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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Feara, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Skwor Active Member

    Nice bit of obfuscation there. First they also took something away from Gold it wasn't that they just added something to Gold. Second the 10% mount will most likely only impact ground mounts (like it does now) since flying mounts are the norm now this 10% is next to worthless and shows SOE is not thinking about what they are doing. Offering something that is less than trivial as a feature for money is insulting.

    So it is not people complaining about getting something, it is people unhappy about not having what they had before and pointing out what is being offered in exchange is not an equatable substitution.

    But you just go ahead and keep insulting people for having a different opinion about the value of a product they spend there hard earned cash on. From your reply quoted above apparently you believe it is only your opinion that matters.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Go to the marketplace under services. They selll additional character slots. They can be added to any account level. (( And Wingrider is right, they're normally $10, not $5. I just tend to buy them when they're on sale and I forgot. ))
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  3. Alawi New Member

    Offer the speed bump to the Flying Mounts at least.
  4. Feara Well-Known Member


    I have been paying Gold since I started this game. So I asked myself, why did I pay Gold all these years?

    It really boils down to supporting the game I love. So I will be staying Gold.

    I am not upset because I want more stuff.

    I am not upset because there have been changes made to F2P/Silver. I'm cool with that.

    Everybody should have fun. This is the best game on the market.

    I know alot of players and you think the F2P is what will keep this game alive. I do find most to be fickle. Here is to hoping for the very best.

    It's your loyal customers that have seen you this far my friends. Don't forget them.

    Smile a little on us for our loyalty.

    I really feel the 10% mount speed should be replaced with something better.

    For me, I am cool with just about anything the players have suggested. It would be really cool if we could pick two from a list (but thats just wishful thinking).
  5. Cisteros Active Member

    There is still a large chunk of the population that has no idea a change to the payment matrix is even happening in 2 days. Would be very interested if you have the same sales at the same price point month from now
  6. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    Doubt that it is a large chunk, been the conversation of 1-9 since it was announced, if the player is not aware of it, then they have not logged in since the announcement hit.

    Still, sold out, will watch the market for the next month or so, to see how market value varies, as of right now, would suspect the krono market is not going to be a good investment with the new ftp models.
  7. Ucala Well-Known Member

    I wonder how many people are still going off sub count from when they had subs on the marketplace? I wasn't smart like some people when that happened. I bought a few months in advance through SC but I know some friends that bought Years in advance from all that double SC and than SC sales.
    either way I think it goes like this.
    Gold sub is 15 a month, silver is what? 5?
    so you have X amount of people paying for 15 a month, like honestly paying. and than you have Y amount of people paying for subs through other means like SC cards. Now Soe must make some money off the SC cards, but I am sure they have to pay a middle man (the stores they sell them at). and aren't actually gaining alot of money, or as much as they thought.
    so if they do this with the mind that alot Would drop to silver, I would guess they are betting more people would be actual paying for silver (since it's only 5 dollars a month). And thus possible to make either the same, or more money
  8. Quabi Active Member

    Silver is only a one-time fee, not monthly.
  9. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I only bought a year for both my accounts and that ran out almost 6 months ago. So far I've paid one account for 3 months and used 4-6 kronos over those accounts for the rest. I think I'm due to pay a 3 month hit soon on the other account or I could use the couple of krono I have left.

    So the people left on the SC subs must have bought over a years worth.
  10. Cisteros Active Member

    Remember that silent majority of casuals that people love to bring up in various debates here? The ones the people constantly asking for simplification of the game or the removal of things that take more than 20 minutes to accomplish claim they are posting for since they like to claim "Most casual players never look at forums, it's why they are casual"? All day I have seen random people, not in 1-9 where I expect to see players who are casual/FTP, but in 90-95, who one would think might spend a miniscule couple of minutes keeping up on news in an ever-changing game world who are asking to buy Kronos and have a drooling "huh?" response when told that there are changes coming Tuesday which will impact prices.

