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    Btw i'm a paying customer, spent hundreds of bucks on appearance items, dbc for summon charms, a ton of race change potions (to do all race quests etc), but never did sell kronos for plat, any way to get actual gear for real money just ruins the whole point of raiding
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    Hi. This idea is dumb.

    Also, I'm pretty sure we were told to open a thread specifically for TLE.
    I guess all DBG aren't on the same page with that.
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    I don't recall seeing a new gambling P2W feature on the roadmap for March. Weird.
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  6. Savriel Member

    Selling anything on marketplace related to the personal loot boxes is a huge mistake. Buying things with station cash should feel like an indulgence, not a stressful part of staying relevant- we’ve already put in an enormous amount of work and time, nobody wants to feel pitted against other players based on how much cash they can throw around. It’s insulting and infuriating.

    You want more money? Get back into the community facets that prompt other types of DBC purchases. Reintroduce player made furniture, cloaks, paintings, sell appearance gear with a slight color variation to current or outdated content rewards. Create ANY new hairstyles or hair colors. Literally any. Put hair in hats, we don’t care what color it is, we just don’t want to be bald. There are more people in this game than just raiders- and I believe raiders are perfectly justified in how much they hate this loot box system. We may not be whales but we’re attached to our characters. Take advantage of WHY casual players still play the game and show us some love. A lot of small cash purchases will trickle in with purely cosmetic options, if you put a little investment into your art department. Make some buyable titles. The LoN system as it is could be expanded- random illusion items, random shiny bags from past expansions, including no-drop shinies. When was the last time you stuck concept art in an Art Of book?

    I also think the previous ideas of bag space, bank space, hot bars, etc is a great idea.

    I know this thread is asking us for feedback about the loot box system but the entire concept is just so disruptive that I think it should just be rolled back and more items added to the normal chest drops. I don’t hate getting a personal loot box upon the death of a boss, but I miss being able to strategize with my friends about which person would benefit most from our dropped box reward. Please make items tradeable at least in-zone, and consider that for smaller servers, getting friends in to loot gear no one else needs is one of the only ways for many other groups to see current heroic content. I’m sure a creative solution could be found if you’re worried about people selling loot rights; for example, you could sell keys to UNlock gear after it’s been discovered in-zone- if something drops that a friend of ours badly needs, we could pay a small amount to unlock it before it enters our inventory, and it would become tradeable in-zone. And for the love of god nix the entire concept of paying real money for more or better loot drops.

    Honestly this idea is terrible but it ALSO came at the worst possible time for community buy-in, because RoR is noticeable thin and it’s an incredibly arduous grind. This system is only standing to reward people already at the top, it does nothing to help people see content. And when there isn’t a ton of content, and other features are so opaque, convoluted and broken, you’re going to hemorrhage players.
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    After carefully turning on and off the Treasure Cache box (with /scheme what works fine) to get a loot chance at the right lootlevel, I got finaly yesterday a not usable 445 resolve weapon at a T3 raid endboss. Getting not useable items is worse than getting nothing. At least the personal loot has to be usable if you really want to go this way. :(
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    Feedback for Personal Treasure Unlocker

    No idea why some Personal Tresure Unlocker (without Trade Restricted timer !!) do not stack correct


    The lower 2 stacks have different trade restriction timers, the uper 3 stacks have not timer but cant be put together. Linking and copying them so not show any differences and even putting them together one by one does not change anything.

