Personal Loot Reward Update in Renewal of Ro [Heroic III] zones

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Caith, Mar 13, 2023.

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  1. Caith Developer

    Renewal of Ro [Heroic III] zones have been converted to a new system. The personal loot reward system will allow characters to run the zone rapidly, while still preserving the intended time progression of rewards. These zones will now have a minimum lockout duration of 30 minutes, but the treasure rewards in the zones are no longer tied to the zone lockout itself. Instead, treasure is granted to each character who participated in defeating the encounter, and each of those characters will receive their own personal loot roll from the encounter treasure chest.

    Resetting a zone lockout will not reset the personal loot lockouts of the encounters within the specified zones. However, when using a Personal Treasure Unlocker in the specified zones, a window will open allowing you to reset any individual personal treasure lockout for one unlocker, or the entire zone for three unlockers.

    As up to six characters are now able to obtain these rewards, changes to how the rewards are structured have also been made to prevent the introduction of [Heroic III] gear more rapidly than intended. When you receive your Personal Treasure Reward from the treasure chest, you will have a 33% chance of obtaining one of the gear rewards that the encounter drops, and a 66% chance of obtaining the common rewards such as adornments or spell scrolls. These gear rewards are not class specific, and you may obtain gear the looting character cannot directly use.

    When you defeat an encounter, each player who participated in the encounter will be able to loot a Personal Treasure Reward from the chest. When looted, the Personal Treasure Reward will set a lockout on the character that prevents obtaining that specific Personal Treasure Reward again until the lockout has expired. However, you can still reset the zone lockout and assist friends and guildmates in the zone.

    Upon entering a zone in which you have personal loot lockouts, you will receive a message detailing which encounters are locked from receiving rewards for that character.

    When you defeat the final boss in the specified zones and loot their Personal Treasure Reward, you will be given an option to expend Personal Treasure Reward Keys. These keys increase the number of treasure rolls you obtain, or even guarantee a gear drop from that encounter. Spending a single Personal Treasure Reward Key will give you an additional reward roll with a 50% chance for the reward to be a gear item. Spending three Personal Treasure Reward Key will give you that same additional roll with a 50% chance, plus a third reward roll with a guaranteed gear reward.

    Personal Treasure Unlockers and Personal Treasure Reward Keys can be obtained from [Heroic III] final boss encounters.
  2. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    Response to this thread:

    A) How common will the keys/resetters be? Do we have to get a personal chest reward to get them?
    B) What happens to the rare loot under this new system? Do we have to roll the 33% chance at gear to then get a shot at rare loot or will it still be a low bonus drop on top of whatever we pull from the chest?
    C) (This one we will be able to answer after it goes in anyways, but will list it) Will we be able to trade drops if we are say a plate-wearer and get a chain piece? Or will the loot be smart loot since we are no longer guaranteed armor?

    C) Would there be a consideration of letting us use a higher amount of keys to guarantee a 445 drop from the chest?
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  3. FuRiouSOne Well-Known Member

    So goodbye to SLR?
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  4. Dolgrin Active Member

    Another layer of an over complicated system, i do not understand.
  5. Jrox Well-Known Member

    For those who don't math... That's a 20% chance of getting something you can use with a probability of on 33% that you will even get to the tier that allows you the chance to get something you could use meaning a 6.6% chance of anything you could use on your toon.

    Why can't they just fix itemization and open it up? This is quickly becoming ZERO fun. The grind is becoming not worth it and I have a ton of choice words for this hot garbage I can't say here. I will be sure to unload on my way out the door if these types of decisions continue.

    Just sayin...
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  6. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    If this is indeed testing a new system, one which appears like a pareto retrogression from what came before... why was it implemented first on an achievement stratum that means you'll get a relatively small quantity and cross section of feed back and data to mine?

    Also, if you're going to all the effort of a system like this, why would you still leave the RNG as the last encountered system effect? Since you're exchanging a loot token for a loot roll, there should be an accompanying mechanic to refuse the outcome of the loot roll in exchange for a 'used' loot token- a currency which can be spent against the loot table it went against- or just skip straight to spending loot tokens in quantity to purchase from the loot table.

    Can we get clarification that if people open a loot token and get non-smart loot, that they dont get to trade it to other people who were in the zone when the mob dropped while all of them are still in the zone? That right there makes everyone worse off than before, before we get into whether or not the effective zero-keys drop rates of desired gear changes.
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  7. Menoric Member

    Maybe their moving from PTW to PTR (Pay-to-Raid)? LOL
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  8. Jrox Well-Known Member

  9. Dinger Member

    With the crates and large scale PTW system....

    This is beyond risky...a lot of people are going to quit.
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  10. Moss Well-Known Member

    I'll wait and see, but my first experience on this system was in raid T2, using the beta reward extra loot on a boss were I know multiple loots were avaialble for my class.

    And I got a single reward, legs armor, 440 resolve - same as weekly h2 resolve, in leather that none of my alts could equip.

    It was .. disapointing .. to say the least.

    If it takes days or weeks to get 3 keys and you finaly get nothing worth when using them, in addition to bad rng on common loots, we will have some very very bad response from players.
  11. Praetorian Well-Known Member

    I'll be honest, I'm not sold on it. I don't see the point honestly for it. If a Dev can reply and provide an articulate reason why this system was being implemented and the goal behind it that would be great. I want to know the thought process behind it and why it was agreed upon. Who amongst the community or what amongst the community casused its creation?

