Personal Loot Reward Update in Renewal of Ro [Heroic III] zones

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Mar 13, 2023.

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  1. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    I think the previous post underestimates the gravity of what is being done here. Monetizing loot destroys the game, as it corrupts or taints the chase which is the base element of an MMO RPG. This will have a terrible effect on player retention.
  2. fausst New Member

    So many different avenues you could have chosen. You could have added back the coin/resolve crates, which you had separated into armor and jewelry. Added extra drops to chests since has been missing since expac drop. Added a raid weekly reward to the coins... etc. You the devs. chose this cash shop option. Adding another convoluted system no one wanted or asked for. If you want more revenue, make the game easier for returning players as has been stated over and over. As a player, it is just disrespectful. Insanity is making the same poor choice over and over again.
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  3. Ziefren Active Member

    whole heatedly agree with this, what it feels like from a player standpoint is that they purposefully made loot just "dry" and rare and impossible to get so that we would want a faster way to get it via the cash shop.

    1 item chests with CBOC impossible to get. If we needed a p2w system, they should have left loot alone and just gave us another buff or mount.
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  4. Beee Well-Known Member

    The Heritage Treasure Chest mechanism does NOT work. After killing one H3 End named it's still at 1 stack
    After the second H3 endnamed still one stack at the chest :-(

    And the personal loot is .. 2x the ring i'm waering :(
  5. EmJay Well-Known Member

    Close your wallets...
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  6. Smashey Well-Known Member

    Already seen several proud players post screenshots of them buying 100 crates. Ask yourself why this dev team can continue to do these kinds of things. Thats why. People are proudly spending money on pixels to gain any advantage possible.

    Even if 100 people left because of this they would still earn more money than before and lets be honest, EQ2 players still playing in 2023 wont leave for another game no matter how much angry stuff they write on this forum or discord. EQ2 players have no backbone and will accept this as just another part of the game.
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  7. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    They could’ve just left it at personal loot and been done. People complained three expansions ago about raid weekly loot, because eventually you have it all and it becomes trash and people complain that something other than loot should be done. Fast forward to crates…crates allowed raids to be overheated for the t1 raids at the time and it was simply a reward for logging in and having coins to burn. Fast forward to H3s this year and everyone made posts about how they couldn’t help others get H3s because of 18 hr lockout and wanted the lockout to be reduced. What they gave us made sense to be able to help others into the zones, and by help it means the 5 rooms were geared enough and willing to help their guildies or friends. This was never going and still isn’t going to allow “pugs” for h3. They decided to make the cash grab on top of it.

    So away with the cash grab portion and leave personal loot and 30 min timers….let’s get those people who wanted to help into those zones to help. Everyone wins /shrug.

    So morale is…personal loot gtg.
    Cash grab for heritage loot cache, personal lockout resets, and keys all need removed. @caith;@kandar
  8. Kander Developer

    Thank you for all of your feedback, we have taken note of it and are in the process of reviewing it all. We believe that individual loot in the heroic content would be something we want to look at doing more of in the future. This is something we have wanted to do for quite a while, we feel like individual loot will be a much better overall and less restrictive system so that players no longer have to worry about their lockouts when they want to play with their friends, guildmates or pick-up groups. Keys for the additional loot rolls do drop in the [Heroic III] content where they can be used. The Heritage Treasure Caches will be made available to everyone as heroic mission rewards in the next update. New feedback threads for the individual loot system and heritage treasure cache will be started in the Feedback forums to have a place to hear, from you, how we can improve it.
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