List of items/racial traits that enhance tradeskill/harvesting abilities

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-ashen1973, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    This is the only one I had handy but maybe all of the dropped items with a little TS stat changed.
    Thaydor's hammer of accuracy formerly had +4 Metalworking (Drops from Weaponsmith Thaydor in Solusek Eye) now has just fighter stats, no TS stuff.
    \aITEM -1868873206 -1747613802:[Thaydor's Hammer of Accuracy]\/a
  2. ARCHIVED-DasUberFuzzy Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Not the only one, nearly all of them got hit like this.
    \aITEM -497178854 -739416210:[Apron of the Artificer]\/a
    is now a fairly nice legendary fighter-ish item (+38 to str/agi/sta, 11.4% crit, 2.4% crit bonus, and 2.4% pot)
  3. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    What?! The apron had the TS stats dropped?! I bought that for a character a few years ago just for that on one server. A bonus was you could use it at a low level for the adv stats if high enough crafter level.
  4. ARCHIVED-DasUberFuzzy Guest

    "had", check the post date, that was nearly 2 months ago. The TS stats have been restored since then (AND the adv stuff stayed). its even more awesome and rare to see on the market
  5. ARCHIVED-Nrgy Guest

    .. thats pretty cool .. Zehl_Ice-Fire had two posts in a row that were 38 months apart from each other .. On a side note .. Can a sticky thread actually be Necro'ed .. It somehow seems that would be "OK"
  6. ARCHIVED-AriaMoon Guest

    Have some of the racial traits for tradeskilling changed since the original post? I noticed or didn't see where humans have the Metallurgy trait anymore


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