List of items/racial traits that enhance tradeskill/harvesting abilities

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    Hi all
    There have been a few posts recently regarding various items that increase your crafting skill, so I thought I'd list the one's I know of.

    Artisans Tunic
    equipped in chest slot
    Must be level 5 to equip
    +1 to all crafting abilities
    Reward for completing the low-level crafting quests, for the NPC within the tradeskill instance
    Link to quest -

    Fallen Dynasty item
    equipped in charm slot
    must be tradeskill lvl 50 to equip
    +1 to success chance and +10 to your main ability (i.e sculpting for Carpenter, Metalshaping for Armorer)
    Reward for completing one of various quests in The Village of Shin (also receive a Wantia artisans satchel, a harvestable only bag with 36 slots)
    You must have a tradeskill level of 50+ and have completed 'Improving relations with the locals'. There is then a different quest for each profession. No combat is involved, but most do require some harvesting.

    Carpenter quest -
    Weaponsmith Quest -
    Tailor quest -
    Sage quest -
    Alchemist quest -
    Provisioner quest -
    Woodworker quest -
    Armourer quest -
    Jeweller quest -

    Pick of Underfoot
    Clickable House item
    When clicked grants 'Talent of the Underfoot' - Increases crafting success by 1% for 1 hour.
    Reward from 'Awakening the Underfoot' Live event (quest no longer available)

    Apron of the Artificer
    equipped in chest slot
    +120 Hlth +120 Pwr +1260 vs Heat
    +5 to all crafting abilities
    Flowing thought V
    requires a tradeskill level of 65 to equip
    Loot drop in the level 70 version of Nektropos castle

    Tinkerer's Belt
    Waist slot
    Must be level 70 to equip
    +28 wis, +28 int
    +75 HP, +75 power
    +720 vs heat, +468 vs mental
    +10 tinkering
    Loot drop from the Mad Tinkerer in The Estate of Unrest

    Reinforced Heavy Dwarven Work Boots
    Fabled Lore No-Trade
    Foot slot
    Level 70
    All classes, stats dependant on boots chosen (see below)
    +20 fishing +20 foresting +20 gathering + 20 mining +20 trapping
    Take Loot drop from Garanel in Estate of Unrest (called leathe rinsole or somesuch) and your original Dwarven Workboots (reward from 'these boots...' HQ) to Hwal Rucksif in the Keep of the Ardent needle in Antonica. And he will swap them for the Reinforced boots

    Unargin's smithy hammer
    One-handed hammer
    Must be fighter or priest , adventuire lvl 47 to equip
    +9 str +9 sta
    +36 Hlth +28 Pwt
    applies 'Blessing of the smith' when equipped - increases metalshaping and metalworking of the caster by 20
    Loot drop from Unargin the blacksmith in Nektropos castle-The return (lvl 50 version)

    Dwarven blacksmith's hammer
    One-handed Hammer
    Must be Fighter or Priest. Adventure Level 45 to equip
    +9 Str +8 Sta
    +30 Hlth +30 Pwr
    Applies 'Blessing of the Smith when equipped' increases metalshaping and metalworking of caster by 20
    Drops from???

    The Smithing Hammer
    One-handed Hammer
    Must be Fighter or Priest. Adventure level 42 to equip
    +15 Str +10 Sta +6 Agi
    +45 Hlth +50 Pwr
    Applies 'Brilliant Light' when equiped. Increases metal shaping and metalworking of caster by 26
    Drops from ???

    Thaydor's hammer of accuracy
    Dual-wield hammer
    Must be Fighter or Priest , Adventure level 48 to equip
    +8 Str +10 Agi +8 Int
    +30 Hlth +30 Pwr
    +2 crushing
    +4 Metalworking
    Drops from Weaponsmith Thaydor in Solusek Eye

    Girdle of the Master Armorer
    Requires Adevnture level 48 to equip
    +10 Str +10 Sta +10 Int +10 Wis
    +40 Hlth +40 Pwr
    +4 Metalshaping
    Loor from Armoursmith Gravik in Solusek Eye

    Crana's brittle wand
    One handed staff
    Must be mage or priest, adventure lvl 47 to equip
    +6 str +6 agi +6 sta +12 int
    +40 hlth +40 pwr
    +4 chemistry
    Loot drop from Lord Crana in Solusek eye

