NDA lifted, EoF necro AAs

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Romka, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Romka Guest

    Change to the Coil line:

  2. ARCHIVED-Korben Guest

    Wow, thats pretty nice.
  3. ARCHIVED-Romka Guest

    And change to the hearts...:


    How it works - if targeted player has heart in inventory - you wont be able to cast this spell on him,
    instead of cast + fail message + recast, now we just cant cast it.

    However, its kinda borked atm. It doesnt allow me to cast another hearts (T5 for example), if I have different heart already.
  4. ARCHIVED-Catchisif Guest

    The unresistable part is nice, but how do you have such high damage on your deathly? My intel on beta is only 501 but thats just a little less then double the damage mine shows.
  5. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    my guess would be augments.
  6. ARCHIVED-Catchisif Guest

    I dont think an augment would double the damage of spells.
  7. ARCHIVED-Korben Guest

    I haven't heard about the augments yet... :smileysad:
  8. ARCHIVED-slyfer Guest

    That sucks I was just gonna ask about that.
  9. ARCHIVED-Articulas Guest

    this is something i disagree with. they needed to work on this to where the casting timer wasn't so long to begin with, now i have to waste points to "Fix it"
  10. ARCHIVED-Catchisif Guest

    Wondering if any PvP necros out there have been messing around with the AA's and changes since. I had a few good group fights and 1v1's last night. What i noticed is im still getting quite a bit of resists on my stun and fear. I put the 5aa's into the increased irresitability for fear, and ive had no issues with it resisting as far, especially with putting 5 points into the increased loathsome mark, making my Master1 debuff at 114wis/sta. Dots were landing fine as well.

    Pets wasnt doing as much damage as i see in live, but now with fear/root/snare actually landing in pvp, its not such a big issue. Atleast with the changes i get more options in killing people now instead of just relying on my pets to bust out all my damage and run in circles chain lifetapping.

    Lifeburn i like, if you can get the fear off on someone and toss it on them, their dead. Just dont like loosing 50% of my health for it, to bad it doesnt drain your pets health. Time for me to start using max hp potions, Worked out perfect for me in a group fight.

    My 1v1's were against a Conjuror, Defiler, Templar, Inquisitor, Guardian, Zerker, Bruiser, Monk, Swashbuckler and a Ranger. Only class that i couldnt kill was the swash, stunned me way to much and almost died instantly. Bruisers and Monks were alot easier then they have been on Live. Zerkers seemed a little harder to kill then usual and the other classes wernt an issue. Then again some of these people prolly wernt on their mains characters, or hotkeys/bars set up.

    Noticed some people were upset about the pets being hit, but from a pvp aspect, this is looking really good.
  11. ARCHIVED-Supple Guest

    Side question. Im seeing lots of AA's for everyone's subclasses that reduce casting times. I have to ask if that's a good thing for nukes. If Im not mistaken, a longer casting time makes a proc more likely. So, either Ive got that wrong, or there's something I dont understand.
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  12. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    I thought they generalized (I realize it's probly the wrong choice in words, the one I'm thinking escapes me atm) all procs across the board some patch or LU ago. Like the procing issue with using longer delay weapons versus short delay ( longer would proc more). If not, I think it will be coming soon.
  13. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    And I hear they did a slight overhaul on all AA lines...get to posting you BETA folks :smileytongue:
  14. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    on items on test right now it says things like has a chance to proc 1.8 times a minute or something like that on procs now. so yeah they did make it so longer cast spells have a higher chance to proc but over the same time they will do the same amount of procs.
  15. ARCHIVED-VladisSar Guest

    I love my necro, but AAs just not inspiring. i was hopping to see MORE pet enchancement type AAs. Somthign like: 1) tankign pet line 2( mage pet line 3) scout pet line, and just 4 spell line preferably lifetap/dot improvement.
    Instead i mostly geting this "crapy wizard/debuffer" wannabe feeling, non of which realy sits with a necro beeing a pet class as main goal.

    Hopefuly more pet oriented AAs/lines will be added
  16. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    We got a few AA's with KoS that were directly towards pet improvement/augmentation. If they stay the current path they are taking I'm sure we will see more pet defining AA's with future expansions, this current expansion seems to be centered around strengthening the individual character.
  17. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    i agree, the gravecalling line looks like the pet part of the AAs but still nothing to our regular pets other than that they get a lower cast time. would like to see atleast summon servant turned into something for our regular pets. i know it might be popular but personally like relying less on my pet for my DPS and just having it as a utility that can be used for soloing and some DPS but i do think that there should be something to give to our pets.

    i mean seriously a spell that was added because SoE couldn't code pets right to follow you (i personally don't have much of a problem now) shouldn't be upgraded. that is just stupid imo that we have to use an AA so that we can debug our pet more often. that and the ones that decrease duration on spells but not cast/recast and then the stupidest one imo is the increase to devour essence that increases duration by 1 second per rank for up to 5 ranks. so pretty much you spend 4 points to get an extra tick then the fifth one so that it stays up for a little past that tick.
  18. ARCHIVED-Jalek Guest

    Maybe being blind but what are the restrictions in spending to move to the next skill in the line etc.

    Do you have to max out a previous to move to the next with these?
  19. ARCHIVED-RapidFists Guest

    3 points unlocks the next skill in the tree. 5 points is the max for each skill.
  20. ARCHIVED-Jalek Guest

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