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  1. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    I think this is simply due to different values making things messy.

    Currently the vendor price of a crafted item 'remembers' the cost of components. I noticed this most easily when I transferred servers and the reactants I took with me became valued at 1c and the ones I bought new were more than that.

    But now with conservation of fuel, it could apply to anything. If I use 4 fuel to make something and you use 5, the vendor prices are different. Setting them all to some set value saves on database space. Zero works fine as a set value for that.
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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    /waits patiently for whatever gets ported to the personal side.
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  3. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Ah. I didn't realize. I can only visit depots :p
  4. Omougi Developer

    What's the exact name of the pomegranates you are having issues with?

    Generally speaking, if something is tradable and is used as a recipe component, we want it to be able to go into the harvest depot. Some exceptions would be oddly specific quest items, but those are the exception and not the rule. So if you see something that you feel should be going in these depots and isn't, let us know and we'll take a look. :)

    Here's a short list of what will be tagged for depot usability so far, still working through your feedback here.

    Collectible Depot:
    Live Event collectibles

    Harvest depot:
    Deep Forge components
    Blood Iron Ore
    Battle Warped Ore
    Seed of Growth
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  5. Solzak Member

    Have to agree with the Fuel Depot.. doubt many will use it. A Personal one for the house would be nice, I agree. Or you could just let us use fuel from our House Vault automagically.
  6. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming they mean:

    \aITEM 961139009 -1302951297:fresh pomegranate\/a
    \aITEM -1735475233 1492217740:fermented pomegranate\/a

    Has anyone tested the Halasian whiskey from Unrest? \aITEM -672410713 -1106249413:Halasian whiskey\/a I didn't have my provisioner copied on beta to test it.

    Also curious--is there a guild level requirement for these? Unable to tell with HoT being level 95 on Beta. Hoping not!

    Oh and another thought.. are all the item stack maximums 99,999?
  7. Soresha Member

    1. Collectibles depot - the dropdown for deposit all has All, Common, Fabled and Legendary as categories. I'm only seeing either no tag or the "lore" tag on the items I have. You can't be sure what it's actually going to do as the categories don't match up.I'd say you really need Common or Lore as the options there.

    2. I tried depositing all "common" into the collectible depot - it took both the ordinary no tag ones and the lore ones. Is this quality setting actually doing anything for collectibles?

    3. The dropdown for deposit all on the L&L depot again has Common, Fabled and Legendary. I'm only seeing items with Treasured on them though. Not sure if there are others types? Like the collectibles this doesn't seem to add anything and is just confusing.

    4. Sorting by quantity is a nice feature. The level is meaningless for some of the depots though I agree.

    5. I have a "shed amphibian skin" which is giving "You cannot place this item into the container" for the collectibles depot.

    6. White adornments - technically the standard categories do match the quality tags on the items. However I think most people think in terms of the level of power of a white adornment, i.e. Lesser, Greater, Superior. These are the categories you need listed here. Not making people do a mental juggling act translating the one set of tags into the other, or checking the item descriptions to work it out.

    7. General point: These categories under the deposit all option need to be extremely clear and obvious. No hesitation from players about hitting the button because they're not sure what it'll take from them. If there's doubt, people won't use the option. They'll drop them in individually. And right now I'm hesitating a lot.

    Especially when as it currently stands, most large guilds will have the access set up so that ordinary members can deposit but not withdraw - so if you put something valuable in, you can't get it back easily.

    8. There are no chat window messages telling you what happened. I want something for reassurance, telling me "You deposited Xxxxx into the Yyyyy depot." Even if it ends up a bit spammy with two dozen lines, I'd like to see it. Unless it's under a chat category I don't have turned on, unlikely but possible?

    9. There are 10 tiers x 84 adornment types = 840 possible stacks. You've only allowed room for 500 and that doesn't seem enough. Even deducting the 108 superior ones (which most people probably won't deposit) that's not enough stacks. It will end up penalising the lower tiers and newbie players, basically, as those won't be put in for distribution amongst guild members.

