pvp server going down fast

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  1. Siren Well-Known Member

    1.) Make the server a typical PvP-TL with Deathtoll's rule set, and the Exile faction. That would give it a couple years' life span instead of this 3 month wipe nonsense that kept so many people away at launch.

    2.) Continue to work on drops and balance issues to further fix them, at least through DoV.

    3.) Don't put XP pots in the shop at all, and fix any new XP exploits that crop up and leave them fixed. The disco exploit + pots killed open PvP in every tier but cap, and killed the broker for trying to sell drops in every tier but cap, too.

    4.) Unlock new expansions every 3 months at the very least, or take longer in between if the devs need it for balance.

    5.) Keep the crafting speed as it was for this season of Nagafen. People want to get out and fight, not be stuck behind a crafting table constantly. And more crafted items helps broker sales and the server economy.

    6.) Allow unlimited rolling of characters per account. If Daybreak wants to make more money, they should put character slots on sale in the cash shop. On a full-fledged permanent PvP server, more people would roll alts, which would keep all tiers populated much longer.

    7.) Stop people from farming alts and guildies and buying/selling kills/fame to get up the leaderboard.
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  2. Naramee Active Member

    as much as I enjoyed the life Server, I would like Valor back. Ever since we share the Server with others, it has become soo quiet:(
  3. Eradani Well-Known Member

    i have to really agree with factions again. unless you had a group of people to be in guild with, you didn't know who to trust. this really hurt singles and new people from finding someone to play with.

    that being said, it'll be hard to get enough population to support factions :(

    while we're talking about factions, this can't talk to or friend people from the other faction was just stupid with the FFA ruleset. if you're going to do that again, make it true FFA and don't bother about city factions at all except maybe as it pretains to opposite city guards. let anyone be any race or class in any city.
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  4. Trasor Active Member

    Siren, I singled out these parts just to add a few thoughts of my own:

    2) Do not let it go to DoV, I would like a very long time at KoS, EoF, RoK and TSO - then it should just end imo. Flying mounts were horrid for PVP.

    7) DBG has to create some sort of added hidden complexity here that they haven't implemented yet before. Some sort of function that flags people for killing accounts that they are related to in addition to their own (in guild, interacts with, etc.) where they can follow up on it. The only thing would be challenging in that case is a pre-arranged 1v1 and a rematch, making sure credit is awarded in that scenario.

    My hope is that they realized the base is still here, and unfortunately for us, we have proven to always try again even when we don't like the advertised product. Our leverage is minimal.