Heritage Treasure Cache Feedback

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by Kander, Mar 17, 2023.

  1. Falreth New Member

    So annoyed they took the keys/ zone reset unlockers out. I know unpopular opinion but giving peeps with money a reason to run h3s more than once meant I had a chance of doing H3s, now thats gone. These folks will just run there once a day with the same group forever. Locking us peeps who are geared for it but no set groups, from ever getting that buff (the 33% inc to tenewal dominion buff for completing all h3s). Frankly I could have cared less if people wanted to spend real money for a slim to none chance of getting a) gear that was good and b)gear there class could use, it supported the devs and really had 0 impact on the game as it was so rare for thise keys to actually get you anything good that it really didn't effect balance at all. But yall had to whine and now we lost everything.
  2. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Deleted - posted in another thread on the topic.
  3. Solid11 Active Member

    Actually it should have the look of the below item based on the thumbnail in the item description and the name. If it's not too late to fix it.

    Blood-Wrought Tower Shield of the Charnel Legacy

  4. Forestchild Well-Known Member


    I have purchased extra character slots in the past. Would Love to purchase extra bank slots, bigger bags, extra hotbars, etc..

    After 20 years; the starting a new character with 4-slot bags still is ridiculous. It is not very hard for them to in-code 24-slot bags or larger for a newly created character.

    Other things too help keep new players out of our wonderful game as well. Example; starting with little to no gear (meaning no stat whatsoever), no money. Other games start with "starter gear", and other stuff.