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  1. Ichoris Well-Known Member

    In the past when they wanted player feedback they would run polls using in the game poll system. I used to like doing the polls. They haven't done any in a long long time. It's a shame because I think sometimes DBG thinks the players want one thing when they really want something else. They never take the time to ask or get opinions of the direction of the game.

    They could use the poll system for this. I think based on the messages they know that most players don't want this. The system is in and people are buying the items so it's not going to get removed. It's been a week and nobody from DBG has posted or replied to any of the comments here. Don't see them removing or changing anything. If they were not selling then maybe but people are buying so it's not going anywhere.
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  2. Solid11 Active Member

    The Libant Evernight Greatshield is NOT a greatshield. Can we fix this with a greatshield appearance please? You already have a kiteshield appearance with the other shield in crate. Savagery I believe it's called.
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  3. Solid11 Active Member

    Explaining how it works would be a good start. Just throwing new crates on market and saying here you go doesn't help first off.
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  4. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    They can't explain it because they have a policy of not advertising or discussing their pay-to-win products.
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  5. Bramdar Active Member

    I very rarely do heroic content, so I've been waiting and reading the rest of the feedback on this before my post.

    I agree with nearly every other poster on this thread, that these items should not be available on the marketplace for real money and having them there goes against the spirit of the game. But as much as I want to be wrong, I think the silence from the devs speaks volumes and the system is here to stay.

    And for those who read these posts and think "oh this doesn't affect me - I only solo/I play TLE and not the latest content/etc," those of us who've been around for a while have seen this cycle before - implement the idea, wait for the wave of negative feedback to go subside, and then expand it across the rest of the game. It's only a matter of time before this cycle of reducing in-game loot drops and expanding PTW loot crates expands to the rest of the game as well. Maybe even the next expansion will be "Do you want to be able to finish the sig line in less than 3 months? Buy the Premium edition, buy your spell/merc/mount/familiar upgrades, and then buy enough crates to get gear!" Again, I really want to be wrong about this.

    Maybe this system is profitable for Daybreak/Darkpaw in the short term. But notice the lack of vocal community support - even from the game's most ardent defenders. This is telling. I fear that even if this system is ripped out tomorrow, the damage has already been done. For my part, I was hoping to stick around until the end of EQ2... but even if this decision hastens that end, I don't think I want to be around to see it now. And I find that disappointing.
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  6. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Are we done here? I keep returning to see if there is going to be any kind of team response.

    In fairness I want to support the game I like to play. I tried some of the H3's this past weekend just to see how the whole system works.

    We ran 3 H3's on Sunday. I got one piece of armor (440 ADC Helm) that I could use and the Upgraded Carpet Mount. I spent three hourglass unlocks, 9 keys, and 4 crates for these two items. Other than the final boss in each zone, all loot was either transmutation stones or temp adorns. And this was the same for everyone in the grp. Is this intended that the personal loot be this hard core RNG? Other loot was acquired on the final bosses. Like I did get a WHOLE COMPLETE mage set on my swash. I don't really play a mage and its not even tradable to the mage in the zone. So what do I do, treat it as transmutation stones? I mean we are not one of these guilds that has all the perfect gear so the time investment was like 6 1/2 hours for the three zones with a break for lunch but the reward for me was two items. Plus the purchase of Heritage crates. Also the loot I got that was an upgrade was one piece from the Crates (4) that I had activated with /scheme, and the other from electing to use 3 keys on the final boss. All of my rewards came from the same final boss.

    So in terms of time invested/money invested vs. reward, this feels like a fail. I welcome anyone to post up thier results if they have tested the system. I initially was irritated by this idea. Then I considered, ok lets run this and see how this system really works and see if it actually is worth all of this convoluted effort. Now I am convinced, it is not worth the time and money for what is being given as a reward. It looks as the only way your getting this gear is 1 piece for every 4-6 hours of game play and an extra 20bucks.