    Crest of plague emendation
    Equipable by all
    +8 Chemistry
    Applies 'Curative dark aura' when used
    Lasts 10min 3secs
    dispels 35 lvls of beneficial and hostile disease effects to group (AE)
    Increases in-combat health regeneration of group members (AE) by 5.0
    Reward to guild who cured the great plague of May 05

    Ancestral totem of the witchdoctor
    Equipable by all
    +4 Chemistry
    Applies 'Ethereal dark aura' when equipped
    Increases Mitigation of caster vs disease dmg by 480
    Reward to guild who cured the great plague of May 05

    A Sewing needle
    Dual-wield Dagger
    Must be Scout, Mage, Zerker or Guardian to equip. Adventure level 67
    +5 piercing
    +5 tailoring
    Flowing Thought V
    Found in the level 70 version of Nektropos castle

    Findingle's destructive needle
    Dual-wield weapon
    must be Mage,Scout, Zerker or Guardian Adventure lvl 62 to equip
    +15 str +15 agi
    +25 hlth +50 pwr
    +4 tailoring
    one of a choice of 3 rewards for the KoS collection 'Medium Airship plating'

    Eye-piece of Gaz
    Cloth headgear
    Must be adventure lvl 62 to equip
    +15 wis +15 int
    +25 Hlth +50 Pwr
    Flowing Thought I
    +4 artificing
    Must have adventure lvl 62 to equip
    one of a choice of 3 rewards for the KoS collection 'Medium Airship plating'

    The other reward choice for the medium airship collection is a pair of gloves with +4 safefall

    Tinkered items

    There are a range of new tinkered items that enhance tradeskill's
    There are 3, charm slot, items for each profession - They all enhance your success chance. There are +1%,+2% and +3% versions and the effects seem to stack with the Village of Shin reward.
    GU32 changed the level requirements for these items.
    Now, all +1% items require artisan level 20 to equip, +2% items require level 33 and +3% items require level 54.

    Automated finishing saw +1%
    Automated Gnomish plane +2%
    Measure twicerer +3%

    Feng-shui enviromental reader +1%
    Gnomish level +2%
    Wood-elf eye for the Troll guy +3%

    Izzitediblforpeple probe +1%
    Gnomish thermometer +2%
    Screewoggin's Bag of Spices +3%

    Automatic finishing hammer +1%
    Automated Honing stone +2%
    Freeport classified information of armament +3%

    Automated rounding hammer +1%
    Gnomish toughened ring press +2%
    Qeynos classified information of bulkward +3%

    Mechanical threaded beedle +1%
    Gnome proof thumb cap +2%
    Guide: Roots. The fabric of life +3%

    Reinforced Gnomeproof beaker +1%
    Gnomish Gas mask +2%
    Never ending bag of 'The Good Stuff' +3%

    Gnomish self-inking quill +1%
    Gnomish Quick erasealler +2%
    Eye of Agamatoo +3%

    Gnomish ring press +1%
    Gnomerific magnifying device +2%
    Enigma of Tunare +3%

    Portable crafting tables

    Although not technically an enhancing item, these do aid crafters so i'll mention them here
    These are all useable at various levels between 40 and 47
    They have 5 charges and when called last for 5 minutes. anyone can use them when called
    There is a 15 minute re-use timer on the item

    Portable chemistry set level 41
    Portable desk level 42
    portable forge level 43
    Portable cooking set level 44
    Portable Sewing table level 45
    Portable woodworking kit level 46
    Portable Workbench level 47

    Harvesting tools

    These are tools that are equipped in your charm slot. When equiped they reduce the time it takes to harvest a node.
    There are 2 different sets of tools, one set made by Woodworkers, the other by Tinkerers

    Woodworker made - each of these decreases harvesting time for one type of node
    Saw - foresting
    Fishing pole - fishing
    Shovel - gathering
    Trap - trapping
    Pick - mining

    there are different tools available for different tiers
    Ash (i.e Ash Fishing pole) equipable at level 20 (artisan or adventure) . Decreases harvesting time by 0.5 seconds.
    Briarwood (i.e Briarwood saw) equipable at level 30. Decreases harvest time by 1 second.
    Teak (i.e Teak trap) equipable at level 40. Decreases harvest time by 1.5 seconds.
    Sandalwood (i.e Sandalwood shovel) equipable at level 50. Decreases harvest time by 2 seconds)

    These items are not stackable. Equiping more than one of the same type of tool gives no further benefits.

