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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-denmom, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    First off, thank you Domino for the new looks!

    Secondly, thank you Niami for the write up!

    They look great, they really do...I just would like to be able to see them a bit better. Ogres can be sexy, aye, but...uhm...some of the screenies don't show the clothes from the front much. :(

    Thanks again!
  2. ARCHIVED-greenmantle Guest

    Pheep@Unrest wrote:
    er sexy ogres though i guess Niami is biased on that topic but the size 22 versions look um nice?
  3. ARCHIVED-Wrapye Guest

    I like the look of many of the leather sets.

    Cloth looks like an utter recycle, sorry. I just don't think anything will look 'different' until there is a different physical style addition to robes, not just coloration and texture.
  4. ARCHIVED-Master71 Guest

    only 2 sets without dress is a little bit too few...
    otherwise it's quite appealing.
  5. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Master71 wrote:
    That's my only complaint, too.

    I knew the robes and stuff were simply going to be recolourisations. I expected that. But to only get 2 tunics for cloth out of all those levels and 2 pants (even with one of them black)... *sigh* Is okay. I accept it's the best for the time. I hope, though, that all the other pants aren't white and maybe there are even some different sleeves.

    With as much pink as been tossed around, I'm surprised there isn't a pink tunic and pink pants and not just the pink robe.

    But... it IS more variety in appearances even within the confines of the limitations.
  6. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    I'm planning on adding more vest options also, just didn't have time to get it in for this update what with revamping all the stats and making all those new recipes too. ;) But yes, you can expect more vest options on the way. Still pondering whether to make them alternate versions of the armor (as I did with the level 70-79 ones) or a series of stat-less items (like the formal wear). Feel free to chime in with any strong opinions either way!
  7. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    I glad to hear there will be more vest's in near furture. I also want to say when you redid the chain & plate the looks of most them had different appearences then the ones the npc's sell unlike I have seen some in the cloth & leather so far. I'm pleased with most of them except for the reuse of some of the ones the npc's sell. There is few of them with some minor things I wouldn't mind seeing different (less flaps).
    Thank You

    (ps. I hate flaps on all armor except some plate armor)
  8. ARCHIVED-Liyle Guest

    As long as we're mentioning chain and wishes, sure wish the recently added chain looked a bit less like ski sweaters.
  9. ARCHIVED-Mythal_EQ2 Guest

    As long as we're on the subject of looks, I figure I might as well say this -- even though it'll probably get flamed.
    As a cloth wearer, I feel absolutely cheated when it comes to the amount of options I get for my character's looks. All I have to chose from are:
    a) robes -- which, generally, have little variety other than changes in pigmentation, or
    b) a combination of pants, vest, shoulders (of which, often, the shoulder slot is missing completely).
    On the other hand, any class that is able to wear other types of armor as well (leather, chain, plate), has their options for appearance increased x2 - x4 when compared to cloth wearers.
    Personally, I never understood the change in the limits to appearance slots, that would prohibit anyone from displaying armor of a type different (or lower, I guess it was) than the one worn in the normal equipment slots. As I doubt that this will be reversed, however (the whining would not stop until 2010, and why should it?), I would like to see more class-specific appearance items.
    i.e. Robes that can only be worn by cloth wearing classes, or leather items that can only be worn by leather-wearing classes and so on. No more of this mish-mash crap, with templars or guardians in full plate looking like they're a monk or wizard -- especially when a wizard, for example, never gets the option to look like a guardian (Sure, you can get 1 set of items from the Bloodline chronicles, but that's it).
    On the other hand, you can always add more cloth armors that look like leather/chain/plate so that everyone who wants to can look like a tank. /shrug

  10. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Thank you for giving consideration to those of us cloth wearers who don't want to be stuck in nothing but robes.

    More "fluff" (zero stat, level 1 equipable) variations would be nice with appearance slots. I would suggest, though, to have a wider range.

    Have metals as well as cloth/leather in those categories.

    Heck, even put in the leather skirt which is, at this time, a Darklight Woods quest reward for a female bruiser (I can screen shot at home, if you like).

    I would even love to see ONE gi-like chest item which is zero stat, level 1 equipable (there are a couple gis in RoK which all classes except mage can equip, so the exclusivity is already broken). Make it 70+ craftable so it fits in the same level range. OR, simply take the guild level 10 (I think) tradesman outfit (the greyish brown one), recolour it, and make it into craftable "fluff" (I forget what the male version of that looks like).

