New Bloodlines Spells?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Mheryl, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-TaleraRis Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I find it disappointing in our tradeskill developer that actually wanting to *earn* something by tradeskilling is looked upon as "easy", "doesn't involve work" or "is handed over on a silver platter"

    I'm with Rijacki on this one and we've seen eye to eye on this in the past. There should be a *crafting* way to put in effort for crafters to obtain a *crafting* commodity.
  2. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    TaleraRis wrote:
    Huh? You read that completely differently than I did.
  3. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    I figure I'm somewhere between you two on that one.The statement without elaboration for those of us looking for a bit more independence/a path to actually earn things through tradeskills, looks like she wants to continue the status quo. If not for her track record, it leaves open that essentially nothing is going to change and that crafting will continue to be subordinate to and dependent on adventuring to do anything worthwhile. The statement is as ambiguous as a similar one made by Ilucide earlier in the year and leaves a very big question mark for people who didn't care for the apparent direction he was going.
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    Calthine wrote:
    There are many great reasons to live in Australia but today the best one is that it is after midday on Friday. The weekend is only 5 hours away!!!!!
  5. ARCHIVED-Cadori Seraphim Guest

    Just a question here, why was there only a select amount of these spells for some classes but not others? =/
  6. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    As I understand it, feel free to correct me, some classe's spells are based on percentages or scaled, some were a flat amount...for those people who scaled/percentage'd their spells, the spells grew stronger as they did. For those who's spells were a set they grew, the spell outlived t's uselfulness, staying at a level 35 spell. For those whose classes were the same as when they were 35, they got a bump. Those whose spells got better with time, didn't. This isn't an across the board statement though, as one of my two BLC spells isn't one they upgraded and is also weak as it hasn't changed since the get go, but i"m hoping it might get tweaked next time :)
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    KerowynnKaotic wrote:
    You like to be naugty? Shh...your hubby might be reading this thread :p
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    Yeah the scout bloodlines spells dont upgrade with you as you level and none of them got a lvl 53 version with this patch. Would be nice if the devs would either be more consistant or at least take the time to explain why they arent being consitant across the board here.
  9. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    The funny thing is (well funny isn't the right word, funny is the right word for the Hair of the Dog recipe we got) of the two of mine that got upgraded, the one they made a new version of, I use regularly, as it's useful at whatever level it was, even if a little, the one they didn't upgrade, I consider a spell not worthy of my hot bar. I'd of prefered the reverse had happened and they raised the other one. Not that I'm coplaining, the one they raised affects my power pool and anything that helps my power pool is a-OK with me.
    I assumed that it has something to do with the other one (Sacred Shield) isn't a crafted spell, it's learned.
  10. ARCHIVED-Miele Guest

    Valdaglerion wrote:
    I'm a sage, I don't want to buy from other sages.
    I did DoF content, but as I said, with my main (that happens to not be a sage). I can't buy those recipes with my main because they are no trade, at least they are on Lucan server, where I checked the day GU38 went live.
    That was my point.

    I love DoF content, possibly the best lore wise in EQ2, the whole courts thing and the peacock line are on top of my favourite list of "things to do", but I'm not enthralled at the idea of farming faction again with a character I seldom play except to craft.
    Well, I got one recipe off the broker for 10g, not a big deal after all. Let's see what else I get tonight.
  11. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    Weird that most are reporting they are tradable (even though it won't last). I know I got mine for my alchy who doesn't have faction, though I intend to get it for her. Too handy to have a second Call now and again.
  12. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Cadori Seraphim wrote:
    I'm curious about this as well since my main is a mystic (heh secondary is a defiler so double whammy), and we apparently don't get an upgrade to umbral trap (though it is not percentage based).
  13. ARCHIVED-einar438 Guest

    A court of coin quest (outside of the courts instance) to obtain these advanced recipes (and ancient teachings) might be a nice little addition. I would agree that other options for the tradeskillers would be nice. Buying coins off the broker should not even be counted as a real option, only an additional, optional one. If that's the only option for the high level ts/low level adventurer, then IMHO that equates to no options.
  14. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    Deson wrote:
    Again, without a tradeskill instance or group in MajDul how can it be proposed that faction be built by tradeskilling for MajDul? You cant do writs in Qeynos and expect to get faction in MajDul, the cities are separate. Any similar crafting quest would trivialize the adventuring factions earned.
    It took me all of 20 minutes to finish the new Adventure quest from NQ last night on my level 11 toon. It would be unreasonable to suggest that quest along this line should equate to faction gains within MajDul given the quests and factions methods for adventuring.
    It would seem that in order to get a writs system in place for MajDul, you need a tradeskill instance there first. It would seem the code and even the writs from Ironforge exchange for instance could be ported over to MajDul. How much effort it would take to create a new tradeskill instance there I do not know. It jsut seems illogical to think there could be a crafting way to get faction without a tradeskill association and instance available in majdul.
    Thoughts on how to build faction there through crafting?
  15. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    Valdaglerion wrote:
    There is a representative from Maj'dul (not sure on the correct name) by the travel carpet In Qeynos and Freeport ( I assume also in the Butcherblock and Neriak area's). Maybe this NPC could offer quests to tradeskillers. Maybe along the lines of ...'The Court of Coin is finding it difficult obtaining items of sufficient quality from their local tradesfolk, if you could provide them with X items, they are sure to reward you well'

