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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Feara, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Fluff, fluff and more fluff. A mount or appearance set doesn't give me content, an engaging story, or a zone to beat. or even a quest to do. It's just "pretties."

    If I wanted pretties, I could load up the Sims and download all the pretties I wanted. For free.

    I also don't play LoN. I don't know anyone who actually plays that game and doesn't just open the free packs for loot.
  2. Gnaff Active Member

    Sounds like you are just looking for something to complain about. But what i was commenting on was the fact that Gold is not losing value. nothing for it has changed at all.
  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The station cash is for recurring subs, not for gold. I don't remember if LoN is recurring only. As far as the LoN packs go, I know that I have never and will never buy any LoN packs. The goblin tickets have been building up in my claim as well.
    I won't be cancelling my sub, but that's because I'm NOT spending $15 a month with the deal they gave on recurring yearly subs a while ago. If I had been paying $15, I'd probably be dropping down to silver as the differences between gold and silver are no longer enough to justify $15 a month.
    Heh, thanks, I'd forgotten that as well.
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  4. Taysa Well-Known Member

    Something we used to have to pay for is now being given away for free. How do you figure that your subscription is not losing value?
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  5. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    Changes such as these make me wonder if SoE has some corporate write-off if the game fails, and that they are looking to exercise it soon.
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  6. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    I play and the majority of my guild also play LON, there are some pretty nice items available during the tournaments.
  7. Gnaff Active Member

    Because nothing is being taken away from the subscription itself, Its not like they are now making us pay more money for the exact same features we already have. All they are doing is making EQ2 more inline with other F2p games thus tempting more people to try the game.. (Most people seem to like the idea of more people playing). But if you think Gold has lost all its value unsubscribe and play for free. If you don't then obviously you feel it is still valuable enough to keep paying for it.
  8. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    you can also purchase directly from the character select screen
  9. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    Missed one for gold

    - unrestricted access to in-game and out of game support, silver only has support for cash transactions, other then that the knowledge base
  10. Nidy Member

    One would have to assume they knew they were doing this and that they would lose money thus they laid off all those people right after SOE live. The question is why? I agree with the removal of the item restrictions because its just stupid. The easy answer though would have been to cap silver at say 90 and 280 aa's. No item or other restrictions including content. Then there is a reason to be gold at that point. You experienced more then enough game at that point to decide if you want to keep playing. The argument that approaches this topic as gold lost something is wrong. The valid argument is simply there is no reason to be gold anymore. Any day one veteran player has more then enough plat and probably SC through all the double and triple days to cancel their membership and save a few bucks. Not a terrible thing from our standpoint but from Sony's standpoint it just silly. More layoffs incoming...
  11. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    never assume, bad things happen, and they have asked for it not to be referenced
  12. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Goblin tickets i believe 100 SC each. I for example don't get any LoN packs a month, neither 500SC every month. I get 500SC once only when my 12months are up and a new year pay cycle starts. I am considered gold. The difference is that soe charges my credit card automatically every month rather once a year. So people like me are trully who loses value on $15 we pay monthly.
  13. Gnaff Active Member

    See now that i understand . truthfully i think you should be petitioning for people like you who pay 12 months at a time to get 12 months worth of free 500sc. Its not that i pay 12 months in advance or anything but i think those who do should get it. Ofcourse people who do pay 12 months in advance also get discounted price, but i don't think it should really matter on the free SC.
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  14. isest Active Member

    Well I just don't get it. Honestly they just fired/laid off half the eq2 staff. Now they are going to basically give the game away. How in the world do they plan on adding money. There was a reason to have a gold membership itw as to keep you items so you could raid. Now all that is left is broker access, mail, and 15% gold increase and 10% mount speed.

    Mount speed is just about silly, most of my 7 in fact are on flying mounts so that does nothing. 15% gold increase, best up that some more, 500 sc well I been getting that for a long time. Either one or 2 things increase those extra's or drop the gold sub to 10 bucks a month.
  15. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    That's what I would like to get answer from soe on. I actually proposed somewhere here in this thread or in official one that soe should reward with 500SC all gold subs no matter how they paid for.

    I agree that I and those who are like me got screwed. Though I get three goblin tickets every month. Interesting, is not it? :)
  16. Gnaff Active Member

    I can't see why you wouldn't get your free 5 LoN packs a month though. If you get your goblin tickets, you should just have to open LoN once a month to get your free packs.

    strange really .
  17. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can accumulate them, can't you? I think it's if you miss you lose them. Though I maybe wrong. I don't really care about LoN packs frankly speaking. But now I've started to get concerned for monthly 500SC :)

    Right now I ve got over 600SC. Tomorrow I will be checking if anything changed. So my account is sort of recurring but on monthly basis. It was better for me to go this way financially rather than prepay a whole year.
  18. Gnaff Active Member

    You can accumulate the packs so long as you log in once a month to get them. They can sit in your LoN unredeemed for aslong as you like. So tech, you can accumulate as many of them as you like. I too would be worried about the 500 free SC, that is quite abit to be missing out on.
  19. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    LON cards are tied to re-occurring subscription - aka credit card on file, goblin tickets are not since all players get them, the difference is F2P get 1 a month and gold gets 3
  20. bedford New Member

    Maybe this is market research for EQNext. If that game plans to use an exclusively non-subscription / microtransaction model, SOE might want some comparative data from a similar game to gauge the effect of removing recurring subscriptions entirely. Or in this case make them so unattractive that nobody bothers.

    At this stage SOE are only risking the (presumably) fairly modest revenue that EQ2 gold subs currently generate. If they attract much larger numbers of people to EQNext but get the business model wrong the impact would be far larger. I'm sure there would be no hesitation in "listening to the players" and backtracking on the totally F2P approach before release if SOE believed that regular subs would generate more revenue.

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