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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Feara, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    So to be considered recurring you have to prepay for a whole year? I pay monthly with a credit card.I will have to check LoN cards. I had a starter LoN pack in claims but never really thought about monthly cards.

    SC is more a concern now if I want to stick with a gold sub.
  2. Louly Active Member

    Well I've been thinking about this and I guess I'll keep my gold sub. While I believe the value is less now it's not any different from my pay check really. Someone has to pay for those that scream and cry. I have to pay in the real world for those that scream and cry guess I will here too. I will stop before I say some things I'll be reprimanded for lol
  3. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Gnaff it has since folks don't need to be gold they can remain or go to being silver folks are deciding whether the perks left to Gold ONLY are worth the $15 some folks are saying no so it has lost value to them. get it
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  4. That guy. Well-Known Member

    Since this thread is just a QQ rehash of previous threads of QQ rehashing, I'll just rehash my response to this one as well.

    You and others here seem to be missing the big picture.

    F2P restrictions lessened on Vanguard.

    F2P restrictions lessened on EQ2.

    I'm assuming it's been the same with other SOE games.

    EQNext completely F2P with no sub at all.

    Now put it together.

    Subs are being systematically phased out. Enjoy your ability to be "special" with your sub while it last, or be smart and play for free.
  5. Raff Well-Known Member

    Master Spells, extra character slots and full Broker access are worth every bit of 15 measly bucks a month...but if they wanted to add a little something extra, I'd rather have a full time 50-100% XP Bonus instead of mount speed and the coin thing.

    Just because we can boost a character 85 doesn't mean I'll do it on every character. There is still plenty of older content thats just more fun at the right level.
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  6. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    That guy,

    Are you spamming your comment in every thread? Nobody cares here about Vaguard.
    In eqnext you are going to pay for software and expacs. It's still not for free.
    That's what soe then should do. Get rid off silver, gold and such accounts to be fair. Give access to every thing to every one with no restrictions. Charge for expacs but don't give fluff to people with gold accounts. Just make it fair and square without artificial cheer. Oh look we are giving you 15% coins boost for your recurring subs. That would look more like f2p.
  7. Alenna Well-Known Member

    NO wingrider they are not I do not have a re-occuring subscription I pay with gamecards I still get 5 free LON cards a month. no credit card.
  8. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Kraeref wingrider is wrong I dont' pre pay I use a game card no credit a gamecard I still get 5 free LON cards a month but as of a few months ago you do have ot log into LON once a month to get htem you con't have ot open them but you do have to log in to LON once a month
  9. Gilasil Active Member

    I'm going to assume SoE has crunched the numbers. They may be out of touch with the players but I can't believe they're out of touch with their accountants. So be it.

    They can make their financial decision and I can make mine. It's hard to justify paying $15/mo on EQ2 anymore. The only things I ever use that gold still has are the broker and the AA slider. I'd already been thinking that the broker wasn't worth it except for a few high value items (forwhich I'll buy lockers or whatever).

    My personal suggestion to SoE: Lower the cost of the gold subscription until it's reasonable for what you get. Maybe a couple bucks a month. No more then $5/mo.

    In the meantime I think I'll drop back to Silver. After I grab the free heroic toon of course.

    It'll free up $15/mo to try another MMO.
  10. That guy. Well-Known Member

    Congratulations. In trying to attack my post, you figured it all out on your own anyway.

    TERA, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, etc., etc.

    These are examples of the "F2P" SOE has to compete with. Where all content is available to everyone except for, wait for it, box ( in GW2 and TSW's cases ) and DLC ( no such things as expansions anymore, as little content for as much money as possible is the new rule in gaming ).

    And that's exactly why they are slowly but steadily phasing out subs in their existing games. You can't compete if you're the worst option. SOE has finally figured that out.
  11. Castles Active Member

    so many EQ2 (and EQ1) players are playing Rift atm, waiting for eqnext, eq2 to get it's act together, or just tired of SOEs situation. there are guilds of EQ2 players and constant chat about the good old days in a real MMO! Rift falls short of EQ but is catching up, so i am guessing that SOE is reacting like it has in the past to WoW, DAoC, or other MMO advancements.