    Personally, we all play this game because we are MMO players. We live and die behind the traditional loot system that exists. The economy lives and dies behind it. When you all of a sudden put things into PERSONAL distribution you lose the whole MULTIPLAYER part of your MMO. You could easily just implement a simpler and better smart loot system that already exists and has existed before if you wanted to have looting like that for higher tier zones. Risk vs Reward right? But this system is just bulky and inflated to a point it makes things LESS inviting for players and technically more frustrating as you are adding more things for people to need to keep track of.

    You could have easily just added "Personal Loot Keys" to Treasure chests that players can accumulate over time and added them like there were for Beta Testers. Kept the treasure chests the same and have players use these keys prior to the chest being opened. You could add a prompt that "SO AND SO WANTS TO OPEN THE CHEST...DO YOU AGREE?" so that people have time to use a key. But this whole lock out system is unnecessary IMO. You keep the traditional loot method ALIVE and still have your personal option there as well.
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  12. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Could not have said any of it better. This only drives more separation. The two pieces of loot is being referenced as a possible reason for the added crate. But even worse they added it to the market place so now it's officially another money grab. Watch population take another hit. I already know a bunch that were complaining about the current P2W that had come back to game in the last year. This will only make that worse.
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  13. Menoric Member

    This is basically now a Pay-to-Raid system. This is going to be and is HUGELY unpopular. I don't see myself paying for a sub for this. This is the nicest thing I can say.
  14. BlubBlub New Member

    Absolutely concurred. I will not be holding subs long term with this loot system. At best short term to see out the xpack with my raid I guess.

    I like to be competitive and I cannot justify this much money on pixel art.
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  15. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    Lol. The funny thing is we were just talking about that in guild last night.

    The other thing we talked about….this is a test to see how well it works.

    It will get rolled out in the GU and continue from there….you don’t need to PTW as the last boss drops keys, but buying keys…allows more to happen. It’s on the way lol
  16. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    NO is the only polite word I can say. The current expansion has almost no content and now this instead of actually adding something to the game.
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  17. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    @devs. I’m sure you can see the disgruntled feedback. I hope you seriously reconsider this and not use it at ALL going forward. Tweak the gear drops in zones and you can get the same effect. Make something like needing the kill to loot items if you’re worried about SLR, if you were to reduce the timers to help others get through the zone.
  18. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    There is a clear issue with the amount of groups in the game, and something needs to be done. And personal loot on its own, while still being stupid and heavily RNG, is more or less fine. But the cash resets attached to the update is absolutley not!

    I'd also like to provide the examples of how it is done in the other games:
    1) In Lotro, the amount of "loot attempts per day/week" depends on the tier of an instance or raid. But one always gets something if he is eligible. The loot list itself is still rng, and the most powerful items have low drop rate. Items are not tradeable either.
    2) In WoW M+ dungeons have no loot restrictions, one can run as many instances as he wants, but the chance to get something is totaly rng. You can do 5 zones and get nothing, Or get something every run. Items are tradeable, though, among those who where during the kill. Raids have beed returned to the master loot system this expansion after being personal loot for the last two. The system did not work well for raids because people had only one attempt of loot per boss.
  19. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    I was actually kind of excited for the implementation of personal loot for the h3's. It had huge potential to help with drops. Especially for the rare loot(btw how are the rare loots handled under this system? Do you have to roll gear and then roll the chance for rare loot? Or is it a bonus on top regardless of if you roll gear or the common items? Would you give any consideration to enough keys guarantying a rare drop?)

    However with the adding of the ptw crates, I have to ask:
    Is the plan moving forward to continue with having less gear gained from raiding then in the past, resulting in a larger divide between players that can afford lots of crates and those that can't?
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  20. Ohhno Member

    "As up to six characters are now able to obtain these rewards, changes to how the rewards are structured have also been made to prevent the introduction of [Heroic III] gear more rapidly than intended. When you receive your Personal Treasure Reward from the treasure chest, you will have a 33% chance of obtaining one of the gear rewards that the encounter drops, and a 66% chance of obtaining the common rewards such as adornments or spell scrolls. These gear rewards are not class specific, and you may obtain gear the looting character cannot directly use."

    I was really hoping when I saw a note about this that the change would make it so that you had a much better chance at getting gear needed for your class given the level of difficulty of the H3 zones. H3s are already very frustrating to do. A 33% chance I could get gear, and then whatever small chance it's something I can actually use after that does not make me want to run H3s more than one time for the achievement. Yes the group I'm in is starting to knock them down, but none of us want to do them any more than we have to. They are just not fun, and while I think the intent and intention behind this change is good, it doesn't make me want to do H3s more than once.

    I think, given the difficulty of H3s, that the chance for gear should be higher. I'm not sure why there is such a need to slow progression for the community down so much. Trying to slow the end game guilds down has brought all other guilds to a screeching halt, or something close to it.

    By the way, how much of the community is actually defeating H3 content? How much of the community is actually raiding anything past T1 raid mobs? Doubt that will get an answer from the Devs, but worth asking anyway. I'm betting it's a very low number.
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