    Does that seem like fun, or does it seem fair to your player base? How's bout you all offer some of your own thoughts to us as the community on what you think and if any of this feedback even matters? I would be curious, after all of the feedback, and me spending additional money to test it and provide you with this feedback full of real data, what you are thinking might help this situation...


    Note: Everyone in group got all 4 Tier IV immunity runes running these three zones.
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  7. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I think having the keys is a Bad Idea. I almost always buy a 20-pack of new crates when they come out on the market, knowing I will get some things I can use, and maybe this time the appearance gear is cool enough that I'll want it for one or more of my toons. As a result, I've got keys now. Not using them, yet, but I've got them.

    I don't plan to buy more than just crates I got already, though. There's nothing else in those crates that I want enough to shell out the cash. Yeah, I might use my All Access 500 DBC on them monthly, just for the other stuff in the crates. But I totally resent the idea of having to buy access to loot in a gambling crapshoot like this.

    No one was kvetching about going to IoR to buy loot. I don't often see people griping about SLR. Obviously, in some circumstances, this player base is willing to spend real money (for server transfers on and off IoR, plus maybe Kronos) and plat (again, maybe RMT for the Kronos to get the plat). The difference seems to be the gambling.

    While IoR was a going concern, I kept a shopping toon over there so I could check the broker. If I needed Stuff, then that toon could sell a Krono, buy it, and transfer to my home server fetching my purchases along. Then I'd create another new toon, run it around Qeynos to get it to level 10, and they would be quiet until I wanted to shop again. This was especially handy when I wanted to gear up an alt in a hurry.

    Instead of closing down IoR, what DBG should have done was fixed whatever exploit that was ongoing and making them mad. The root problem was the ridiculous crate loot from Thadampos, I suspect, which was entirely DBG's fault.

    DBG (and its predecessors) does have a bad habit of punishing the whole population rather than fixing exploits in a timely fashion and punishing the perpetrators. And allowing bad actors to buy their way off Drunder for US$300 each was a ridiculous decision. "Oh yes, please, give me a tiny amount of cash and you can come back and cheat and wreck the game economy on your original server some more! Thank you, Sir, may I have another?
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  8. Feara Well-Known Member

    So you create the grind to sell the solution.

    Since anything goes, may we have a Server for new and casual players with no transfers off?
    Model it after this.

    Ahh, your future is as bright as your heart,
    but there are perils in this world that only the mightest of adventurers may overcome.
    Live for Qeynos and Qeynos will live for you!
    ~Murrar Shar
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  9. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    We already do. It's called a TLE server.
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  10. Siren Well-Known Member

    I think she means to get away from the Heritage Crates, which are on Varsoon and are coming with Zarrakon PvP TL.

    And the TLs haven't been as casual in a long time. Between players spending $1,000 per character (which they brag about on Discord) on Tarinax for LON items and Kronos, and the total Krono Mania that has overtaken Varsoon, there's nowhere left to hide. And now we're stuck with these horrid addicted-gambler Heritage Crates on TLs too, ugh.
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  11. Dude Well-Known Member

    This is exactly it.
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  12. Thrundaloo Member

    Well I heard about that you could get some extra loot chances with pay to win. I shelled out some money and to get 5,000 dbc and spend the lot on crates. What a waste of money. This is almost as bad as last year when I bought 2 krono and they were listed and sold on the broker for 2 silver each because I pressed return on the darqui item listing screen by accident (this was when they changed the pp cap on items - i'd been trying to list them for more than the new 50m cap and I wasn't aware the cap had changed). I really need to learn my lesson here, and not bother.

    I got several items to do with pay to win loot that I couldn't work out how they worked and nobody in our fairly large guild really knew either, googling the items doesn't give a lot of information. I've not done H3 content so really the keys and hourglass items, I've no clue what they are for - they seem just H3 related?

    The heritage cache things, first it said when I examined the item that you could switch them on or off with the scheme emote. This didn't make any sense to me - you need to change the text to /scheme emote. I didn't want to use them until I knew I could switch them off.

