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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Romka, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Romka Guest

    Jesus Christ, new changes to AAs after todays update are AWESOME.

    More details later, when I test them out...

    (In few words - we will get pet AE immunity AA,
    NICE improvements to every pet (dmg absorb for tank, dps for scout etc),
    lowered recast on swarm pets and so on.)
  2. ARCHIVED-Romka Guest

    Updated original post to match 11/10 changes.
  3. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    So, ...this seems ... really ridiculous.



    The Necro one. At extreme cost (and being babysit by a healer) ontop of having to time AOE's, ours will get the job done, but again, at the cost of being babysat.

    The Conjuror one. Buff pet. Send pet in. Perma aoe immune. It procs off any time the pet attacks in any way shape or form.

    Reduce the Conjuror one to a proc % or reduce the health and power cost of the Necromancer one.
  4. ARCHIVED-Romka Guest

    100% agree...


    With this spell active, I lose 900 hp every tick and 516 pw every tick. Its way too much, especially looking at conj version.
    Health and PW costs to maintain this buff must be lowered.
  5. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Warrior pet AP is awesome, no complaints. Think the other two are ok but maybe could have done with damage increases like innate haste/dps increases or some form of casting/recast speed increase but I guess the reduced resistsablity/improved accuracy will add up. Like pretty much everything but the enhanced pet summoning speed. I still think it's worthless but they seem determined to give it to us, fine, but the least they could do is change it so we don't have to get it to get anything else. It being at G4 right now makes it a must have for the enhanced swarm pets if I read it right.

    Edit:Also, I see Revivication improvements but still see nothing about that spells upgrades being improved.
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  6. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    I'd rather have our pets ability to hit the mob increased rather than inate haste or dps, currently.
    This allows Necromancers to take str&agi, or str&int with KOS AA's instead of being limited to WIS line if you wanted to hit orange con mobs with your pet. Conjurors already have the increase to their melee skills via their offensive stance, we however do not so the chance to hit is most welcome.
  7. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    yeah wow, maybe there is duration limitations on the conjuror one that can't see in the screenshot but if not theirs is WAY better than ours.

    i really like the changes but the rot line needs to change still. as it stands now the rot line seems like a waste (25 AAs for 3 useless upgrades to spells, a decent upgrade to deathly coil and then lifeburnwhich is nice but not worth that many points itself) and the manipulations line is alright but not really for a raider so much besides the debuff increases. the pacts line will be nice if the AE immunity is given a much lower cost to keep up but really only for that and the increase to rezz which is still low. gravecalling looks decent just need to see the voidbeast and what it can do before i can really tell on that line but looks pretty nice so far.

    so for me right now i would go gravecalling and then decide if i want to spend 25 points for lifeburn or get the increases to debuffs and rezz. our AAs look really good they just need to fix the rot line, lower the cost on the AE immunity some, and add the void beast abilities.
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  8. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    No, the Conjuror one is 100% proc whenever their pet attempts to hit the mob in any way and lasts for 10 seconds. So basically, as long as you click "send pet" its aoe immune as a Conjuror.

    As for the rotting line, its almost worthless. Deathly Coil is nice, Death Rot the damage increase is worth-while, Bleeding Ritual is worthless and we have to put 5pts into it, Locusts the damage is the only increase worth-upgrading.

    The Gravecalling line actually is worth-while now, but still no spells listed for the Voidbeast.

    We'll see.
  9. ARCHIVED-Romka Guest

    I wonder what *is standing near you* means, in conjs version description. Limited range?
  10. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    i don't know, could be limited in that way but it does say effect radius is 50 meters so would assume that would be it unless the buff just stays on the pet while within that distnace but can't proc the immunity unless right next to you but either way think it woudl be nicer than ours since you would have 10 seconds of AE immunity to pull caster pet back so jousting would be that much easier. the way ours is right now it isn't even worth having imo since if there is a an AE that will kill my pet i probably can't be taking the 10% initial and 150 damage a second myself in addition to lich damage.
  11. ARCHIVED-soulraiser Guest

    ya Blood Pack in its current form is almost worthless for us .. if you cast it on pet to keep pet alive thru an aoe barrage.. you will more then likely kil yourself of least loose so many hps that you will die anyway from the aoe if hits you .. thus your pet STILL dies ((
  12. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    The description of theres is bogus about the range deal.
  13. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    The rotting line damage increases would probably be better as chances to crit. Also, thinking more on the pet summoning haste, I'd rather it just go away and be replaced by something like a consumption extention or other improvemtent.
  14. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    i don't really mind the pet summoning haste as much as i dislike the rot line (Torrential Plague, Death Rot, and Devour Essence AAs) and the AE immunity. atleast it is somewhat useful for when your pet dies midfight.
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  15. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    I've never been in any situation where the 3 seconds would make a difference. Not even the 5 second it used to be. My major issue with is actually it's postition. You need it to progress further into the Gravecaller line.I could live with it as a option, I just dont like being forced to spend the points in it just to improve the dumbfire summons. Strangely though, as much as I find both useless, if it swapped places with the KoS starter, I probably wouldn't care as much.
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  16. ARCHIVED-Colossaltitan Guest

    Todays updates, current tree.

