February 2016 Producer's Letter

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  1. Eufearia Member

    This is absolutely my favorite game and I was finally able to try out all access. I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the perks. I can't wait to see what's coming next. With the last kid heading off to college, I will probably have more time to play (mostly to help relieve the empty nest issues) and will likely pay for the membership for more than a month.

    I started out with silver accounts so I have 4 characters each on my two main accounts. Most of them are maxed out on the levels so there's no going up from there without buying the expansion. I'm not complaining. I still have tons of things to do and see. I have several accounts and I would like to see all those other characters have all the cool all access perks.

    All my accounts are on the same e-mail. So going back to this question, is there a way to get a membership discount to bring all the accounts onto the same all access membership. I'm not suggesting having all accounts with ONE $14.99 membership fee. That just wouldn't be fair. So maybe a half price fee each to drop other accounts into the membership?

    I also like the idea of tradeable station cash. Just saying.
  2. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Folks already filtering in for the Twitch Livestream, still like 15 Min til starts :) twitch.tv/everquest2
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  3. Thand Well-Known Member

    I want a Duck Merc
  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm...what I did with a few of my Silvers that wound up merging/being consolidated/whatever from the nine servers (I never played on Nagafen, even on Silver) down to the three + Antonia Bayle, was I took advantage of the free character transfer tokens to scoot eight of those folks onto one server as a temporary holding action (from wherever they wound up over to Skyfire, where I'd gotten one Gold toon as an anchor). Then I ruthlessly "re-created" them on Skyfire (after Trading what items I could to my Gold anchor to hold for their "descendants"), including a few that were already in their 20s, either in adventuring or crafting, figuring I could make them up again fairly easily (though some needed "aliases" since their names were taken in Skyfire). Probably won't help your situation with the maxxed level ones, though. :-/

    Are you looking to kick it up a notch from Silver to Gold on each of them? The only way I know of to get a discount is to apply for more than one month at a time; the cheapest way is to do it for a year at a time, which only works out to $9.99/month that way.

    who wonders: isn't there a way to "gift" Station Cash, or just the Marketplace items?
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  6. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I haven't found a way to "gift" Station Cash, Uwk, but many -not all- Marketplace items can be gifted. I wish character slots could be gifted... :cool:
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  7. rutro Active Member

    I obviously do not know what all the people are using in regards to PC, laptop, Internet ISP speed package, CPU speed, hard drive speed, GPU etc. With that said, I have been playing off and on since 09 and can honestly say that I have maybe legitimately lagged less than 5 times. That was before i got my SSD, I7 processor with a middle of the road Nvidia GPU. Since then- i have not lagged 1 time. I take calls all day from customers that after 4 brand new modems...they do not understand that the modem is not causing the issue. Wi-Fi interference or location is. I know people that stuff their WI-Fi routers/modems in entertainment centers and wonder why it is lagging. I am definitely not saying that the server might lag every now and then. But, i would like to see what kinds of rigs these people are trying to play a MMO on. Pentium 2 processor, wireless, with a slow **** speed package from their ISP? I am more apt to believe most people that think the server is lagging is really their 1999 PC.
  8. Spindle Well-Known Member

    Rutro, I am as perplexed as you. I can count the number of times I've lagged out on one hand and I've been through various hardware and OS combinations since 2004.

    Per comments posted I'd say a large number of posters play at work and are subject to the company firewall(s); a number of posters appear to be students and are subject to the school firewall(s) and policies. A number of people cannot afford to pay for the game so could possibly be parasites on neighbors WiFi and or just any WiFi they can find to connect.
    A number of players run social media sites, email, ebay, stock brokers (can't afford to play the game but can afford to play the market) grab and post videos constantly; play another MMO at the same time, etc. etc. These super multi-taskers would never accept responsibility for their own systems so, of course, will blame any, and all, of the sites to which they are connected.

    Other players refuse to update/upgrade their systems even tho' operating system and video card manufacturers have stated there is no support for the older systems. Once again, the responsibility belongs to the player to figure out the workarounds. Developers can no longer develop a game if they have to maintain archaic machinery. Yes, I once owned a Jaguar MkII and know all about pouring money into an ever widening whirlpool of no return. A couple of my friends now run Jagulets for the modern engine. I shudder just typing that sentence.

    Players used to help each other out when there were difficulties. The ones having problems would actually list system info and what was running in the background. When that stopped happening, players helping players pretty much 'lagged' out.

    All ranting aside when players DO help players and there is success to get players running it is a very, very beautiful thing.
  9. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Folks forget how old their "new PC" is :)

    As an aside, we do have Wifi, but I dropped Ethernet for the 2nd PC long ago. ;)
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  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Valid points, but considering how many people have had issues with this old game with the less-than-robust game engine ("We'll be perfectly fine, as long as single core CPUs come out that can work at 7-9 GHz and can handle absolutely every aspect of the game at once by themselves! :D"), playing with top of the line gaming rigs that play other, latest/greatest games on them with little->no issues and have ever since WinXP (and such players have been very good about upgrading everything the minute the latest/greatest hardware came out) and since then, I'm not buying this completely.

    Granted, there have been grumbles about Win10, but that's to be completely expected, imho; like Win7 Home Edition before it (though it hasn't been until after the server consolidation that I had any real issues with my Win7 with EQ2), Win10 doesn't seem to want to play nice with anything that isn't expressly 64-bit. But believe it or not, it's not always OUR fault, either; I'd like to think that many of us that have had issues in the past would know enough to turn off other things in the background (/raising_paw), and not waste time with a game at work if we weren't currently testers for SOE/DBG. Or steal. >:-/

    who's been hit by Memory Leakage Issues more times than comfortably countable
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Heh! You and me both! :D

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