    Tinkerer made
    the Tinkerer made items are slightly different from the Woodworker tools.
    Miscalibrated - all equipable at level 20 . reduces harvest time by 1 second and increases skill by 5 (mining by 10)
    Miscalibrated Automated Shears - Gathering and foresting
    Miscalibrated Automated Watersafe net - Fishing and Trapping
    Miscalibrated Automated Pickaxe - mining

    Calibrated - all equipable at level 46. Reduces harvest time by 1.5 seconds. Increases skill by 7 (mining by 15)
    Calibrated Automated Shears - Gathering and foresting
    Calibrated Automated Watersafe net - reduces Fishing and Trapping
    Calibrated Automated Pickaxe - mining

    Overclocked - all equipabl;e at level 68. Reduces harvesting time by 2.5 seconds. Increases skill by 10 (mining by 20)
    Overclocked Automated Shears - Gathering and foresting
    Overclocked Automated Watersafe net - Fishing and Trapping
    Overclocked Automated Pickaxe - mining

    Racial traits that enhance crafting skills
    Ok, I know these are not items, but if you are trying to make a crafter character and give him/her/it every chance you can,
    then picking a specific race can give you a small boost.
    Every so many levels you get to pick a racial trait. Each race has 2 traits that improve your crafting skills.

    Boosts Artificing skills
    Boots Transmuting skills

    Brewmaster - Boosts Provisioner skills
    Herbology - Boosts Alchemist skills
    Poison Crafter - Boosts Alchemist skills
    Pursuit of the Arcane - Boosts Sage skills
    Weapon Forger - Boosts Weaponsmith skills
    Master of the Tumpy Tonic - Boosts Provisioner skills
    Scholarly Pursuit - Boosts Sage skills
    Chemist Boosts - Alchemist skills
    Magical Teachings - Boosts Sage skills
    Forest Knowledge - Boosts Woodworker skills
    Fervor of Marr - Boosts Armorer skills
    Zealotry of Marr - Boosts Weaponsmith skills
    Forge Invention - Boosts Weaponsmith skills
    Chemical Calculations - Boosts Alchemist skills
    Ayr'Dal Adornment - Boosts Jeweler skills
    Gift of the Faydark - Boosts Woodworking skills
    Niami's Tutelage - Boosts Provisioner skills
    Pants Patcher - Boosts Tailor Skills
    Gilding of Felwithe - Boosts Jeweler skills
    Estoric Study - Boosts Scribe skills
    Metallurgy - Boosts Armorer skills
    Clothier - Boosts Tailor skills
    Whipstitch - Boosts Tailor skills
    Dark Medicine - Boosts Alchemist skills
    Gift of the Land - Boosts Chemistry skills
    Timber Shaper - Boosts Woodworker skills
    Oggokian Trade - Boosts Weaponsmith skills
    Rallosian Readiness - Boosts Armorer skills
    Poison Play - Boosts Alchemist skills
    Instruments of the Underfoot - Boosts Weaponsmith skills
    Troll Gourmet - Boosts Provisioner skills
    Mender of the Mire - Boosts Armorer skills
    Gift of the Faydark - Boosts Woodworker skills
    Faydwer Fashions - Boosts Tailor skills

    Thank you to Pointytail for supplying this link http://http://ironfingers.outlands....m/craftgear.htm with pictures and some new items, as well as links to the Fallen Dynasty artisan quests.
    Thank you to Arrowheart for supplying the Silken Sword quest walkthrough
    Thank you to Nosifer Deathblade for highlighting the Girdle of the master armourer
    Thanks to UberFuzzy for completing the tinkered items list for me
    Thanks to Iseabeil for Information on Tinkerers belt
    Thanks to Matia for information on Fae and Froglok racial traditions
    Thanks to Noaani for information on 'crest of plague emendation'
    Thanks to Calthine and Drakhammor for information on Reinforced Heavy Dwarven Work Boots
    And Thanks to anyone else who's information I have used but not mentioned here
    If anyone knows of any other items that increase your crafting skills, please post
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    re-posting this from the original tradeskill forums
    just noticed that the ogaming links (for the Fallen Dynasty quests) no longer work. I'll track down new links and get them added (hopefully an edit function will appear here so i can add them to original post)
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    Nice to know I'm not the only one who saved things :)
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    ashen1973 wrote:
    OMG is this true? A reference to illegal drugs (marijuana)!

    I swear between the "kick the kitty" in that DoF instance, and having to befriend a dog and then kill it in the betrayal quest I have to wonder what is going on in the mind of these people, this is sickening.

