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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Romka, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-johnathanbtn Guest

    Actually the gravecalling line - the tank line is prett good right now with the way they are changing it. the first ability allow your tank pet to absorb a certain percentage of damage it receive . So its almost a constant ward on your tank pet. If the void beast goes live, i think that it can very useful on certain raid situation where you want to bring some ultility to the raid.
  2. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    2 other possible changes-

    Magi's sheilding enhancement- Hastens pet summoning and adds hp/power to pet(like the old training used to)

    Rending enhancement- Adds a chance to proc on spells and a base spell damage increase
  3. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    The way finishers work now.

    20 points must be spent previously in the line of Gravecalling, Pacts, Manipulation, or Rotting. Then it will unlock the finisher, which costs 1pt to get (and you can't put more than one point into it).

    As far as Blood Pact, no, they didn't reduce the cost. I'm hoping it changes and that will be the most viable option.

    Lifeburn (as it stands is worth it) sure it sucks putting 15 worthless pts in to get to it, but hey what else would you put it in?

    Note that my choices were made in a Raiding PoV.

    The Rending Ferver proc bonus idea was great btw, honestly we could use some ways to improve our caster pet.
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    Void Beast has changed it's now an 'Ooze Crawler' which PBAOE debuffs everything in reach, constantly.
    Don't go afk with it up, hopefully this isn't intended...

    Doesn't seem to be a defiler anymore either >< and you can't possess it. Still has the same graphic, but with a green cloud at it's feet when it's casting (which is... always.)

    Healer pet might have been worth the points but this guy is just annoying, why cast it instead of a primary pet?
  6. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Everything I've posted has just been suggestions as I'm not in Beta.

    Thanks for the info on how points are spent. Having thought more on it,devour essence should be in pacts and lifeburn should be reduced in cost to reflect the shift. Devour essence would probably fit best in the pact line opposite splinter with the same connectons. I could even stand it to move to grave calling and just replacing the summoning haste if that's all that AP will ever be.

    Void beast change as described is garbage. Unless it's a new temp pet, chalk it up as another never gotten AP.Was really hoping for a debuffer/healer so it would be ostensibly mystic/defiler between us and Conj's.

    Anyone else remember the old training for Devour that would increase pet DPS while it was going? That's something I'd like to see. Maybe even replace the new Void beast with an inverse DPS buff- the lower the pet's health, the more damage it does. Something akin to the brawler Eagle discipline though being a pet, the damage threshold would have to be higher.
  7. ARCHIVED-Romka Guest

    Ok... changes after 11/12 update.

    Void Beast gone, welcome Ooze Crawler.
    We cant Possess Minion this pet... but this doesnt stop us!
    This pet has 1 spell only:


    He is casting it NOSTOP, every 2 seconds or so. And runs OOP in less than minute.
    His melee attack is pathetic. If I go melee i'll have more dps i think.
    Bugged. Usefull? Not for me...

    Next change...
    Tainted Heals. AA actually works now (and is changed (or bug?) to 13% instead of 10%). It adds extra effect to the spells from this line. But there is BUG - if you cast spells more than on one target (for example, root - on 2 different mobs) - new spell cancels old spell. Must be fixed.

    Next change....
    Gives LB immunity for 30s, cant do more damage than 60% of max HP, must be in hate list etc lalala...
    Damage calculation is bugged atm.

    Enhance: XXX Pet AAs still dont work.
  8. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    still no fix to the useless spells in the rot line or the cost of the AE immunity sucks. one day to go still, hopefully they change them tomorrow if they do those two things i will be happy with our AAs.
  9. ARCHIVED-eburgos Guest

    lifeburn now is not even worth casting in pvp.
    its ridiculous, I wont spend 5 secs casting a spell that does less damage than death rot
  10. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Death Rot takes more than 60% of a mobs health?

  11. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Came up with yet another way to get rid of that summoning haste- put it in the pet enhancements. I've really been racking my brain trying to figure out why any summoner would find that AP useful and just can't. If they seem so insistent on giving it to us it should at least come with something actually useful.
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  13. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Wow, what was that?!
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    Have you been in pvp?
  15. ARCHIVED-Thakar Guest

    Anyone know the duration of the debuff from the Ooze Crawler? Maybe it'll be useful in raids to send it, debuff the target, and then blow it up and summon a pet that doesn't aggro everything around you.
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    It would be great if the new AA info was somehow stickied...


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