    10. So crafting takes fuel from the fuel depot in the same way as the harvesting depot, hmm? That makes sense mechanically, but not economically. Guilds amass huge stockpiles of the common stuff with the harvesting NPCs. No one can possibly donate fuel to the guild for free because you have to buy it. So when people are levelling up on writs in their guild's hall, they're going to burn through that fuel and burn guild "money". Maybe if you're a super rich guild you can give your members free fuel, but most guilds won't I suspect!

    No reason to remove the depot now since you've made it, and it'll work for a minor of guilds. Plus it's the pre-cursor to personal fuel depots I'm sure. But guilds will need to be careful if they decide to get one.

    11. Definitely need better access control over the depots. Only the top leader/officer ranks in a large guild tend to have trustee access. These depots are about sharing things amongst a guild, and if you can't give ordinary members and new recruits some access it's not going to work out that way.

    I know it's more work for you guys and almost certainly extra code, but as a much better, long term solution I'd recommend copying the functionality you have for the guild banks. So in the guild window have deposit and withdraw permissions per depot on the Ranks tab, and maybe also copy the Bank Settings tab to a new, equivalent Depot Settings tab for withdrawal limits.
  8. Jasym Member

    I'd like to add my thank you to all those who have posted above. These new depots are great!

    I realize we're still working out all the bugs, trying to get this ready to go live, but I have a feedback. (I ran this through guild chat and we came up with it being perhaps something for the future.)

    Could we get totems added to the ammo depot?
  9. Senya Well-Known Member

    Yep, those are the ones! Thanks, Cyliena.
  10. Senya Well-Known Member

    I agree that totems would be a nice addition to one or the other of the depots. My vote would be for the potions/poisons depot.
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  11. Omougi Developer

    Awesome, I was hoping those were the ones in question. They are depositable for me, let me know if they work for you.

    Also, totems will be included in the Poison/Potion depot soon.
  12. Gnaff Active Member

    This is exactly why i love SOE. These new Depots are going to be great for Guilds, I will def use many of these in my private guild to supply my army of alts.

    And thanks to you all who are testing them. (Sadly i do not have the time to pick between Live and test)
  13. Eshaac Active Member

    Did not see this mentioned, but when you are at the harvest depot and you select deposit all; Common, all the ""insertnamehere; Materials" (Effulgent Material, etc....), which are marked as "treasured" get deposited as well.

    Not sure if that should be included in the "deposit all;Common" selection.. I know if I summon a work station at whatever location I am, and suddenly find my ("?".materials) are gone, I probably will not be happy.

  14. mouser Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried them on Test, but W00t! These will:D:D be great. Made my Christmas and Frostfell :)

    I'm in the "guild of one" category (two actually - but she's a part-timer), so the fuel depot would make sense for me, if the cost wasn't so high, but I can see the problems it will have for "normal" guilds. Fuel can be resold for full value, so there's really no reason to stockpile it. I'm a bit afraid that you guys will see guilds not using them and think they're not needed/wanted. They are, but just not on the guild level - this should be a "personal" perk - Absolutely awesome to use in your house with your crafting station - a smaller version version of the harvestables depot would be great here too, since you're only stockpiling for your profession (maybe there is one already, I don't keep track of all the higher level craftables).

    What would really be ideal would be for the crafting stations to first check the guild depots, then check the crafter's personal house vaults, then the crafter's personal inventory. That would let us stash things like fuel, or a personal store of rares and still use the guild hall crafting stations.

    As for making tough amenity choices: I actually kind of like that. My approach to game design has always been "You can have anything, but you can't have everything." Maybe instead of the mailbox they portal to their house and then magic door back. Yeah, it's a little bit inconvenient, but if it let's you get something even more convenient, it's a good trade. I picked the guild hall in Gorowyn because a lot of this stuff: broker, banker, wholesaler is literally right outside the front door. If you've got the island, you don't have that luxury, but OTOH if you've got the island you have lots of amenity slots, so it probably balances out a bit.