    Rift offers free server xfer, zone events (PVE), good graphics and costumes, LFG that works for pugs when tanks are available. but rift lacks PVE content, large scale pvp is crap, and they are dealing with the F2P situation... but the bottom line is you can play to endgame with Rift for free atm.
  12. Morte Member

    Response; I couldn't have said it any better. Once you hit level 95, unless you are developing a different character, gold membership isn't worth it for just the 500 SC per month.. I will definitely drop to silver. In order to get more people for gold membership, something more than slight coin and slight increase in mount speed would be desirable. I would suggest a 25% exp bonus and 25% increase in mount speed. They don't have to give increased gold ,which is somewhat worthless and hurts the economy.
  13. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Kk. Thank you! I will take a look then :)
  14. Taysa Well-Known Member

    FFXI, FF14, and WoW still run off subscription models. TESO will too. Wildstar lets you choose between subscription or CREDD, which is essentially like a Krono.

    Your insinuation that free-to-play is the go-to market is flawed, as new and old games alike are successful on the "dated" subscription model, and new games are coming out based upon a subscription model.

    Free-to-play is where games go when they're on their last legs. LOTRO managed to pull their game out of the grave with FTP, but that's because Turbine was smart with their business model. SoE is not as smart as Turbine, as proven by the amount of promises broken and changes made to the free-to-play model since it was first released.

    And GW2 is BUY-to-play, not free-to-play. Get it right.
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  15. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Yes. I know about GW. I played them. Not much of a content though.

    My point was Soe should get rid off silver/gold acc once and for all. Without playing about with golds. They still try to cut the cake and eat it. They should start being honest saying from new expac coming day there shall not be gold or silver and some such. We going with GW type of game. That's what they should've done then.

    Right now they are trying still to keep gold subs with fluff provided.

    If as someone said here that golds are trully miniscule portion of revenue then nothing should hold soe back. Just be honest about it and stop milking money from people with subscriptions that don't mean anything. Don't prolong an agony. Do it quick. They still have old gamers playing and new coming. Just make everybody to see the reason rather than play with false cheer.

    Otherwise I don't mind if freetoplay crowd gets restrictions lifted. Just golds simply lost their value.
  16. That guy. Well-Known Member

    Sorry, SOE games are marketed as "F2P", so whether they have a sub option or not, they can only be compared to other "FTP" games. The rest of your post is drivel based on your non-understanding of simple concepts.

    I never said anything bout "F2P" being the go to market, I simply pointed out the fact ( what should be obvious to anyone half-aware ) that in SOE'S MARKET, A.K.A. F2P, they're simply playing catchup with OTHER F2P.

    By the way, the only ones on your list there that won't be F2P soon are the Final Fantasy games, simply because Square-Enix is run by morons, and maybe TESO solely because Zenimax has the funding to throw at it for at least a year before acknowleding defeat.

    Blizzard has already acknowledged WoW will be F2P eventually as they've been hemorrhaging players.

    So bottom line, regardless of the subscriptin games coming out, F2P is the dominant formula. And, most important and relevant to this discussion, is SOE's market. SOE has no subscription games, SOE has F2P games that happen to have remnants of their old sub models. For now.
  17. Cisteros Active Member

    While the $14.99 (Or less for those who prepay big chunks at a time) has had nothing removed from it. The fact that items that had once been exclusively available for that Gold sub (Adding vaalue to it) are now available for free means that when it comes to valuing the benefits of a Gold sub, you need to draw a line through all these newly free items since people who are paying zero now also have access to them. That is where your loss of value for the dollar comes into the equation.
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  18. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Gold also has the privilege of being able to server transfer. I reckon they should be free now (as long as they reinburse the 4 tokens I just bought!)
  19. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    I have a yearly subscription, it has a valid cc attached to it, I get both the LON cards and the 500SC. They made a change about a year ago that if you did not use up the unclaimed cards they held off giving you more until you did.
  20. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Dev post from P10 of heroic characters thread:

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