    Oh and does this mean the blue and white -blouse- which was a T6 (or maybe T7) crafted is going away? (I can screenshot it tonight, too). If so, it should be put back in, too, and with its skirt seperate. (I forget, too, what that looks like on a male)

    So when is the "Gold Opulent" going to get a recolourisation effect to be added back in as more options? It, too, is 2 piece. It would be nice for more variety.

    I'm still not holding my breath on different options for cloth wearers than what's in game now, but it is nice that there is some desire to return to recolouring what few looks can be "modified" to expand our variety just a wee bit.
  11. ARCHIVED-Magickalprincess Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    OMG, yes to both of those. I was *really* hoping the "Gold opulent" outfit was gonna be the one recoloured into red or black for last GU :)
    And Yes I would love to see the blue and white outfit come back, even as fluff crafted stuff :)
  12. ARCHIVED-MW2K2 Guest

    I'm still awaiting my Tailor to get copied over to Test-Copy but I wanted to bring something up. From initial research in asking those on Test and Test-Copy, it seems the Sta/Int set of cloth armor that use to be on recipe page 36 or 37 is gone. It was the "specialty" set that always had a set name (Architect was the MC level 32 set) as oppose to being "blahblah Cloth" or "Blahblah Threadbare".

    Was this intentional? Has one of the remaining sets been given the Sta/Int stats instead?

    I seriously hope you have not removed this set completely as these stats are very popular for the casters I have created armor for. Very rarely do I get orders for the Sta/Wis/Int sets (and IMO the Wis shouldn't even be there, it should be Agi or Str) and believe it or not, the Sta/Int set has always been more popular than the pure Int (Tranquil) set.
  13. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Everyone I forced to look at that page is still not crazy about 95% of the leather graphics.

    I like the robes, it's nice to see a lot of new looks and the return of the blue & gold just for T5 nastalgia.

    My bf, former wizard who doesn't play anymore said: Use a new template for robes, sick of seeing the same one. He and I both want to see an option of vest & pants every tier, since for some crazy reason many guys who play mages "don't like being stuck in a dress".

    I really like the current T6, 7 & 8 cloth, should I make a few sets before this update? Are they going away forever? Will previously made stuff stay with the old graphcis?
  14. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Oooo! /bounces up and down

    Themed clothing! Yes! Statless for appearance slots! Yes!

    Like the items from Isle of husband has a Monk and really woud love to have the shirts and gis from there.

    Oh, gis available to all classes! I love the look of them but Brawler only. :( And while on that subject, how about one that looks like the design of the Dustdevil Jerkin?

    Ooo, the clothing from New Tunaria...the clothes the vampires wear...Maj'Dul clothing...

    /wipes drool

  15. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    There's an alternate in each tier, I think, which is usually vest and pants. Architect etc.
  16. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Snowdonia@Runnyeye wrote:
    Yes. The oddly named and fairly redundant "extra" cloth set with the variable stats has been removed, and the tranquil set is now consistently int/sta all the way through for the battlemages.

    Also I should highlight that appearances (and stats) of existing armor WILL change. I have tried to preserve all the currently available appearances in at least one set per level range, usually the common so that if you like that look and find the item you're currently wearing has changed, it should be easy to replace. However, do expect a few fashion changes when you first log in after the update, as the folks on Test server can tell you.
  17. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    My fury says she'd like some tight leather pants with no mudflaps please.
  18. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    Sigrdrifa@Lucan DLere wrote:
    The best pair that I've found like that are the Dusky Bat Leggings dropped by Gloom up on Shattered Weir.

    Tight fit, light on the armouring, shiny on the rear husband calls them spanky pants. :D
  19. ARCHIVED-Yadarya Guest

    I think some of these changes are excellent, and a lot of fun!

    I do have one question though. Domino has stated that she has tried to keep the current look for each tier available in some form.

    Would anyone be able to confirm that some player crafted items that currently have a bare/no armor appearance (such as threadbare cuffs or shoulders) will retain this look? I often use these items to have no appearance on my arms for certain outfits.
  20. ARCHIVED-TottCophii Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Unless you make them better than what's available just make them stat-less for the appearance tab.
    I love the look of most of the armor/clothing in the game, but I also think character 'fashion' is the most lacking aspect of this game... too many items are just reskinned versions of something else. If that's the case you should just allow crafted items the ability to have their color scheme manipulated at creation.

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