    Or even have the crafter travel to Maj'dul and have representatives of the different factions in the Tower of the Moon offer such quests. I'm sure it would be alot easier to add a set of tradeskill tables in here than to produce a whole new tradeskill instance.

    Whatever the solution, I do think it would be nice if tradeskillers could have access to the court merchants, without having to rely on adventurers in any way. I don't think the access should be easy to obtain but something comparable to the time/effort required to gain access using adventuring would be right.
    I think using a system such as the Ironforge etc.. faction writs, gaining 150 status per writ, would be a little to much for this.
    A system where completing an easy, untimed order, would reward one insignia (400 status) and a hard, timed writ rewarding 3 insignia (1200 status) would feel about right to me.
  16. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    Ok, lemme see...
    I start a crafter...
    • I can get essentials books from the TS fella.
    • I can get advanced from either drops or broker or TS fella
    • I can get essentials books from the TS fella.
    • I can get advanced from either drops or broker
    Bloodline Chroicles spells-35
    • essentials and advanced available at Nek Forest for sale IF you do BLC
    • available at broker, sold by someone who did BLC
    • essentials can be bought in Golden S in MajDul or inside Courts
    • now you can by essentials at TS fella
    • advanced can be purchased inside courts or by broker or mob drops
    • specialty spells (advaned study of thus and so) are mob drops and sold on broker
    • essentials can be bought in KOS
    • now you can by essentials at TS fella
    • advanced can be purchased at broker or mob drops
    NOW onto the new BLC upgrades
    • Unless I msised osmething yesterday, there is no app IV version of the upgrades?
    • mob drops, sold on broker
    • bought with faction in courts
    So, why is this an issue? There is no difference in how this has been handled then any other advanced recipe book. We either go to broker or kill mobs. Since the spells are 50-59, they should follow the same rules as any other 50-59 spell and that puts them in this category: (for above)
    • essentials can be bought in Golden S in MajDul or inside Courts
    • now you can by essentials at TS fella
    • advanced can be purchased inside courts or by broker or mob drops
    • specialty spells (advaned study of thus and so) are mob drops and sold on broker

    HAving said that I still think these should only be available to people who actualyl DID BLC but that is a different issue then how these spells are being disseminated into the population.
  17. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

  18. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Valdaglerion wrote:
    What stopped them from putting the spells on the Ironforge or Coalition faction people? It makes equally as much sense. Or, what about the Bloodlines people where the spell lore came from and the previous versions are?

    I don't accept lack of infrastructure as an excuse when the means clearly exists to be able to do it. I perfectly accept things take time and don't demand results overnight but, that patience is not infinite. They sold a game concept that was based around coequality(as implied by design and advertisement), why should I keep giving them a pass on lopsided dependencies and artificial work arounds?That we are even addressing this is evidence of a design failure. Why aren't there Tradeskill stations in there already?

    What they do for crafting depends entirely on the direction they intend to go with it and with Domino still honing her skill and all the changes that need to be made,that's likely not going to be a solidly answerable question until after RoK. What I'd like though,at least with what's available currently,is something akin to the writ system. Have a decent questline/quest set where you are building things related to whatever faction you wish to join. I'd like also sabotage quests where you destroy infrastructure.
  19. ARCHIVED-Paddyo Guest

    1. These spells aren't BLC spells now, the upgrades are upgrades to a spell that originated in BLC, but the new spells aren't tied to that adv pack in any way other than the spell line originates there.
    2. Level 53 spells are and have been available in Maj dul from the courts. This isn't a DOF spell per se, but to NOT include it as being available in the courts doesn't make alot of sense.
    3. These spells drop in non crafted form from the loot table. There is an Adept 1 of senses of the bat on the broker right as I post, which leads me to believe the masters are out there waiting to be discovered. So, again, these are no longer considered BLC spells.
  20. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Paddyo wrote:
    Only since the last update :)

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