February 2016 Producer's Letter

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    How does it work, we get all the personal translator for Teamspeak?

    No chance for a reasonable solution without massive and serious changes, which destroy the game even more.
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  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ok people I am German and live in the US I play on Deathtoll one of the TLS servers I been in a Russian guild I met German people French and so on , here you go those TLS servers are an example for a international multy language server that worked in any case if you got problems with the language consider it the world of Norath where different countries play side by side on the same map and if they don't speak the language you can stay in the same guild and play with the same people you played with before
    I had people go into dungeons with I did not understand but it somehow worked
    some people use a translation program. True its not perfect but its better than nothing so people can play with other nationalities.
    believe me if this place did not have a spell checker you would have trouble reading this.
    The thing is my spelling in German sucks too
  3. Nockturnal Well-Known Member

    Freak'in awesome and then some.
    Thank you :)
  4. Sunje Active Member

    For me, as an player on Valor since march 2005, its ok to merge the servers, it makes no sense to let the ghostly servers alive, on some times there are only 50 players online in all lvls.

    I love to pay for a mmorpg game every month, that is full of players and not a MMORPG that looks like a single player game.

    My english is not the best but its enough to play a game like everquest 2, with friends and other players around the world!
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  5. Mithriel New Member

    If I'm paying additional for the new content, then it's only fair that the developers fix the ongoing problems most of us have faced playing this game ie. Crashing, lag and gear upgrades. Why is it they upgraded the new gear, but didn't upgrade the gear we have already won in the heroic zones? Now we have to go back and get all new gear again just to get the upgrades? When you add new content, why not add ethereals again that drop off the rare nameds that spawn in the heroic zones, like it was in the last expansion? Has a paying member "incentives" give us hope. The key chests are a joke. How many umbrite keys do you have to get in order to get a mythical item which you can't trade. I have two mythical's and can't use both, so now I'm stuck with an extra mythical I can't trade to an alt. All the other stuff that drops is tradable, why not the mythical?
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Viele Rollenspiele Gilden nur kommunizieren in Raids Verwendung Text (/r, /gsay, und /tell). Ich verstehe vollkommen, dass es einfacher ist, eine Sprache zu lesen, als zu sprechen oder zu verstehen, indem sie es hören. Ich kann nur andere Sprachen lesen, Ich nicht die gesprochene Sprache zu verstehen.

    Eine gemischte Sprache Raid gemeinschaft würde mehr auf textbasierte Kommunikation angewiesen.

    (TL;DR in English: a mixed-language raid force would have to rely more on text-based communication.)
  7. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    That may be, which is the one way. But many things are my TeamSpeak already scarce. Scripts with 6 seconds time windows for reactions.

    I as tank have specials running only 1 or 4 seconds, this must seamlessly mesh in many situations.

    Since I have to write any time texts and to give written instructions or to make announcements.

    There are also the extreme chat and spell lags from 2 to 10 and more seconds.

    This is simply no longer playable, it does so already only little fun but when you can not even entertain reasonable, but silently running around and writes, then you can sit right play an offline game because there is no difference for more.

    And that is at least in the home language and no lag.

    In groups instances to item farming like this be feasible only with fun that has nothing more to do.

    Raids to coordinate so is almost impossible, especially in today's high prerequisites and tiny maximum reaction times which you may have.
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  8. Armageddoux Active Member

    why not ?

    If you write in EQ2.ini file : cl_language english the logs are written in english even on the Storms server (on Valor too of course).

    why not having a cl_language french (or german) command in EQ2.ini (or elsewhere) to write all the quests descriptions, dialogs and so on in French (or in German) instead of only the logs. Actually this is the server which is saying to the game which translation package he must use, this is a nonsense, all the new games have this possibility : let's choose your own language while executing the same program on the same server.

    Of course, while grouping or raiding this has no effect and players of differents nationalities have to find a way to understand each other and I do not even tell of voice chat :(
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  9. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I will not count any eggs until they are hatched...in other words, I will not look forward to this new content until it is actually pushed through, and that all depends upon a lot of things...such as do we have to pay additional money to access this content if we are already paying a monthly fee and purchased the current expansion. I'm not interested in purchasing 'campaigns'...did not purchase the last one either, until they put it on a really good sale, at a very minimal cost. One expac a year is about the extent of my spending.

    I think even more so, the duck zone is a joke. How many people can actually count on ever getting into this zone in the first place, with such a rare spawn of the instance popping up per day, and literally hundreds of people playing the game? All this duck zone has done is cause Thalumbra to lag heavily due to the enormous number of people congregating there in the 'hopes' of getting into this zone.

    As for No Trade items...I say get rid of the No Trade tag entirely and make all items at very minimal...Heirloom, though I would vote to even eliminate the Heirloom tag for most items.

    Very unfair that people can 'auction' the items while they are still in the chest to be looted, to people who did absolutely nothing in the zone to earn said items, yet people who would prefer to sell on the broker cannot do so because of the Heirloom tags on said items. The only difference I see is that one player type is being catered to, while another player type is being discriminated against by not being allowed to sell in their preferred method of doing so.

    Either remove the Heirloom tags, or don't allow people to auction these items at all, to people who were not actually there to run the zone when said item drops. Not meaning to be negative here, but this is how I view things as they currently stand, and I'm sure I am not the only one.

