New Bloodlines Spells?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Mheryl, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Miele wrote:
    The Bloodlines Chronicles adventure packs ends well before level 53. All the spell upgrades for the next tier were placed into MajDul where they should be IMO. Making them ancient teachings was in line with where they should be.
    Personally I am a little miffed that 0-70 recipes are now available without having to go get them in the other expansion areas.
    Since you dont have faction with MajDul yet - consider these things -
    1. You can buy the spell from someone that does and is making the spells. I sold quite a few of them yesterday and got discos on my server for the 5 Sage scrolls and spells (woot)
    2. You can see this as an opportunity to do something in MajDul you havent done before. The DoF expansion has some of the richest and most interesting quests in the game, they are well done. Each faction house has different things to offer. With the appearances tab now working (awesome job devs!) think of the various ceremonial and alternate gear you will be able to purchase once you have faction. There are also mounts, house pets, housing licensing, a whole quest line for each house that culminates with 3 item drops needed to quest for the Fabled Ring of Fate and on towards the Hero of MajDul title. There are a plethora of adventures that await.
    Hokey? Maybe, but this is afterall, EverQUEST and if you havent dont MajDul you have missed a lot of entertainment you have paid for. Enjoy~
  2. ARCHIVED-Cadori Seraphim Guest

    Valdaglerion wrote:
    I adventure just fine in Maj'Dul with my main and alt *adventure classes*.
    I don't feel I should have to lvl my crafter class in adventure lvl just to get her a spell I think she will benefit from, Nor do I want to be price gouged by those who actually get lucky and get the spell to drop.
    As you already know a few recipes were SO rare and pricey that they added them to the reward list for the new crafter quest just put in.

    I have no problem doing the foot work on an adventure class for the reward I seek, so long as if its a crafting spell reward that I can give it to my crafter class that will use it.
  3. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Nolus@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    The books are dropped as well as sold in Maj'dul. The ones sold in Maj'dul are just a perk for those who happen to have taken the time to join a court. If you don't want to do that, then don't - buy them from the broker exactly like any other advanced book.

    It's also (as I've said before) totally not necessary to be high adventure level to join a court. I have a level 20 assassin/15 alchemist alt on a server where she's my only character, who has high enough court faction to buy a house in Maj'dul now. Her total time played since I created her is 1d 3h, and she's had no financial assistance from anyone. For that matter, my carpenter was ally with the Court of Coin before she was 25.

    There are plenty of options out there, if you look for them.
  4. ARCHIVED-Cadori Seraphim Guest

    I always took the quest/killing route to gain faction in Maj'Dul and was not aware there were other options for the lower lvls :D Thank you for this info!
    Been playing the game since release and I learn something new every day :D

    Thank you for being so attentive to this forum and the tradeskill class. SOE certainly hired up when they found you!
  5. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    I saw, read or heard somewhere a rumor that a 70 version upgrade to these spells is also coming out with RoK. Has anyone else seen this confirmation somewhere?
  6. ARCHIVED-einar438 Guest

    There are court of tears (an assassin guild) people that will give you odd jobs in the form of instanced quests, with rewards that are basically a handful of any of the three court insignias that you can choose from. I usually saw 4-7 depending on difficulty.
    These instanced solo quests always scaled, BUT... I never did them at a level that was less than 50, but I imagine it is worth a try to see if they will scale down to even lower levels. It could not hurt. This will give your character some faction coins as well as some experience (and probably AA), IF they scale for you. Anyway, it is worth the try, as you won't be KOS to anyone in Maj'dul until you actually start turning the coins in.
    Generally, they rewards from joining a court are to me well worth doing the quests, and they are alot more fun than the awful writs that you must do to gain factions with the other cities. At least these quests have some interesting plots rather than the tiresome Kill X of Z in zone Y.
  7. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Ikarri@Lucan DLere wrote:
    QFE -
    The quests in general in DoF all have interesting plots and purposes. It is/was one of the most interesting expansions to the game to date IMHO. Very well thought out. It is truly a shame this zone is so underutilized. The Call of Ro is another amazing tool for travel to have in your kit. There are several teleport items which can be obtained in DoF - Samirahs Mirror (teleport yoru group to Shimmering Citadel from within DoF zones), Shimmering Carpet of the Citadel (carpet for your house that teleports one person ata time to the Shimmering Citadel library across from Poets Palace), Call of Ro (quested call ability that teleports the user to the gates of MajDul).
    My own hopes for this zone is that at some time we will get tradeskilling in it and have the ability to have a home there without having to give up our primary city residence. An arena overhaul coupled with those things would make this city the most functional and fun city in the game IMHO.
    [EDIT] The coin tokens dropped by the guards are tradeable and often found on the broker. The other option is to take a higher level toon and farm for coins for your lower level toons. I dont think the quests scale down to low levels but I am curious to try that out myself as well now on another alt.
  8. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Other than buying coins from adventurers, how can a low adventure level crafter crafter gain enough faction to become a member of a court?