    At least the kitty kicking was removed, but I am disgusted to see these other things in this game, it is literally making me sick to my stomach.

    Where is the sense of decency?
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    Bratface wrote:
    WOW you want a politically correct Norrath? Keep in mind that this is a world born of blood, sword, and sorcery here and keep things in perspective ;) Lighten up a bit and remember it's a game in a fantasy world.

    Oh, and don't come to Freeport either, I have an NPC there that calls me snotmunch everytime that I hail him! He's right at the top of the list of NPCs that I'd most like to whack! LOL
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    I'd have to turn in my Tradeskill Hat if I didn't mention Shark Fins...
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    added working links for quests
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    EliseNoble42 wrote:
    My goodness, you're rude.
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    EliseNoble42 wrote:
    And ignored. Sheesh...
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    Hey Need a question answered please. Where do i find info about what gender and race is better for what class. I also would like to know what bonuses a certain race gets for certain tradeskill. I have looked at eq2 eq2i and tentonhammer and i believe o-gaming. They do not have what I need which is ( let us use this an an example Erudite, Male Mage Sage, what bonus if any for being male, erudite or whatever) I hopeI am making sense, in other words tell me what race is good at what class and what tradeskill more help on the tradekill bonuses. The links do not make sense to me. I am not a good person to read and comprehend i need al ist like (a= whatever racial bonus +tradeskill = better tradeskill) I know that humans are supposed to be better tailors cause an an innate ability does this apply to all races ; if so why are the froglucks not represented anywhere, and why is there not a forum guide with this info. I read the Tradeskill forum and newbie yard my questions are not answered at all (every race but the frogluc )and a concise simple list would be nice ; the links and guides are too confusing. It would help isf someone would just say frogluk or whatever plus this ability makes this a better what ever. Does all this make sense?
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    The first post in this thread is good. So is Crafting Racial Traditions Guide at EQ2 Traders. Gender doesn't make a difference, though, and the racial bonuses are ony +5, so it's no great tragedy if you don't get the racial bonus.

    Edit: I should elaborate. No stats, like INT, WIS, AGI, have any direct effect on your tradesilling. So Gender and Adventure class are totally irellevant except in power pool control. There are small Racial bonuses to various tradeskills available at Adventure level 18.
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    hmm someone told me that for example an erudite is a better alchemist than a human ,and that is becasue of a racial trait. Is this still true? If so where can i find a complete list , i find it a bit odd that the frog people and oger and the fae are let off of the listsI am looking at. I still would like a racial trait list for the races so i can show my frend which race and which class for what. They want a fury and I told them a half elf fury sage would be good bet they say no the want each race to match the class and tradeskill .Is that possible if so how? Where is there a complete list? There was one here about a month ago you typed in race and tradeskill and there was a complete list for each race plus the class and tradeskill. Anyone still have that info
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    The list of racial traits is about 2/3 down the first post in this thread. It's also on the link I posted above. I've never seen a list wher eyou typed in race etc and got matches.
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    EliseNoble42 wrote:
    EliseNoble42: PMing me for info and calling me lazy and stupid is a sure fire way to get me to help you, yeah.
  16. ARCHIVED-bert Guest

    well i have and you have not so what there was a list and your list is not complete at all all i ask for is a list with all races where are the frogluck ogres and fae hmm.
  17. ARCHIVED-bert Guest

    hmm . oh where oh where did that little list go
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    I didn't compile the lists, but I seem to recall that not all races got a tradeskill bonus option.
  19. ARCHIVED-Matia Guest

    Bert, the Ogres are on that list. FAE Magical Teachings - Boosts Sage skills Forest Knowledge - Boosts Woodworker skills FROGLOK Fervor of Marr - Boosts Armorer skills Zealotry of Marr - Boosts Weaponsmith skills
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    [p]Frogs: [/p][p]Fervor of Marr Permanent. Increase Metalshaping (armorer skill) by 5. [/p][p]Zealotry of Marr Permanent. Increase Metalworking (weaponsmith skill) by 5.[/p][p]Ogre: [/p][p]Rallosian Readiness Permanent. Increase Metalshaping (armorer skill) by 5. [/p][p]Oggokian Trade Permanent. Increase Metalworking (weaponsmith skill) by 5[/p][p]And on a side note shouting will not get you many friends and just annoys the people trying to help you.[/p][p]race, gender and sex do not make a difference in what class you choose.[/p][p]i got my info from here[/p]

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