    I do actually look forward to new content...just not getting my hopes up for anything spectacular...though the most current expansion is by far a wonderful addition to the game, and I do truly appreciate the attention that was given to both crafters and adventurer's alike.
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  10. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Well that's easy to answer simply by reading this thread.
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  11. Thunuderfueler Member

    So the Gunderbad Orcs are coming to town.
  12. Julianos New Member

    Sorry, but I experienced it all before. I play EQ2 for more than 10 years now. Started on the German pve-server Valor, switched to Talendor, the german pvp-server as it launched and had a great time there. We built up a great guild, spent tons of time organizing everything and created a strong community. And then, one day... they merged the server with an US server. But a merge for many people is just a shut-down, so let's name it this way. Many of my mates quit EQ2 because of English, the rest of frustration. The guild was destroyed as almost all other guilds. Just a very few German players kept on playing pvp for a little while. I think this was in 2007.

    Same thing will happen on Valor now. Lots of people will leave Norrath for good. Guilds & raid forces will die, friendships will end, many things will not be possible anymore. An era ends... You don't merge, you shut us down! So, that's where my "rage" and frustration comes from.

    For a short while there will be "quit a few" people from different nations on the merged server. But the amount of new German players starting to play EQ2 will drop from "a few" to "almost none". And with the foreseeable problems the total amount of players will not stay high for long.

    I talked to a couple of friends today and it seems the biggest question of the upcoming weeks will be: Which other game could we all play in the future to meet again. It's just sad.

    One more things: I am not complaining about the price of EQ2 in general, I am just saying: If a company sells a product, the product has to keep the promised features. Raids are a major feature of EQ2 and with the major lags serious raiding has not been possible for a loooong time on our server. And an totally unfinished xpac like ToT is also not keeping the promise. Tons of bugs don't make the deal as well... Daybreak, we payed, but you didn't deliver!
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  13. Nockturnal Well-Known Member

    This is one of those times we wish the FAQ's could be released before the announcement. After reading this thread I feel for our Int'l Players. This news is disheartening. It's not like server merges in the US where everyone speaks and types (for the most part) English (sometimes when players have had to many drinks its hard to tell what the **** they are saying). I sure hope you have a well thought out plan Daybreak. Please take care of our brother/sister players, our community, for we are all EQ2. And if for some reason there is only so much that can be done, I hope our Int'l Players will at least give it their best shot.
  14. suka Well-Known Member

    12.99 euro a month- less than us- that only equals 14.30 in american dollars. we pay 14.99.

    yes lag is bad - for all of us. if you read the forums, it is bad on us servers too. especially in raid zones.

    i so agree with you. so glad you spoke up
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  15. suka Well-Known Member

    most of us have experience with people who speak broken english. yours is better than a lot of people i know. some actually have a lot of problems communicating without injecting some of their native language into it.

    most of us don't use teamspeak or any other third party talk programs. we usually use the built in ingame voice chat. but i can certainly understand you and most others in the game for whom english is not the first language. but as said before, there are guilds and other groups for people who don't speak english. no need to worry about not speaking a language. as long as the npcs can be understood, that is what really matters
  16. suka Well-Known Member

    for all of you english speaking people who didn't understand this:

    Many role playing guilds only communicate in raids using text (/ r, / gsay, and / tell). I fully understand that it is easier to read a language than to speak or to understand by listening to it. I can only read other languages, I do not understand the spoken language

    and yes, you are right. i have found it easier to understand and catch on to written language while different dialects often throw me
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  17. Nockturnal Well-Known Member

    Good point Suka and one I had not thought of.
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  18. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    In the past there was mention of giving people with multiple accounts some sort of break. Yes there is gifting of expansions but there was a big catch. In order to get the altar you must preorder the expansion. However, gifting was not available until after the content went live so those of us had to decide miss out on the preorder item or get a break on our extra accounts. There has been no sort of option for saving on memberships for multiple accounts. I know there is a way to tell if accounts are one household since there was a one free heroic toon per house hold restriction in a specific situation. It was very frustrating when I had to pay full price on the expansion for all my accounts. Now that I finally broke down and got all accounts so they can all do the same content...now the normally free game updates for all is only for members even if you have the latest expansion. I spend too much money on this game with the house, appearance, mounts, potions, etc. items on marketplace and getting collections editions, etc. I understand Daybreak needs to make money but they did say they would try to get multiple account people some sort of discounted options with membership costs...never happened. Companies do need to balance making money with not annoying their customers so they don't want to spend any more money. Very unhappy now.
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  19. suka Well-Known Member

    there is a good way to tell. most are on the same debit/credit card. all of mine are even on the same email. you are right. it is very difficult to maintain more than one account so some of my toons who are over 90 on some accounts don't get as much playtime because they don't have the needed expansions and don't have any breaks
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  20. Sapryze Member

    Hey, Daybreak,(not devs, the owners), you paying attention yet? It would appear the majority of your player base is pretty fed up with you. Just from me, you have lost a recurring sub and MINIMUM $500 a year in market purchases.(That is a very conservative estimate of my marketplace spending before the game got ganked.) It's not just one voice whining - WE ARE LEGION, and we are roaring. Its almost too late for you. Take a look at whats coming soon ( the best one is from a former soe dev and it will crush you), act now or be lost forever.
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