Heritage Treasure Cache Feedback

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by Kander, Mar 17, 2023.

  1. Kander Developer

    This thread has been opened to serve as a single place we can watch and get your feedback. Please keep the feedback constructive.
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  2. Dockter Well-Known Member

    I don't think keys should be for sale to increase players chances for loot. This is a backdoor PTW tactic and goes against the spirit of EQ2 since the beginning.

    If this is a pure money issue for the company then consider adding the following:
    • additional hotbars
    • additional bank space
    • additional storage
    • broker slots
    • Willow Wood guild hall
    • Ability to share gear with a Heartbound player. (heirloom)..... My wife and I have had lifetime accounts since it became available, and we've been paying for subs since 2008. Why can't we share gear between our accounts? Please don't use the line "that's not possible", it is, you just have had no motivation to do it.
    Additional feedback:
    • Stop making everything gained from the previous expansion worthless day 1 of the new expansion.
    • Make some in game tutorials for new players, stop relying on fandom for your documentation.
      • I can't get my kids to play eq2 because they feel starting out is too difficult with all the stats, spells, gear setups etc. There is nothing in-game that explains these mechanics.
    So many things are available especially now with the 64-bit client. I don't feel this play to win tactic is appropriate.
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  3. Aggy Active Member

    It's already hard enough for new and returning players to catch up, having a way for people to PTW is going to separate the have's and have not's even more.
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  4. Messenger New Member

    Can a dev give instructions for TLEs for the Heritage Treasure Caches? I got 7 caches, stupid amount of Personal Unlockers, and 23 keys. Is all of that useless on this server and I shouldn't spend any more money? or can it be used to get loot out of raid zones or contested bosses. 0 info on how any of it works for TLE and I spent money on it and don't want to waste it because it wasn't properly explained/instructed.
  5. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    I would pay for additional hotbars and also additional bank space in a second!

    It's crazy that neither of these have been increased. I think the bank space is the same size as when the game launched. More hotbars would be awesome.

    I wish they had made the ascension classes have their own hotbar for the spells like the BeastLord has.
  6. Dristlin Member

    extra action bars would be nice. Healers have lots of buttons then when you add in all the abilities you get from expansions and there is just not enough action bars. -making purchases for non-combat rewards allows for profit without having pay to win.
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  7. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    These would be a lot easier to "deal with" if the loot from these keys/chests was never the rare/chase items from mobs. IMHO, this would be a great way to help folks pay to catch up but shouldn't be a way to pay to get ahead of others. They also shouldn't be connected at all to raid mobs as it drastically increases the amount of raid-quality loot given out in a way that breaks raid progression. 3-4 folks that use those items can suddenly double the amount of resolve loot a raid gets and can vault them over other guilds since we typically all kill mobs at the same time when we are at the same resolve.

    I realize that all the suggestions I have reduce the desirability of the crates but this particular mechanic just isn't going to sit well with 90% of the remaining player base no matter what. Consider p2w products that increase rare harvesting chance significantly; long-term crafting "buffs" that make crafting instant for hours on end; run speed boosts; prior expac zone resetters, etc. These things give convenience bonuses to things people want without breaking progression. You could sell items that unlock currently equipped items on a status/expac currency merchant so that alts could more easily buy things.

    If there's a funding goal that you need to hit, I'd be all for out-of-game premium merch buys. Path of Exile has done things like that and it's really cool. I'd pay a lot for signed game art, virtual meet & greets, things like that. Get creative like an indie game and not like a mobile game.

    I hope this is considered constructive. The majority of us really do want things to succeed.
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  8. Bigstomp Member

    This loot system to me is an example of what is wrong with the current generation of MMOs. This is for many of us an escape from reality and stress. Introducing a system like this brings reality into the game. It mixes fantasy with real life stress and takes alot of the fun out of it. I cannot be captured by a world when I have to keep digging in my pants pocket for my wallet.

    I dont understand why we cant find more subtle monetization Ideas like Dockter mentioned are good examples of creative methods that could be used to monetize in non-intrusive ways.
  9. Dude Well-Known Member

    It seems to boil down to this: monetizing loot from Heroics and Raids will drive away raiders, your core customers. That's what I took away from the feedback provided in the original thread.
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  10. DENSER Well-Known Member

  11. Moss Well-Known Member

    I don't see the reasoning.

    There are many post saying that you don't want too many loots entering the game.

    You have reduced the number of loots per chest to its minimal value, making progression almost impossible for the majority of the player base.

    The drop rate of the most wanted item is so low that there are weeks where our whole guild is not seeing any of those drops.

    Players are leaving the game because of the bad itemization and stupid gring required to achieve anything.

    And now you add a system that will only benefit to a tiny players base : those who could afford to get those treasure chests in any way.

    Start by adding more items per chest like it was in the past, then we could have an open/friendly discussion on how to add other mechanism to get more loots "for those who needs them more".

    Right now it feels like you have been starving us in order to justify whatever system you wanted to implement.
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  12. Beee Well-Known Member

    How rare should the Heritage Treasure Cache be?

    Buying 1x20 and 20x1 Libant Evernight Heritages Cache gave
    ZERO Heritage Treasure Cache
    a lot of not stackabe Personal Treasure Unlockers
    7 stacks with 10 Personal Treasure Reward Keys (3 of them bonus for the 1x20 stack)

    Overall I will not spend more $$$ for this
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  13. DENSER Well-Known Member

    it is not in itself a question of the key, or chests.

    Bring some love 1st into eq2.
    1) make at least 1 heritage quest.
    2). Make a open dongeon like runneye etc.