    I have one Personal Tresure Reward Key that does not stack to the other. In this case I would guess there is a < insted of <= coding problem on moving items in inventoy (moving 1 key each to the other stack works except the last key) ;-)
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    Been playing this game for best part of 20 years since the week it came out. Not a huge fan of this cash grab at all. Its bad enough that the player base has dwindled down to nothing as it is. Theres no active raid guilds left in the oceanic timezone on my server anymore so raiding is out of the question unless you can play in the early hours of the morning or the middle of the night. Its practically impossible to put together a pick up H2 run let alone an H3 run. Im pretty sure the regular bunch of people I group with are the only people in our timezone that can kill anything in H3 on our server and this change doesnt really offer any incentive to slug it out and get all the H3's completed .
    I personally like to grind for my gear and to get better equipped and kill harder stuff as I progress , but this xpac has been a shambles to be honest. Having to have premium mount/mercs/familiars etc just to even set foot in a heroic at anywhere near resolve. The absolute crap meta collection reward cloak thats still not all that after the last upgrade. It goes on and on.
    Finding an incentive to log on an have something to do is getting harder and harder as the weeks drag on and I would be happy to pay an extra couple of bucks a months on my sub if it meant issues were fixed and more content was added or something was being done to encourage people to play more rather than drive them away. So going have to put my money where my mouth is on this one. Another sub cancelled and wont be renewing it at the end of next month.
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    I really don't understand. If with the help of these TreasureCache all the raid members are dressed from head to toe in a week (after the start of EoF on Varsoon) and then in another week in an avatar gear (and the unnecessary will be sold to other raids) - who will enter the game for the next three months? And for what?
    The plan is to kill the most popular EQ2 server at the moment?
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  11. Ptalomej Member

    Why there is no description of how they should work, I just went to the heroic zone of the previous expansion (The merchant's Den II) and they disappeared! I lost 5 treasure cash buff for gear from heroic zone of previous expansion!!!! It's terrible - fraud for money.

    (1679324965)[Mon Mar 20 18:09:25 2023] You gained a Heritage Treasure Cache reward! Your Heritage Treasure Cache buff has been removed.
    (1679324965)[Mon Mar 20 18:09:25 2023] You loot \aITEM 1404249266 1723766082:Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner [3500]\/a from the Exquisite Chest of Arachlord Dyrraga.

    And of course loot from Treasure Cache MUST be useble for person which get it or tradable
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  12. Taled Well-Known Member

    That isn't the buff disappearing, that's just you getting a *terrible* reward from it. Why you'd run an old zone with the buff active is beyond me, but that's pretty crappy either way - despite it being user error.
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  13. Dezum Member

    I know the heritage cache does say if you have it enabled/disabled in Narrative but I personally think you should be given an option window IF you do have it active asking if you wish to attempt to use it. This wouldn't guarantee anything just give you whatever the chance is based off the increments that way we don't have what happened above.
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    I agreed, we need window like window for Treasure keys
  15. badname912 Member

    You could charge back on your credit card..... but then devs get mad... (despite them literally stealing money from players like this from a dumb system implementation) and your account will be banned....
  16. Ptalomej Member

    Bugaga!! Buff from Threasure Cashes cancelable, u need just 1 random mouse click and your $$ go away
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    As a note I just wanted to share my utter disappointment with these recent crates. I know it seems like I'm beating a dead horse...

    You guys were knocking it out of the park and full 360d with your recent changes. The content this year is stellar, and stats (though they can still use a lot of work) are actually much more interesting than moar potency... Moar better.

    P2W seemed to be getting less cumbersome and skill was starting to play more and more of a factor

    With the release of these crates, all that momentum has changed. Idk about the sentiments in other guilds but ours is very solemn in comparison to two weeks ago. We have been laughing together but the conversation typically ends with "I hope this does not continue into the GU or I just can't" type comments.... Or a sentiment that the competitive part is over.

    Any way going to continue to plea for a different direction in the GU as I strongly feel it's going to effect our community very negatively if it stays as it is.

    Your game has brought us together and in many communities created what feels like family. Decisions like this put alot of strain in our communities. Even if we stay in contact, we will lose friends that played a very important role in our lives.
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  18. Beee Well-Known Member

    If you change your AA you get the chest back in your inventory from the bufflist. Seems that rightcklick->cancel was overseen. It should give you the chest back too
  19. Unnattural Member

    I would prefer these not be in the game at all, they are horrible for the games loot economy imo. Would love to see them removed entirely or at bare minimum make it where only use one per week or something
  20. Feara Well-Known Member

    Why not send out an in-game mail to receive every paying player's feedback?
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