    I personally don't count buying coins as an option since they have always been rather pricey any time I've looked for them. If that is still the only way, without adventuring as 50+, to get faction, I'm as disappointed now as I was when DoF was released that the ability to craft is still so closely tied to adventuring.

    I really wish there was a -crafting- way (then and now) to gain faction with a Maj'dul faction especially since they sell the ancient teaching scrolls which are crafting recipes. I have no problems with it being a reward, so to speak, for being allied with a faction but, unless something has changed, it still requires adventuring (or buying from adventurers) to gain -any- faction.
  9. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    This poses an interesting question Rijacki (consider for a moment, I agree wtih the tradeskilling way of doing it but there is not a tradeskill instance in MajDul so how would you accomplish that?). Consider for a moment it takes about 200 tokens to gain enough faction with the MajDul houses to earn the right to purchase the advanced books and ancient teachings. Each guard will, at most, drop a single token. Not all guards drop tokens but most do.
    The tokens typically sell for 1-2g each on my server anyway, sometimes more or less depending on how many people are farming DoF at that time. On average it cost about 7p to "buy" your way into faction with MajDul (given the varying pricing of tokens, the number for sale at each price and the number it takes to actually reach the faction levels if purchased at one time).
    Currently, the Ancient teachings sell for about 8g and change in the faction houses. If these items were placed in the common areas of say the Golden Sceptor for anyone without faction to purchase,
    • How much should they sell for?
    • What benefit would there be to those who had worked for their faction?
    • Could the faction houses sell the Master I versions instead and allow the commoners to buy the Adept III versions?
    Be realistic and consider the time and effort other people have spent in (a) getting their toons to the appropriate level to adventure in MajDul in the first place (b) complete quest or farm for tokens to build faction (c) raise their crafting skills to a level to actually scribe the No-Trade recipes they purchase in the faction houses.
  10. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    OK, forgive my confusion. As a Fury, I got two spells from BLC-spirit of the bat---this is getting opgraded. Sacred Shield-not getting updated, is that right? This spell doesn't do much at level 70 and I was sorta hoping it was up for tweaking.
  11. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    Well my 'crafting' way with my carpenter was to decorate a house for someone who was levelling up killing in Maj'dul - free tokens, happy home owner, and ally faction. ;)

    My assassin just bought tokens from the broker whenever they were 1g or less, she was easily able to earn enough money to reach warmly status by level 20.

    All advanced scrolls require adventuring or buying from adventurers to obtain, and have done since launch, so I really don't see this as a new thing or a thing that requires urgent change. It would be unreasonable if there were NO way for crafters to obtain these scrolls or faction rewards, but that's certainly not the case, so it's not something I can rate at all high on the list of things to look at. I support making as much content as possible accessible to tradeskillers, but that doesn't mean it's easy, won't involve danger/negotiation/coin/work, or will be handed over on a silver platter. I do have an "evil empire" reputation to maintain, after all! :D
  12. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    You are my hero :)
  13. ARCHIVED-Lishara Guest

    It took me all of about 10 minutes to get 10K faction smashing solo truth guards in Maj'dul. (Had 20k faction and needed 30k) with a level 70 fury. You don't have to do the killing on the toon you want to have faction. Just have one of your high level adventurers smash the mobs, gather the coins, then trade them to your crafter. :)

    Just watch out for the sha'irs. :)
  14. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Just an update - looks like the books in the Maj'dul courts will stay tradeable until after the weekend, then they'll switch back in line with the others and will be no-trade (dropped ones will still be tradeable of course). We could kill off the NPCs till then, but hey, it's only 7 recipes, and that would inconvenience folks who wanted to buy everything else they sell. So there you go, that's the plan.*

    * till it changes, of course.
  15. ARCHIVED-Jolissa Guest

    Typo fixed by Domino ...
    Nothing to see here, move along .....
  16. ARCHIVED-Cadori Seraphim Guest

    Sorta off topic but on topic at same time.. I didnt notice any Shaman spells in that list. Are there any bloodline spells for Shaman?
    I never really bothered to look and was curious now that they are getting an upgrade.
  17. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Spyrit@Najena wrote:
    Er, yeah, that's a typo ... they will change from tradeable to no trade! Is it time for a weekend yet?
  18. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    I've never been a fan of Maj'dul faction being purely adventure related (coins have to be obtained by an adventurer, no matter how fast or slow to get them or if there are so many on the broker they're a copper each). Since there are non-adventure perks for faction there, I wish there was some crafting way to gain faction (not to have it handed on a silver, copper, or even platinum platter). Rijacki has done enough quests there to be hated by all but one faction and handed in many coins and still doesn't have the faction to get anything but at the GS, but that isn't even the point. She can't do her primary class, alchemy, there for faction to get crafting related items.
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    DominoDev wrote:
    And then some!
  20. ARCHIVED-pointytail Guest

    And it's still Thursday and not Friday... Oh dear.

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