February 2016 Producer's Letter

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Auxel New Member

    Move over old orc, the Scourge is in town!

    Thanks for graphic. I love the new Orc artwork! I also appreciate the communication. Can't wait to see what else is up and coming March 15.

    I like that we are seeing new content updates throughout the year and still getting expansions.

    I also enjoy all the Holiday festivities you place in the game--it helps to keep things feeling alive. My wife rarely plays EQ2 but when she does it is usually because a Holiday activity has caught her eye.
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  2. Auxel New Member

    "I'm sure some folks already do this but make it a MAJOR ITEM, nothing small or not needed...make it needed in order to experience a part of the game."

    @MissGreen I don't want pay to win. I like the option of buying fluff items on the Marketplace and I have made some purchases; however, I do not want items sold on the marketplace that are essential to my success in the game. Bad idea in imo.
  3. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    The language of the playing surface will be most relatively unimportant because they do not read the questions and stories generally. But there are people doing this and have their fun.

    I think even the Daybreak interested in pooling the surface of the game linguistically. They want to raise the players of different languages ​​and the language is now even that problem.

    It is a quick and reasonable communication compels to succeed and to have fun in this game. Both remain in a server consolidation on track. It brings a nothing when someone says something funny and no one understands the other or what the weather is, what you have experienced today, and so on. Intercommunication of people happens to be important otherwise you can a normal offline game play, there you have not, that would be the same.

    Just because you, on paper, more people have statistically on a server that does not mean that this is someone brings a benefit if they can not work because they do not understand.

    What is more important is that the game client finally back is stable and not always ending in a client crash. That the lags are fixed some people attacked massively and prevent play on reasonable. Previously ran everything and we were much more players today we have a very unstable client.

    Furthermore, it would still be useful to the game to miss a 64-bit client to finally be able to assign times more than 2Gb RAM stake. This would also solve a lot of problems with lag and the instability and client crashes.

    Furthermore, the Directx 9 components would be brought out date, which often lead to the crash of the game, Windows 10 after all does not support DirectX 9 more.

    These are all problems that much more important would be to return to attract more people to the game and make it more attractive a server merges fixes after all our problems in any form, on the contrary, this brings many new Problems.
  4. Aivet Well-Known Member

    So, a new orc model, eh? I hope this means we're going to get a fabled Deathfist Citadel :D
  5. Corinna New Member

    Schade, dass es so kommen wird, ich mit meinen 60 Jahren habe nie Englisch gelernt und auch nie benötigt. Und ich bin ganz sicher nicht gewillt, englisch zu lernen nur wegen eines Spiels, nevermore! Dann werd ich eben meinen Account kündigen und meines Weges gehen. Finde es halt schade nach 6 Jahren hier und einer netten Gemeinschaft, aber wenn mein österreichischer Euro weniger wert ist als andere Währungen, ok, so soll's halt sein.

    Noch meinen Dank an Ingerimm und einige wenige Andere, die ihre deutsche Sprache hier verteidigen, danke! :)
  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    there were German and Russian guilds on Nagafen ,now Skyfire people in those guilds spoke German
    people stopped playing not because of the language but because of PvP just went wrong
    PvP is fun for people that are good at it or like me like the extra edge. I personally liked war fields but I think every other hour was to often.
    I understand that European people don't like the idea of this merger I understand , that not everybody is good at english
    People in the forum are the ones that speak and type English and they speak for the others , and that's what they should do
    speak for those in their guild that don't speak the language. we have Spanish and French speaking people on US servers but
    Sigh :( most speak English at least a little. there is a difference between helping along one or two people that don't speak a language and having lots of different languages
    this consolidation of European servers was planed for a wile they only waited because of the problem with the languages
    I hope they came up with an ingenious idea.
  7. suka Well-Known Member

    i get that you think other things are important,

    and i agree they are.