    Sadly, it only got worse imo.


    So basically, the splitup the way the old path of Gravecalling and Pacts connection. Oh, and apparently to enhance the cast times on all our pets we need to put three points into our tank pet, because we all know thats what we want to buff! Also, now the Swarm Pet reduce recast timers are splitup so we go Mage and take Grave, or we go Scout and take Rats. Also, this is still leaving us to go through a lot of things that we don't want to get to a Voidbeast that we have no clue what it does yet, and, the UDT buff.

    The Pacts line was changed, a little. Now we can reduce the recast of Consumption (4s per rank) which I guess is useful, but I'd rather go for a Damage increase honestly.

    Oh, and last but not least, for our Rotting line, we are still stuck going, 5/5/5/5. And we all know how worthless Bleeding Ritual is.

    Currently I think I'll be going with, (and sticking with of course things will change again probably, and who knows what Void Beast will be like)..
    Also note that this is from a raiding prospective, and it would depend on the mobs in EoF whether I'd be taking the Scout Starter or the Mage starter.
  17. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Much worse.So, no crossover from the Gravecalling line. I got my wish for the pet summoning haste so I cant really complain there but, couldn't they have just put crosses between all the pet enhancements? Given their great diversity over every single other classes abilities, I don't see what issues would arise balance/equity wise and, given the total lack of crossover now, I dont see it as unfeasible.

    On a multi-minute recast ability, I don't really see the significance of recast reductions of less than 40-50% so the cosumption one is currently weak to me. Damage increase of some sort would have been much better.While I miss Lifeburn, rotting line is just not significant enough to use the points in for it, especially not 20. I really don't see how 15 points per final was a great issue anyway.

    Since I primarily group/solo,I'm looking at the 2 heals and consumption(if it changes),and capping the gravecalling tree minus the summoning haste.Good thing they are willing to change things up once it goes live or this would be pretty bleak.

    Full problems with the AP for me:

    Summoning haste-Don't see the point,especially with the current 3.0s over the prior 5. If it was that important to someone, chances are they'd have picked the KoS implode AP to get some damage along with that haste. At best, it's redundant, at worst, superflous since, at least in my 2 years of play, there as never been a situation that that amount of time would have made a difference. If I can make 5 seconds, I can make 10.Much rather see this redone/replaced as maybe a pet empathy where the pet shares the master's regen/stats perhaps?Just about anything would be an improvement over this

    Revivication- not so much a problem as taking the opportunity to harp on the fact that this spell has no progression yet remains with upgrades. If there are plans to actually make the upgrades work, fine, this could be much more significant than it is.Also, I'm still sore about the out of group nerf.

    Eternal chains- .5 seconds doesnt mean much to me. I'd prfer it get it's resistability improved since that's far more important to me than anything else. Same goes for constrict though, I'd rather see it it get a secondary effect like a DD or such. Maybe even a restoration of the Pre-LU13 damage increase for the pet.

    Necromantic Brand- As said before,I've never not seen this thing proc.Truth be told, I've never seen anything with a 25%+ proc rate have much issue. Would likely do better with a debuff increase or even an additional effect as well like the old training that gave the Mark line an additional dot.

    The whole rotting line is just too weak to consider using the points in at the moment. If it were a crit chance increase it would be much better.I'm neutral about the devour essence as it's not a must have(save for lifeburn) and though I don't ever really have power issues, it could have it's uses in very long chain pulls solo.

    General complaint - why the switch from 15 to 20? Seems abit high to me given the relatively low power of the AP in general. I liked the original flexability vs. the KoS lines.
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  18. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    first of all how did you spend so many points? i see two end abilities ( 5 points each unless it changed) 9 places where you spend 5 points and one where you spent 3. did they change the end abilities to only require one point each i guess?

    also did they change the AE avoid? with the way it was i don't really see that as being all that useful.

    and the change to the arrangement of the gravecalling line? what is up with that? no crossovers to it at all.
  19. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    Forgot to comment, I like the shape of the current molecule much better. More flexible overall and more favoarble with maximizing AP placement for playstyle.Gravecalling shape could stand to be redone though. I'd swap Brand with Constrict, add a lateral from Mark to Drawing and move Devour essence to the spur spot where Coil is and have the straight line come down as Rot, Coil,and Locust.
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  20. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    this set up looks pretty good for raiding necros to me, i just hope they fix the rot line. the whole line adds very little DPS because Death Rot and Torrential Plague are still useless (unless something changed when they redid the set up of the AA tree) and the devour essence upgrade is still utterly useless (even if the mana WAS needed 1 second increase to duration means 1 point = 0 more mana, 2 points = 0 more ticks, 3 points = 0 more ticks, 4 points = 1 more tick, and 5 points = 1 more tick in other words totally underpowered) and you need to put 5 points in it to get lifeburn.

    i really want lifeburn because it sounds like a very cool ability but it is hard to justify 21 points for one spell every 5 minutes and very little other DPS increase. especially if void beast is made even semi useful.

    everything else looks good just please make all the abilities in the rot line atleast somewhat useful ( i don't mind an upgrade to devour essence, just make it an upgrade) and lower the cost on the AE immunity.

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