February 2016 Producer's Letter

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  1. Valzen Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the update! That new orc looks awesome. (Well, as far as orcs go.) LOL
    But wow.. the art is fantastic!!

    I'm really looking forward to the new expac. :D
  2. Adevil Well-Known Member

    According to Gninja on eq2wire the new orc model is specifically for the new content. It's not a global revamp of orcs.
  3. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the Producer's Letter and the upcoming update/twitch! Can't wait to see what's in store. I find the streams entertaining and re-energize my enthusiasm :D
  4. Laaw Well-Known Member

    revamping the NPC's will give a modern look to the game. I am vey excited about the work the dev's have been doing in the over the last 18 months. thank you :)
  5. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I can't see this being that much of a problem. While old guildies have taken breaks during ToV or AoM, our guild on NA servers used to have a heavy mix of EU players, since I play more EU times, than NA. Many in the EU are fluent in more than one language.
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  6. Amoon Member

    Nice, i am excited to see whats to come. looking forward for more fun, i hope for years to come
  7. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    People who volunteered to play on an English or American server good English, they are not the measure of things.

    Having the mass likes to enjoy and not to agonize over translations.

    A MMO consists of communication of the players who is in a resonable degree not possible when you have mastered the spoken language is not good or very good.

    I want to see them on a French or German servers, if then with them no one speaks English as she then forms or change their opinion.
  8. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Good to hear! Thanks for the update, Holly! :)
  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ok I agree that subed people should get more stuff I played on a silver account for years before I finally subscribed on one of my accounts .
    But don't forget that without the ftp people the game would be a lot more empty.
    When I started to play Everquest 2 ,6 years ago I barely had any freedom on my ( free ) to play accounts I can do almost everything the subscribers can do on the accounts that are still only silver now.
    If those new dungeons are subscribers only for good please consider a fee so others can join there friend lets say after a year
    I spend lots of money in the first years of free to play for unlocking stuff I was not able to get or do.

    Otherwise I got to say ( on theme now ) thanks for the news about new stuff to do
    But I don't know about that new creature he looks a lot like a Kobold to me just green but the color is probably just because he's only a model.
  10. suka Well-Known Member

    the game is not dying. the devs were pressured into creating those zones because people wanted them. now that they have them, they don't see what the eq1 players are so hopped up about- after all, progressive zones are a big thing there. they have been making them for years over there and they go over really well.

    however, eq2 is not as hard core as eq1 and doesn't really attract the same mindset. so people here would rather play on the live servers. no shame at all in that - it is all in what you want and expect. but because progressive servers are not the big thing here that they are in eq1, people get really upset when they find that those servers don't get as much attention as the live servers do. and they don't have all of the niceties that the live servers do. but that is a progression server. sadly, you have to pay your monthly sub to get less service and less attention than you would on the live server, but that is how it is. they should fix the bugs though, that i agree on.
  11. suka Well-Known Member

    well, there is an option here. for European servers, and even for our servers, it might be helpful if they would include an ingame translator program so people can be on common ground. yeah i know, that means coding, but it isn't really a big thing. there are translator programs everywhere now and it is way past time for them to be used in international platforms.
  12. suka Well-Known Member

    you are wrong on one point. we don't want things NEEDED in the game to be in the marketplace. that becomes a PAY to WIN and we don't want that here. the marketplace is fluff. we buy it because we love it, not because we need it. it should stay that way. the only needed items would be unlocks - which would be a great addition. even those would not be necessary, but optional. as it stands, everything from the marketplace is heirloom and should also stay that way.

    however, the one thing i would love to see copied from another game is tradable station cash. rift has it in the form of tradable rex- their sc. it is like krono, but it gives you rex instead of membership. of course, their membership is bought with rex so it makes more sense. but there are so many ways to earn the tradable rex- you can buy it with plat and you can earn it through loyalty points if you are a subscriber. i would love to see that here.
  13. suka Well-Known Member

    there is nothing wrong with asking that they take a look at what other games are doing. it is a known fact that games copy each other in some ways. that is how ideas get spread.
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  14. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Honestly, EQ2 was not designed with PvP in mind. It was an addition, tacked on, and it never operated as PvP afficianados from other games wanted it to.My crystal ball (makes mystical passes) seems to think that PvP is going to die out slowly on EQ2.

    I actually DO hope that, moving forward, DBG builds an Everquest PvP-Style from the ground up, as a separate game than EQ3 (or EQNext, by whatever name). Get some PvP intelligence from those games that have very successful PvP and figure out how PvP really ought to work to be satisfying and self-sustaining. I think it would attract a lot of people to Norrath.
  15. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Machine translation is completely inadequate. Go to Google Translate and put in a few paragraphs of text from your favorite book. Translate it to another language, say German or French or Russian. Then copy the translation, and translate that BACK to English. That should be plenty to allow you to see the problem. Building it into the game won't help.
  16. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Ingerimm, you manage to communicate clearly in English. Every one of my European friends was forced to learn at least one and more often two additional languages in school. My folks in Finland learn Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, and usually one other language. Compared to pretty much every European, Americans are linguistically crippled.

    For centuries, the language of diplomacy was French (lingua franca) and everyone of note learned that language. It is probably more English now. I would guess that an all-inclusive European server would probably have to resort to such a lingua franca for server-wide communication.

    But I also think that people would probably form language-based guilds as well. I know we have at least one guild on Maj'Dul, Vantage, that recruits looking for "anyone who is fluent in at least 2 of the three: English, Portugese, Cantonese".
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  17. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    At one point they revamped all orcs to look like the Rujarkian orcs (and oh, the lamentations rose to the skies!) It would not be beyond comprehension to think that at some point in the future they might switch all orcs to the new model /shrug.
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  18. Ommnom Member

    12,99 EUR a month ...
    We've seen better, yes, once back where there were a lot more designers, no Tsunami ruined Japan and brought Sony in deep trouble, no fund backs, more players that payed ...
    Agree Lag is bad, the devs stated multiple times that they are aware and working on it. EU Server Merge and loss of Localisation is a step to improve this I would guess...
    I don't feel insulted by DBG do you really are ?
    This is more an insult for DBG ...

    To be deeply honest, I am German, my native language is German, i live in Germany and play on Valor since the beginning of EQ2. It's not all Gold and there are things that can be criticised, but criticism has to be constructive. I just see upset emotions here that lead ... nowwhere.. Sorry but this post is just too harsh for me to just ignore it.
    I had the opportunity to get to know the dev team a bit and they really don't deseve this post !
  19. Alenna Well-Known Member

    If I recall from something the devs said here on the forums the reason it has taken so long to merge the European servers was to set up something to make it easier for them to communicate with each other why don;'t yuou wait and see if they were able to do that before you start with the doom and gloom.
  20. Ingerimm Well-Known Member


    my english is crap. I can read a little bit and understand ok, but neither write nor speak and listen very sensible, apart from all the dialects once. Conversing in TeamSpeak in English impossible.

    On the one hand makes it no fun at all to play so and only understand a fraction on the other hand is not enough to very sensible to talk, and certainly not to explain tactics for raids and the like that.

    There may be people who have their fun with it, but the mass that is certainly not.

    There are a lot of people at least get along on the German servers with english anything, these are then all leave.

    The only positive thing would come out with such a server merge with is that saving Daybreak money and only have to pay a server instead 4.

    The players on the EU servers would almost bring only disadvantages and no single advantage which I could recognize.

    More player that one then use something, for example in the raid, it would do nothing, rather even less players because that strive forward and enough knowledge of English, are then also go lost to the English raidforces.
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