Is Celestial Teachings locked behind the tradeskill mount?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by semisus, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. semisus Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks for responding , im not gonna question your design choice but i would like to add some suggestions
    Can you make it so when someone clicks the clicky it appears in the loot window? and if possible make it so appears on track harvestable ? nothing like doing zone a to have to spend 30 mins running around trying to find it ( like source zone )
    It might be a long stretch but make it so both clickys appears in a zone with the chance for the drop from the boss?
    After all we need 48 items each.

    Hope you can consider some of these.
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  2. Iglu Active Member

    Thanks for the reply Caith.
  3. Dolgrin Active Member

    Preventing players to upgrades ascentions with the new ninja loot system is in line with all the other RNG stuff.
    This is a very subtle PayToWin mechanic.

    You have to buy KRONO to buy plat to pay the lucky players the have luck to get recipes, adorns and so on.

    The pop loot system is complete unfair and annoying. You can run zones endless times and never get the rare stuff and other are lucky and bathing in plats like Dagobert Duck.

  4. Torquem Member

    Is their a plan to make celestial teachings unlocked after the future crafting timeline completion ?
  5. Brensia New Member

    When you look at this statement, what about it even remotely sounds like it was a good idea?
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  6. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    The DBC sales?
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  7. Doomravin Well-Known Member


    I just can't believe that this is the developer's decision by their own choice - I'm glad the question has been answered..but seriously, the main component of ascension spells (celestial teachings) gated behind the 48 heroic item drops?

    An obscenely blatant cash grab and Pay To Win at it's absolute nadir in this game (so far)

    Whoever forced this on the design team and on the game is...well, words fail me...
  8. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    More and more things are making me feel like I'm being left behind where I will not be able to attain things in game. This trend is beating my enthusiasm.
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  9. Earar Well-Known Member

    well seems there are some alt friendly stuff

    and some HC player friendly stuffs

    It's fun when u think about the arcanna'se mount .. which was a really good mount and the efforts to get it compared to this one.

    it's just crazy.
  10. Ucala Well-Known Member

    I find it funny that alot of people are feeling "left behind" from some recipes being behind some achievement, which is obtainable just by running zones with friends, but being "left behind" from items that were limited time is perfectly fine.
  11. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Too bad there's not a way to infer tone inflection or even emotion behind a simple one line statement of fact.
  12. Steelviper Active Member

    Kudos to people who have had the patience and dedication to get that adventuring tradeskill achievement with the mount. I'm sure it was worth it, now that they got it, however that is by far the furthest stretch of grinding I've seen yet in this game (though I've not been that long in it, only playing since Summer 2013), and one of the worst designs for gaming imo. Fun is not even remotedly in the same league as this terrible idea of having to ignore any group ethics to get that achievement ahead of your group members.
  13. Dannni Active Member

    I don’t buy all the negativity. No one needs level 11-15 spells upgraded... plenty do just fine with zero 11 to 15 spell upgrades. You can research them for free if you’d like. No one needs the mount, it’s absolutely not required all the way up to hardcore levels. You can get someone to craft you level 5 runes and not have to step into PG. On thirgadin an essence of magic is less than 500k. Even for a novice player 500k is easily achievable, alternatively you can harvest them for free. If you want to support the game and don’t have the time to grind you can buy the upgrades. All I’m seeing is lots of options. Everyone seems to want everything handed to them on a plate 6 weeks after launch.
  14. Earar Well-Known Member

    LAst xpac we needed to run experts to get 10 pages.

    Most pages that droped were adepts. Very few madters. Most receipes that dropped were masters. Very few adepts.
    Even journeyman spells were more expensive than GM. So to say how wanting u to pay for it was hidden buy almost not achievable goal. But theoretically u could !

    Now, celestial teachings u need to upgrade spells are locked behind another barrier.

    A mount that first, let’s face it, everybody wants to stay relevant. And because u need it to upgrade spells.

    And u can be fine with app asc spells. U can be fine with the bade mount. But let’s face it. U’ll fall behind if u don’t have them.

    It’s heroic reward anyway. GC but heroic.

    Also once all HC players will get their mount, less people will run them. Because u need a tank to do zones, some spend hours LFG to try to find a group. Because it’s random, if u do only PuG, it can take ages to get the materials.
    Some don’t care and won’t do it.

    Some want to, but don’t have the means to.

    Because also, as it’s no-trade u cannot play with your tank alt and loot for your dps main.
    Today i did about 12 zones, with different people and managed to only get one material. And that, just because keeping a good and steady 4 men group isn’t easy. And because some groups formed and if you’re not part of the prefered once, you’re scewed.
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  15. semisus Well-Known Member

    I dont think thats correct, lets say you have a 6man grp that helps each other out to get the 48 items each that is 288 items for a grp , not all the zones even drop a component so some people dont even want to run events etc
    And not everyone is gonna be able to run with the same people to get the items and some people have limited playtime
    I think both the 2 clickys + the possible drop from the end named would be a better way of doing it
    + making it so both gears in the machine and tower breach also has clickys

  16. Dannni Active Member

    The problem with your calculation is you assume a static level of difficulty that will permenantly require 6 players to complete the zones. It’s completely wrong. I would expect even the lowest dps groups to have totally trivialised these zones within a few months as the expacs itemisation evolves. Not only that the items are already going for as low as 100k each... within a few months people will giving them away for free or charging 25k to 50k each. This achievement at the moment is difficult but over time will become easy with some effort. Not only that, it’s simply not required in any way shape or form.
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  17. semisus Well-Known Member

    It might not be required like its not required like having epic 2.0 for raids or orange adorns but it certainly helps
    Ill agree that zones doesnt require 6 people but Atleast me i like to help friends out and i just cant go into a zone with a duo friend since im a dps and she plays healer , as a tank im sure you cant relate.

    By the way i play on AB , the clickies and drops wont go for 25k before the year of 2019
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  18. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Personally, I don't think SLR should EVER be considered as an expected or recommended way of getting items. If you want to participate, on either or both sides, that's fine, but it shouldn't be calculated as part of the expected time to get.
  19. Earar Well-Known Member

    And it’s rude saying to people « you don’t need this mount » when you have it.
    Would you say « you don’t need a porsche, a punto is just as good » when u own a porsche ?

    If « normal players » don’t need it but u farmed like crazy to get it ... whether it means u farm for useless stuffs or it means it’s really worth it
  20. Dannni Active Member

    Of course if I owned a Porsche I would say people don’t need a Porsche. In life no one needs a Porsche, you want the Porsche. Sorry you can’t have a Porsche for the price of a punto. And yes plenty in life get by just fine without a Porsche.

    There are plenty of other powerful items and upgrades in game I want yet none are requirements. They take time and effort which I have not been able to achieve therefore others have them and I do not. Life’s not always fair sometimes you have to go to work if you want the fancy stuff

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