    A change, which is not one in itself cause it's present on firsts years of the game, but which will rally the community instead of division.
    Then yea, u will can think about a ptw thing, then the pill will be easier to swallow.
    In this specific case, you are sabotaging yourself.
  14. Jrox Well-Known Member

    I would get on board with this. I have ZERO issue spending money to keep the game relevant and fun. While I realize for some folks $15 bucks is what it is for them. I can spend more and am willing. But I want my friends who really are limited to that $15 or a little more to be able to play with me.

    There are some really great ideas here and a number of them I would definitely pay for.

    1. Hot Bars (I feel like this was discussed in the past and it just wasn't possible with the way the game was designed? Could be mistaken but I am 90% positive we made this ask 7-8 years ago.
    2. Bank Space/Bag Space (I mean c'mon, this should be a no brainer) Creatable back packs have not increased in size since Metallic Hide was introduced, right? Or am I mistaken.
    3. Heart bound sharing ( I saw this mentioned in this thread and thought yea that would be great for me and the wife. But how do you keep it from being abused. Maybe lock people to their heart bind for a set amount of time before they can break it and rebind with someone else?) Seems tough and a lot to work out there. (Your not allowed to divorce for 90 days, court ordered counseling :p.
    4. A premium account that allows for unlimited zones with loot. (Yes those with more play time would benefit, but why shouldn't they if they are investing the time.) Can't hate on someone willing to pay $40 a month and has the time to play all day everyday. Plus this gives you more active players more of the time.

    I would pay 2K DBC for a 124 - 130 slot Back pack... And I would buy enough to fill at a minimum two characters and their banks with them. And that's just a start...

    Give me some merch/swag. I have been playing EQ2 since Beta and EQ1 from it's inception until beta EQ2. Yet Mech/Swag has been next to impossible to get unless I went to Fan Fair's which I did a number of times. The ones in Vegas were the best though... Just saying...

    Give me 8 more bank slots and 4 more share bank spaces yea I'll give you 4K each on those...

    Let me upgrade my spells to Celestial, I'll give you 5K for each one of those...

    Sell me a crate of all the Red Adorns from last Xpack so I can either catch a friend up or catch an alt up so I can swap classes. Another 5K right there...

    There are so many other things I would be willing to pay for that don't break the game.

    And players can't complain about other players getting ahead if they don't have the time to invest beyond this stuff. They have to log in and play. But honestly, right now there is zero carrot for me to chase and I don't want to sit in an H3 for 3-4hours in hopes one one piece of loot I need dropping and then having to roll against 5 people for the chance to loot it. Thanks, but no thanks. Or should I say, Sorry not Sorry.

    Last thing I want to mention here... If you are looking to monetize or create additional funds in another way, have you thought about advertising? I don't mean for the game, but in the game. I wonder if there is not a way to ad Adds to the zoning window? I don't care if you put adds on the zoning window and throw a hyper link in there that opens an out of game browser if you see something you need or want. I mean were gamers, your telling me these folks don't want to shop online. Hell we buy everything online in our house minus fruits, veggies and eggs.

    C'Mon Man!!

    Just sayin...
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  15. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Great post man. Thanks.
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  16. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    I cant speak for others but if I wanted to spend money on a small chance to get something I would go to a casino, which btw has a better return ratio than what I consider useless (season or two old) garbage put in the crates.
    Players have been saying what they want and do not want for the past few years and its been falling on deaf ears or the excuse has been given that the dev team is overloaded, yet you have time to introduce new stuff the players didnt want or ask for while boasting about all the exciting things coming up.
    The changes you are trying to charge people for are in very bad taste, they dont personally effect me as a player because I no longer run heroics and think the last expansion was not worth my money, the loss of players has been quite noticeable as of late and that has an effect on the rest of the game I do play to be not as much fun. I seriously doubt I will be getting the next expansion.

    You have given us broker limits, opened Kael Drakkel (how many resources were wasted there?) removed loot from player dungeons, removed battlegrounds, removed reforge/infusing equipment, removed the goblin game, homogenized equipment stats.. you will never be able to fix the things you have done to itemization and stat bloat, yet want us to give more money for things that should be part of the game.
    I'm not seeing a positive return or a justifiable reason to expect the players to hang around if this is what the game has come to
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  17. Vlkodlak Well-Known Member

    I have been with EQ1 and EQ2 since their beta days and any change like this would be expected to be greeted with disdain and push-back.

    While this is a large change to how we have always played and looted in game, it is not the end of the world. But it will greatly impact the members of your guild that you would like to give loot to to help them or even your own alt that is on a separate account. And by design it will finally bring an end to the SLR groups and raids, which I feel is the main purpose of this system.

    It is hard to say other than with speculation what these changes will bring. Leaving it for just the H3 zones does limit the player-base that will utilize this system, but I wouldn't mind leaving it that way for the expansion to get a decent amount of feedback.

    No change comes easy and there is always a price. I do wish that there was a elected forum just to discuss these type ideas between players and the Dev's.
  18. badname912 Active Member

    I want to echo what I saw in eq2 discord about this ...

    So the original thread has been locked and not open for replys... Basically it ended at... We'll provide free to play methods of getting the loot boxes but we won't remove the pay to win aspect. it sounds like the point of people's complaints were completely missed...

    I'll make it an easy to see 1 sentence sum.... We don't want pay to win gear .... It's pretty obvious in the response of the community. Yet that aspect of it was ignored

    I'm not sure what is hard about that to understand, and if it was understood where is the communication addressing this?
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  19. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    They answered you with that silence. It was "pay or grind, your choice".
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  20. Manafizzle Well-Known Member

    It's a no here.

    The lack of attainable loot from playing the game has been ugly and obvious. To have the 'solution' be this pay to win gamble?

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