    but if you get a quest from an npc and one answer progresses the quest and the other answer closes it, and no they are not in any specific order, and you can't read what the answers say, how will you know what to choose? and if all of the directions and even the name of the quest were in klingon and you didn't speak or read klingon, how would you know what quest you have or what to do? as for players, follow the leader in a group works well. i sometimes don't understand everything that is explained or my dog may be barking so i can't hear what is said over our ingame chat, but if i follow the others in my group they never lead me wrong. if they want me to do certain things, they are willing to take the time to explain what they want. if you can't understand, they are willing to write it out and let you put it in a translator. but really, it is not about reading the story. you can use a translator for that or you can go to a website and most of the dialog is already written down for you. but if i can't even understand the name of the quest or the instructions of the quest-giver, or if i don't know which question advances the quest and which one closes it, then i am in trouble.

    yeah you could type it all in a page and translate it, but as was pointed out earlier, who wants to play the game with a dictionary or translator open.
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  8. Zacatl Coatl New Member

    People who keep playing on the EU servers are mostly those who don't want or can't play in english. There's a lot of young players too, who start the game and just barely read there own language. I play with my girlfriend and her children, she and her children don't read english at all, Two of my friends the same, and it takes years for me to make them playing this game. Even EvE Online has french translations now, don't go back to the past.
  9. suka Well-Known Member

    wow- your austrian euro: 14.99 EUR = 16.4654 USD

    i can see where you are coming from. and not being able to speak or read english is hard for you, i understand. i am also in my 60's and i would not want to learn something new at my age either. let's hope that in some way you will be able to find it easy to understand others and find your friends on your server. not sure if this will translate well since i am not very good at this:
    Ich kann sehen, wo sie herkommen. und nicht in der Lage zu sprechen oder lesen englisch ist hart für sie, ich verstehe. Ich bin auch in meinem 60er und ich würde nicht wollen, etwas Neues zu lernen in meinem Alter. Wir hoffen, dass in irgendeiner Weise zu finden ist einfach, andere zu verstehen und finde deine Freunde auf Ihrem Server.

    umm- didn't quite translate the way i wanted it to
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  10. Adevil Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is, this thread is the first time I've seen any comments against merges for the EU servers. Instead, ever since the US servers were merged (and even before) it has been questions & comments like "any word on merging EU servers?", "c'mon, just merge the EU servers NOW or there won't be any population left to merge", etc.
  11. suka Well-Known Member

    yeah i have seen that too. but as you know, only a small amount of people come to the forums to post anything. some don't post until someone tells them a change is about to happen that will affect them. some will read but never post, unless it matters to them. and still more will never speak up but hope those on the forums will voice their concerns. i would say that every post represents at least 100 or more who don't say anything
  12. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    Hello Suka,

    I think not, as I wrote that Daybreak wants to eliminate the localized client. Therefore, I see this as the lesser problem, I even read the quests and story. I'd would only understand parts of this were to change, niceties would escape me with certainty.

    How Armageddoux already wrote, it would be useful to locate the client completely, but I think that this has now already largely been implemented and there is no real reason to change this to the negative.

    Here you should really then wait as Alenna wrote how Daybreak imagines the whole implementation.

    The main problem remains the spoken word in the chat and voice chat between players and the instability of the EQ2 clients as well as the massive lag.
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  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Now there's an idea I think there is a wiki in all those countries in that language I look up quests even so that I understand English what's needed is to include the conversation in the quest description
    Its to bad some of the conversations are hilarious.

    Corinna und Ingerimm es ist schade ja ich wuenschte Daybreak und Sony davor haetten mehr Werbung gemacht
    es gibt genug Spiele denen es gut geht weil Sie Werbung haben.

    I wished Daybreak would advertise on tv or other places.
    games that do are doing much better.
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  14. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Euro server merges - will there be free transfers to US servers available?

    I have an original heroic BL on Splitpaw gathering dust
  15. Bastilla New Member

    I find it very worrying that here critical comments ( even if they are written somewhat emotionally ) as of Julianos simply be deleted because it would violate the forums guidelines ... If you are has spent 10-12 years in this game you are a little emotional. should here many things run just not optimal indeed be a mystery.

    There are not a few players who share his opinion

    translated with Google...
  16. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    EQ2 is a P2P model, with an option for F2P. While you can play free, if you sub, there are perks. Given that this game originated as a P2P model, only those that keep the books can accurately assess how many F2P actually open their wallets.

