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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Niami DenMother, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Pixiewrath Active Member

    I haven't been on test, but does this update include any new personal guild depots or extensions of their current limits?

    I rarely use the guild depots, but I use my personal harvest depot a lot and that one is maxed since a while ago. Had do sell/craft up some of my rares just to make room in it when CoE was launched which felt a bit meh... Especially if you are using it with alts that are gonna need even more craftable items.

    And a personal fuel depot would be extremely neat too...
  2. Senya Well-Known Member

    I love all these depots! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can't wait for the home fuel depot and the personal harvest depot's lore tag to be removed and the count upped. *hint, hint*. ;)

    Can the pomegranates from the Shard of Love be added to the items that can be put in the harvest depot? My provi has been walking around carrying mine for ages because I can't put them in my personal depots or guild depot.
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  3. Pendragon New Member

    This is both good and bad news. Love the idea, hate that I don't have enough amenity slots as it is.
  4. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    I'm with you on that... I'll need to sell back the gambling goblin hubby wanted just to get one and keep chugging away toward guild level 66... :D

    Will hop onto Beta today and try to help test these out some!
  5. Pendragon New Member

    At level 61 I already have to decide whats more important, an AA respec npc or a tradeskill writ giver. At 70 I will still be deciding what I need the most. Like previously stated, the mailbox is essential and should never have consumed a slot to begin with. Devs please consider solutions since it's so late in the game anyways. We all have alt guilds that would love these amenities.
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  6. Eshaac Active Member

    I think a solution to the mail box thing since we can send and receive mail vial eq2menu without the mailbox except when it contains an item, would be to just allow us to receive the item as well, without having to go to mailboxes all the time. This is done in eq1 and has been for ages.

  7. Hordolin Awanagin Active Member

    HoT guild hall is in Gorowyn (both on Beta and on Test). Feel free to drop by. The test guild hall has L&L, Ammo, Collectible, and white adorn depot, the beta guild hall has all of them.
  8. Mononic New Member

    I don't know if this is feasible or not, but maybe for the depots you could have some sort of system like you have with the guildbanks? Ex: Rank 1 can take out 1 item every 24h (for stackable items, could set a limit of how many?).

    Just an idea. :)
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  9. Jasym Member

    I tried to put 3 of the Frostfell collectibles (Tiny frostbitten Halfling toe, Frostbitten Human toe, and Frostbitten Barbarian toe) in the collectible depot this morning and I got the message "You cannot place this item in the container". I tried to drag them in individually, and I clicked on the deposit all button and they wouldn't go in either way.
  10. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    No, it doesn't. If you go back through the posts in this thread, there's some dev responses that indicate that they want to see how these go over before they consider more potential depot love. :)
  11. Eshaac Active Member

    Yep, just tried the "Tiny frostbitten Halfling toe" as well will not go. Tried it from deposit all and manually. No go.. Manual error reads "you can not place this item into the container"

  12. Alenna Well-Known Member

    yes and let it go in the wantia harvest bag also. while you are at it please please please let everything that can be put in the wantia bag be put in the personal harvest depot.
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  13. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    It appears to be an issue with world event collectibles, at least from some quick spot-checking.

    Onyx rose petal from Erollisi Day doesn't work (I don't have the rest of the set on-hand to test)
    Qeynos Envelope, Qeynos Letterhead, Qeynos Notepaper, Qeynos Postmark, Qeynos sealing wax don't work - and I'd assume the other collections for the various city festivals are tagged the same.

    By "doesn't work", I mean they cannot be auto-placed into the collectibles depot, and manual attempts give the message "You cannot place this item into the container"

    Edit: as Jasym just reminded me, the above event shinies are "treasured" collectibles, if that helps find a more solid pattern for you
  14. Leonitas of Potato Situational Awareness

    ok first i want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for these new depots...its the best news ive heard maybe in years. Big thanks for setting the main depot limit so high, its a huge relief to now add in rares, seasonal and more.

    I'm never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but that being said, i do have some suggestions/requests to further improve upon this idea:

    for the main depot, could the following be fixed/allowed as crafting mats?
    -deep forge ores
    -blood iron ore
    -tenebruous harvested mats(draco mortuus and such) and gems (havent checked the gems yet but i know the rygorr gems work)
    -chromatic essence (havent checked reflective smoldering shard yet)
    -seed of growth, void/battle warped wood

    l+l needs vamp teeth to be allowed in depot please!

    and, an idea for a new depot:

    crafting/harvesting tools depot: any tradeable/non heirloom crafting gear or charm

    including the 27 success chance tinkered items
    3 item crafting jewelry lore sets from crafting instances
    portable tables 1+2.0
    tinkered and woodworker harvesting speed items
    gnomish divining rods
    possibly other tinkered items?

    In summary though, THANKS! this is a huge deal and i'm very thankful for the new depots.
    I'm also one to hop on the "add recipes depot and looted spells/ca's depot" those might be the most useful depots of all. no need to worry about journeymen or expert spells imo.
    I won't however bash the guild fuel depot...its just an option...if you dont want one, dont buy one please :) and a tinkered fuel depot for home would be fine, even if the recipe is rare like current coe tinkered drops.

    Edit: by the way...Come Test Us!' Guild Hall on beta has all 8 depots out apologies to the poor gambling gobby, bartender, stylist, conjuror, and other amenities i had to remove as these npc's join the ranks of the unemployed :( ....however it makes perfect sense to not charge us a fee or adjust the fees but not charge guilds an amenity slot on a basic "starter pack" of amenities everyone would get with their guild hall. ideas for the starter amenities imo would be: call to gh, banker, broker, commodities, mailboxes, one type of basic travel globe or bell, crafting depot, and rush orders.
  15. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Wow. I didn't realize the harvest depot was upgraded (1000). That's awesome news!! :D

    Did the personal depot get an upgrade as well?
  16. Eshaac Active Member

    Yes we need to be able to set these independently. Giving some no access to recruits and visitors and such..

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  17. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    I'm noticing that all of the depots now have a tooltip stating that coin value and Maker's Mark will be removed. Shouldn't this only apply to the food & drink, ammo, white adornment and potion & poison depots?

    Can totems go into the potion & poison depot? Guessing not but just curious since they're utlity-based as well.
  18. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Maybe the intention is to keep people from taking the other goods and making money off them?
  19. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    vampiric incisors cannot go into the lore & legend depot. Tried "deposit all" and drag & drop, which gave "you cannot place this item into the container."
  20. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    That's fine if that's the intent. As it is now, (for example) I deposited and then pulled out a L&L item from that depot and it still had its coin value. I wasn't saying "no don't do this!", I was saying that "you guys copy/pasted this description on depots that don't need it because they don't function like the ones that hold crafted items."

    With all of these depots being added could we finally get a depot log? If so, please make it so we can enable or disable which depot activities we want logged.
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