    Anyway, thanks for the hard work in getting these things out. Hope they go live soon but not until you get the kinks out. Time for me to start busting status out and gain a few more guild levels.

    :D :D:D <- happy camper!
  15. ZUES Well-Known Member

    I will find it tremendously useful. I have alts that have bags full of fuels. This will free up a lot of bag space.
  16. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Will try to put up a list of the harvestables "specials". Some are no-trade/heirloom but I'm putting them in in case you decide to change the mara bag.

    Bought (could go into harvest or fuel but need to go in wantia bag)
    - milk
    - water
    - dough
    - cocoa
    - vanilla bean
    - cream cheese
    - sugar

    Deathfist Citadel specials:
    - blood iron ore

    Shards of Love specials :
    - fresh pomegranate
    - fermented pomegranate

    Lavastorm/Deep Forge specials:
    - magma armor mold (won't go in as it's heirloom I suppose, could go into mara bag)
    - Brick of Bronze Ore
    - Magmatic Crystal
    - Brick of Silvril Ore
    - Brick of Iron Ore
    - Brick of Thalium Ore

    KoS specials:
    - a Blue-Silver Sheet
    - Perfect Osseous Lumber
    - a Perfectly Cut Purple Geode
    - a Strip of Supple Leather
    - The Aggressor's Claws
    - The Chamberlain's Flayed Skin
    - The Counselor's Head
    - The Kettleleader's Preserved Corpse
    - The Taskmaster's Gullet

    EoF specials:
    - Halasian whiskey
    - Seed of growth
    - Bark of Growth
    - Wuoshi's Molted Scale

    RoK specials:
    - Chromatic Essence
    - Reflective smoldering shard
    - magma rock fish

    TSO specials:
    - bit of moldering cadaver flesh
    - chunk of void metal
    - bloodwood plank
    - Najenaar zircon
    - bunch of white rowan berries
    - frosted rune
    - Sathirian shroud

    Velious Specials :
    - Parsnip
    - Crystalline Spiderling Silk
    - Battle Warped Wood
    - Globe of Coalescing Shadows
    - Bloodied Remnant of Rage
    - Frozen Shard of Magic
    - Aspect of War

    Drunder Specials:
    - Bloodmetal Bricks
    - Rage Filled Ore
    - Warborne Ore

    Research Assistant specials:
    - Humming Reactant
    - Murmuring Reactant
    - Simmering Reactant
    - Powerful Reactant
    - Aberrant Reactant
    - Anomalous Reactant
    - Phenomenal Reactant
    - Momentous Reactant
    - Colossal Reactant

    - bone golem shards
    - wurm tongue
    - drake fang
    - dragon hide
    - great dragon scales
    - wyvern stinger
    - a bloody drakota eye
    - maligonian horns
    - skyshrine golem horn

    - prime bone golem shards
    - prime wurm tongue
    - prime drake fang
    - prime dragon hide
    - prime great dragon scales
    - prime wyvern stinger
    - a bloody prime drakota eye
    - prime maligonian horns
    - prime skyshrine golem horn

    I think I found everything used as ingredient in a recipe except for shards which are 1/ heirloom 2/ already stored away in currency tab.

    On a side note, I hope the personal harvest depot will be upped by a fair bit and that we'll get a fuel box soon(TM).
    Friends and even visitors should be allowed, if the leaders so choose, to remove stuff from the non-harvest depot though.
  17. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Can someone on Test list the pricing for these? I'm sure my guild will be very much interested.

    Or is it the same as the regular harvesting depot?
  18. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

  19. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
  20. Terrogaunt Developer

    Checked in some code today to make the Withdraw function on depots work with the access rights of the guild hall (which you can set on the amenities screen). Now just need to make sure that the crafting window makes use of this too.