5. Balance healers so everyone doesn't play warden.

    Launch server and profit.
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  7. Naroc Active Member

  8. Frinch Well-Known Member

    LevelQuest 2, Time-Looped Beta server!

    We'd like people to test all tiers of content, so we'll wipe beta after a week!

    We'll announce it ninja style, 'cause we devs be gangsta!

    Our players had so much fun leveling on reds because there was insufficient XP to reach the level of the quests, let's make them do it again!

    LevelQuest 2, Time-Looped Beta server!
  9. GBlack Active Member

    So you're traveling by feet through several zones. Queynos -> Common Lands to make a run in the Wailing Caves, for example. It takes pretty much time in current state without fast maunts, no griffins etc. So you're entering caves and getting rekt by an opposing party right at the entrance. Hello Queynos and the whole way back to CL - BAD IDEA.

    First I liked your suggestion but you can use bind just for the allied cities. If it could be possible to use bind in every zone - that might workout. Otherwise - no.
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  10. Dull4h4n Member

    Should probably be able to bind in certain key places like outposts etc, but in general, I'm not against people having to run back. We did it in EQ pvp and it always worked fine, and made pvp more meaningful. When there are consequences, you learn to not travel alone, proceed with caution, and strategize. That sort of thing is all but a thing of the past. Though at least in EQ1, friendly players could rez your corpse if they managed to push out the enemies. Its annoying that there isn't something left behind a player can rez, but being that EQ2 gave in to instant gratification design long ago, you can just pop right back in and death means little.

    Other solutions to just going to bind would be disabling the nearest respawn options. If you die in a dungeon for instance, you have to respawn at some major point in the adjacent zone, and not just at the entrance or outside of the dungeon.

    As long as you can respawn right next to where you died in PvP, it diminishes the value of victory when fighting over contested content.
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  11. Mahho New Member

    Dude, you are like the number one guy who runs away LOL!
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  12. Daarkstar Active Member

    Please stop bringing up auto-engage, this wasn't in the original red server. Scouts are still going to run and sneak away when they red-line, people will still evac before you can hit them. After a solid week of shaman PVP I actually killed about 5% of the people that fought because most would just run away...auto engage isn't going to change that.

    There are more important things for the devs to work on like broken CC and class balances.
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  13. Jaden Well-Known Member

    It might be a great idea for those who don't understand -- why is the ability to Exile really important to some in the PvP environment?:)
  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    I heartily agree with everything except 3: Auto engage no longer necessary with the absence of any sort of fast mount. Please relearn to use all the skills in your tray, like Sprint, cc, etc. and you will be fine.
  15. Naroc Active Member

    Exile is a great option on a PvP server because it allows for a free for all environment. You/your guild vs the world. Everyone is a target, including guildies (unless grouped/raided up). Group stealing your named? Kill them. Group doing a HQ? Kill them.

    It also allows players to betray to another faction, therefore allowing the ability to balance out factions if one is too populated. I could go into greater detail and some others will do just that, but it's the short version.
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  16. Siren Well-Known Member

    I'd imagine they want to force us to start again to see what spawning with one bag, the settled-upon XP rate/leveling curve throughout all the levels, any harvesting or crafting changes and any other overarching changes have done to the game. The 50s wanting to test L50 right now and Daybreak wanting us to test L50 right now may be two different things.

    Your post was funny though. :)
  17. Ecno Active Member

    The issue I see with Pumice Stone being our only way to counter Charm is... how Pumice Stone actually works. Thats randomly... it randomly dispels things from your character. Well great... but you know that means it going to randomly debuff Illusions and beneficial spells as well like it did back in the day. Unless of course you change the way Pumice Stone actually debuffs.

    I still think Pumice Stone shouldnt be required though to defeat a group with charmers in it. You can bet your money that everyone and their brother is going to be rolling double charm groups with Coercer, Troub... because its going to be superior in any type of PVP fight. You just run in Charm the healer for 8 mins... and yeah they might pumice stone it off... once in 2 mins. Then guess what, boom instant charmed again... and now youre screwed for 8 mins or w/e the length of it is in PVP on live.

    What you need to do is lower the duration to 30-60 seconds TOPS. 30-60 seconds is a LONG time in PVP to be Charmed.

    Also consider making the recast on charm really long... 5-10 mins would suffice. So yeah you can run in and Charm someone... but you wont be chain charming them all the time on the super low recast it currently has.
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  18. Ecno Active Member

    Also not going to lie... I have been grinding to test lvl 50, skipping all PVP except what I run across. I am almost there and now its going to wipe... which I am fine with but please give us the option to go to 50 with beta buffer and a entry level set of gear so we can go gear up and get to testing PVP and group/raid content etc at 50.
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  19. Slant Well-Known Member

    If(hopefully soon) they return exile I hope they reintroduce the spell/ability reset to apprentice aspect to the equation. That should keep factions from constant dramatic population shifts when one side gets the upper hand.
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  20. Primaeval Active Member

    Looking forward to the groups that stack the troub and coercer charms to win 6v6 battles then claim that those that complain are scrubs. Going for max nostalgia here!
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