List of items/racial traits that enhance tradeskill/harvesting abilities

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  1. ARCHIVED-DasUberFuzzy Guest

    the tinkered harvesting tools are now (well, been a while now) equalized in use levels miscalibrated = artisan level 30 calibrated = artisan level 46 overclocked = artisan level 68 also, all 3 "tiers" now add +skill like the overclocked the dual tools add some to one skill, some to the other. the pickaxe (being only 1 skill) gets a double bonus mc = 5.0 / 10.0 cal = 7.5 / 15.0 oc = 10.0 / 20.0 oh, and if it helps, heres the links to 2 of the upgraded boots \aITEM 276522618 -472962492:Reinforced Very Light Dwarven Work Boots\/a \aITEM 1193534150 387072811:Reinforced Heavy Dwarven Work Boots\/a
  2. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    Thanks Uberfuzzy for pointing out the harvesting tool changes :) Main post edited to include these
  3. ARCHIVED-Menden Guest

    From what I can tell, no race gets a benefit for Carpentry. Do the numerous Woodworker/Woodworking racial benefits apply to Carpentry? I have searched the forum and been unable to find an answer. Inasmuch as the skills used by Carpenter and Woodworker overlap, it seemed this might occur.
  4. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Menden wrote:
    Actually, they don't overlap. Woodworkers use Fletching, Carpenters use Sculpting.
  5. ARCHIVED-hammerclaw2007 Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    Hey, great site, very useful info.


  6. ARCHIVED-Daemona Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    Okay so I made a Half Elf Assassin with the intent of becoming a Fletcher to get the +5 Woodworking racial bonus. From what I have observed my Half Elf is MUCH better at Carpentry than Fletching. She can complete a Carpentry item nearly as quickly as my level 42 Dark Elf Sage can complete a spell (and she's fast!). When doing a Carpentry item she uses the three progress buttons about 75% of the time to get pristine. On the other hand if I have her try to make a Fletched item I'm mashing the durability buttons about 85-90% of the time and getting extremely aggravated that it feels like it take 5 minutes to make an item. I don't know if something has changed but I don't believe the Half Elf Racial tradition applies to Fletching.
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    I have a very important question. If I play a dwarf (-1 sec mining) and use the best mining tool (-2.5 secs), will my total bonus be 3.5 seconds, or is it capped at 2.5? Also, what do crafting skills affect, exactly? The chance of success/failures? Would having, say, 5 points above my normal max make a huge difference?
    Also, I didn't see it, so I'll post it here. Sarnak have a 0.5 sec reduction for all harvesting, and wood elves have a 1 sec reduction for gathering and foresting.
  8. ARCHIVED-DasUberFuzzy Guest

    nope, they dont stack.
  9. ARCHIVED-Darosne Guest

    Oh. Well, thanks, anyway.
    Also, Half Elves have a -1 sec foresting and gathering bonus as well, and Dwarves have a -1 sec mining bonus. I can't quite remember, but I seem to remember Humans had the same general -0.5 sec bonus as the Sarnak. (I created and deleted repeatedly a couple of days ago to look at various racial and class bonuses).
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    .typo oops delete this post
  11. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    I was looking over all the dietys which I haven't really done for a long long time, and had no idea what the newer ones do.. and needing to pick a diety for a little character, but anyway...

    Brell's Hammer should be added to this list. I never noticed that before, it is the highest level blessing of Brell and gives you 10 minutes of an uber hammer you can equip for +25 artifacing, metalshaping, metalworking and sculpting. It summons 2 of them in the description, I guess if you can dual wield?

    Brell is definitly worth using as a diety if you don't need another for a specific reason (honestly they are limited use anyway with the short miracles & blessings and 1 hour recast). There are 4 miracles & blessings that are tradeskill/harvest boosts (one gives you +25 mining for 25 mins). This is a very "fluff" diety IMO, there's a shrink blessing, and also defensive and offensive blessings, and the cloak has a heal proc.
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    Bratface wrote:
    This guy needs to smoke "one" and chillaxe.
  13. ARCHIVED-Waruri Guest

    Update for TSO and ROK?
  14. ARCHIVED-Jacobian21 Guest

    I found this a long time ago from the Nek3 instance inside the toy chest after the Nyth Doll event/quest thing:
    (the link doesn't have the +tailoring stat on it, so I listed the wiki link instead)
  15. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    My dwarf worships Brell. It is just a pity that he has such useless miracles like this one and the other tradeskill ones.
    Maybe if the group tradeskill instances were more fun and gave better rewards it might be worth using. but they aren't and you can solo them anyway without using the miracle (or any TS boosters).
  16. ARCHIVED-EQ2Magroo Guest

    Not sure if anyone is maintaining this list but I noticed that in the SF expansion the Tinkered +3% success charm items have had their bonus increased to +5% success.
  17. ARCHIVED-Bkschrad Guest

    Adeyia@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    There were three new items for Scholars, Craftsmen, and Outfitters: "x Cranial Capacitor" - these are actually helmet equipped items, not the usual in your bag charm. 5% success chance increase and +5 to the skills of the three classes within the archetype.
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    I was wondering if someone could redo a new thread or edit this one and update the way zam does their links now since its all dead links for me.
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    I'd suggesting adding the Tinkered Cranial Caps for the 3 classes:
  20. ARCHIVED-xedo2 Guest

    Is there a way you can revise the list so us that just want to farm for rares know every available +harvesting item we can get ( am warden) In a formatted list together maybe with link to timelines if it requires such? some of us are new and not really sure how to naviate the sites.

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