    Friends w/ 2nd accounts do sometimes buy things. That said, many--and I do mean many--of the F2P that have joined my guild over the years were content locusts, hopping between the latest free MMO's. That said, Everquest2 has an amazing amount of content for the F2P audience to explore, far more than some competitors:
    • One major MMO offers F2P, BUT only until Level 20.
    • Another now offers F2P, BUT with chat & mail restrictions, PVP restrictions, cannot access portions of game content until a much higher level than those that purchased, cannot access some areas/ abilites w/o purchase of an expac...oh yes and F2P cannot use FORUMS.
    • F2P vs P2P model in another did not allow F2P players to own land--given that its whole economy revolved around said feature, if you were to be successful--had to sub.

      Just touched on a few of the key restrictions for F2P in other MMO's, but EQ2 blows those away, in comparison!

    IMHO, if you find a world as well-done as Norrath, sub and support it.
  17. MissGreen Member

    Well I agree with you on most, I was not meaning that it become a pay to win at all..Basically what I was suggesting here is just have multiple options for players where the ftp players have a chance as well at things through the subbing players is all.
  18. MissGreen Member

    I am aware of this my point was where the game is headed...and everything I wrote was towards that, because if a game can not function on a ptp model, it will go to ftp in hopes of most folks will sub and buy things..that is all I meant by my posts and I can see that becoming to be in the future and is already here for that matter.

    Also I can rattle off many games that offer much more including end game content with a ftp model and you do not have to PURCHASE NOTHING in order to experience all game content, send me a tell if you wish to know the #1 one and its not EQ2 because if it were there would be more players here....simple.

    EQ2 is already cutting off major things and forcing players to pay to use the simple things in the game.Sorry that to me is a automatic turn off to new players.However I do agree you can access and see a lot of content for a ftp player but it quickly becomes limited and that is my point because its just gonna make players run to another game where you are able to access most content(if not all) the only thing is in order to move forth say you have to buy something for raids, thats it thats all...Idk, Im just trying to help here...because I do see the game struggling and has been for years now really, I think the last time world pvp was full and the towns were full was back in 09 and they weren't even full then but the player base kept the game thriving.

    ps. if your pushing all access that screams a ftp model.
  19. MissGreen Member

    Somehow? because it did go to ftp....its just a different set up honestly, and its fine and all, I understand they need to make money and things but dont deny the fact it hasnt been a ptp game in a long time.
  20. MissGreen Member

    EXACTLY! Finally someone understands what Im trying to say here lol!
    Hi there, and yes I agree 100 with you here and you have also summed up my ideas, sometimes its hard for me to put things in perspective as far as writing goes, and thats basically what I meant..I didn't mean to make it sound so harsh and a must have for all players at all specially those that are subbing. And honestly I was thinking of Rift when I was writing my post out because as you said it would be great to see this in game and I think it will help the over all player base here as well and create revenue and overall economy...Rift has rex which cost ten bucks on the store, however it is probably the best way to by things from the rift store for all players not just ftp, it offers everyone to be able to purchase it and it awards credits to your account, which enables again all players to be able to purchase things IN GAME from the store and also purchase access to things such as the auction house and things, it is a very vital and great way to get the economy growing and those that wish to purchase REX can either by trades or by in game currencies or even buy them off the auction house broker. I think it would really help this game in many ways, specially for those how cant afford to buy things in the store...Please consider it DB...try out Rift, see there platform, they are doing well. I love that game but eq2 just blows the detail out of the water, however their approach since they went to a ftp model is one if not the best models out there.

    Also I wanted to add that DB could make cross server events and chat, one for the NA, and for EU..this will also help with trading and thngs and make it easier to group...by now this game should be all cross servers and thats another great thing Rift did which WOW had recently taken alot from rift including cross server parties and also server hopping is free in Rift and you can go from any server you choose to farm or do dailies or whatever ya need...I think RIFT is the ideal game too look at because they have done well considering its a ftp model...it sure as hell doesnt feel like one. Just some ideas , While this game offers alot it also has many restrictions and the restrictions here are eventually going to kill the game.

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