    And of course, there is the old standby.."Most people who play are not parent basement dwelling troglodytes who spend their time out in RL with their school/job/2.5 kids, they don't read press releases and forums."

    My own anecdotal evidence says do not underestimate the stupidity of the average ostrich....errr MMO player. YMMV
  11. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    Believe me, in my profession I can vouch for your last statement, just drop MMO player. Been in my profession for 42 years and still cannot fathom the duh factor of the human race, amazes me we are still the dominant speicies. they may not read press releases or forums but on the majority of servers 1-9 is the social and group channel so they are in it. Again, have sold out of krono and will watch the market pricing structure over the next month or so to see if there still is a incentive to invest in the sale of Krono, other then that the frozen mana's and other adorning material are still lucrative on my broker character
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  12. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Someone (don't remember who or even what page) brought up that maybe a change for gold would be coming down the line, and mentioned that maybe with the decreased staff, that they didn't have enough time to brainstorm/implement changes. I guess their advice was to remain optimistic?

    Well, it's this soon-to-be-non-subscriber's opinion that if that's the case (and it's a big "if"), they should've started with the gold subscribers FIRST, that way they have a guaranteed way of retaining that guaranteed income instead of risking to lose it. (Like they will be losing mine) I will not believe that after laying off 70-90 people (not sure what the exact figures were) that SoE's business model is actually working and raking in the dough like they'd hope. The smarter solution would've been to make changes to gold first, to retain those customers. Now people like me see no reason to keep ourselves subscribed.

    Look, I'm all about supporting the game I play, but I refuse to give money to a BUSINESS when they are going to treat it like a charity. I'm paying for a service, a service that is getting further and further diminished in value. If that's the route SoE wants to go, then fine. They can go that route, and I'll happily take my money elsewhere.

    But if and when this move blows up in their faces, I don't want to see one single person supporting this change whining about the aftermath. Games require MONEY to run, MONEY that FTP'ers refuse to put out. This is the result. I hope you're all as happy with it in a year as you are now.
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  13. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    Agree in large with your post. I just wish there was a better way to distinguish FTP/RMT who contribute a meaingful cash flow, to the Freeloaders who do not.

    Some pro-RMT'ers on a FTP system will spend a lot of cash, thus support the game. But the majority of "RMT" supporters are actually Freeloaders, which can easily be determined if you read into their posts and see what they are actually asking for (everything for free).
  14. Caffiend Member

    What was removed from Gold?
  15. Mermut Well-Known Member

    As more and more is given for free, it effectively makes gold worth less. When ftp first came out, gold gave:

    all character classs
    all character races
    extra quest slots
    unrestricted item usage
    unrestricted broker usage
    unrestricted chat usage
    extra char slots
    unrestricted spell upgrades
    unrestricted AA slider

    with the lifting of restrictions on silver what is left to gold

    unrestricted broker usage (SC can purchase)
    unrestricted chat usage
    extra char slots (SC can purchase)
    unrestricted spell upgrades (SC can purchase)
    unrestricted AA slider
    new: extra mount speed and small money drop increase

    There is less that the $15 gold sub buys these days.
  16. Caffiend Member

    Silver getting more things for free doesn't mean Gold lost anything.

    Hey, I'm all for adding new perks to Gold, especially since I'm Gold; however, claiming that Gold lost something is just being intellectually dishonest.
  17. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Gold hasn't lost anything, but the $15 isn't buying as much any more... so gold has clearly 'lost value'. As the difference between silver and gold gets smaller and smaller, there is less and less reason for people to spend $15 a month, because that $15 is 'buying' less then it used to buy.
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  18. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Gold is losing value. That's losing SOMETHING.
  19. Gnaff Active Member

    As a person who has 2 all access accounts I really cant say i see Gold losing anything. We get 500 SC a month (worth $5), we get 5 free LoN packs a month (worth $15) we get 3 free goblin tickets (cant think of the cost of those right off my head) . but hell that alone more then covers the cost of of subscription for even a all access account .
  20. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    The ability to carry unlimited plat and to use all bank and house vault slots were also originally gold only.

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