    Next I'm sure it said in the description you would get a chance at extra loot from a raid BOSS, I think of a raid boss as being the last mob in a raid zone, not any mob.

    So yesterday during our raid I used 2 heritage cache items. They actually do say when you use them about the /scheme emote. I tried /scheme several times and it did nothing other than a general emote, so in the end I had no clue if the cache's were on or off (i'm assuming now that i had the required text filtered out or something).

    Next we kill a T1 raid mob my cache kicks in and I get given some boots (that I already have, let me just say these boots are the only raid item I have from this expac, so that's extra crappy). I'm like, but that wasn't a raid boss, but apparently any named is a raid boss - nightmare.

    So i'm thinking I best switch off my 2nd heritage cache, so try the /scheme emote again, then later I find out by having 2 active caches I don't receive 2 items, but only extra chances at getting one item.

    So I spent all that money for a lot of confusion and to get some boots I already had. I think the documentation around this items and how they are used is a complete fail.

    You could say that the item you get is from the loot table of the mob killed (it appeared to be), I thought there would at least be a new loot table, you could at least watch and see what mobs drop what items and switch your cache's on for mobs where you know their loot is useful to you.

    You could say that in raids - any named will give you a chance at extra loot (not BOSS - did I just imagine the boss thing?)

    You need to change the text of the cache description to /scheme so it reads /scheme emote.

    You need to make it clear that 2+ active caches will only award one item. Honestly i'd have preferred to have a smaller chance each kill but actually ending up with 2 items.

    You need to state how the /scheme emote works, in particular what channel of text you need active, so you can see if these items are on or off.

    I used to buy these crates and Krono from time to time to just support the game, with a chance of maybe getting something nice in return. That's it for me spending extra money on this game.
  13. tonyashy New Member

    Ok so now these crates have been removed and it will be back to chasing the elusive buff. Not for me, my moneys staying right in my pocket I have no interest in gambling on the smallest amount of percent of actually getting one.
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  14. Bella22 New Member

    I really don't know about these treasure chests because my h[ghest character is 113. So.... I have not bought the latest expansions for any of my accounts because I really HATE these Ascension classes. The game up[ to level 100 is much more fun But more bank slots is something I would be happy to spend a reasonable amount of money on.
  15. Obano Well-Known Member

    Instead of selling loot crates how about put some trash clearing "whistles" on the market place. Trash serves no purpose in this game except to waste player's time. Time is MONEY. We could be earning more loot by using Hourglass zone resetters but there is no time for that. Half the raid night is wasted clearing trash.
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  16. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    I don't know WHY the armor crates were removed . . . Other than maybe the funky personal treasure keys which I had no clue what to do with. How does "Appearance armor" go against your standards? And just what ARE your standards?? I happened to LOVE LOVE LOVE the Everlight crate! This armor is stylish and fashionable for Norrathian standards. I think I can speak for all fashionistas of Norrath when I say WE WANT MORE LIKE IT! Bring back the armor crates (minus the silly keys)! Those would affect the game drastically. The other stuff .
    Not so much. I want to see more armor in that style. I really like it! Bring it back!! Please!!!
  17. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    I agree with Sig: But I totally resent the idea of having to buy access to loot in a gambling crapshoot like this.
    Here's an Idea: bring back the armor. . . . BUT let us buy the full crate like the other Heritage Armor Crates or the buyable armors during events like the Thief of Love crate for Erolissi, etc. FORGET the frellin keys! They dont belong in our game!
    If I want another set for my other toons. . . I WILL buy it. But not when it's a lotto crap shoot and I end up with 5 leggings and one breastplate. . . or some such thing. I got 2 pairs of boots and 2 different leggings in those crates. I wanted the breastplates. . . . but now I cant get them!
    You want to make your player base HAPPY?? LISTEN TO US!

  18. Caith Developer

    The fact that you want it so badly makes it great.
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  19. Solid11 Active Member

    I do
  20. Caith Developer

    Funnies aside, there are only the two pieces of art for those shields, one with FX, one without FX, there is no other shield silhouette available.
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