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  1. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    While I loathe pasting the entirety of a writeup from my site here on the forums, since my site just went bellyup again due to someone/something eating our bandwidth, I want to get this information out there because two types of mobs you can be sent for are bugged, and the writeup includes details (and the detail about how you can get a fresh assignment if you get stuck on them). Be glad I had this in a browser on-screen when the site stopped letting me make edits ...

    Familiars Wild

    Steward Aelin in Qeynos and Steward Kres in Freeport now grant a daily mission that can be completed to earn a current season familiar crate.
    The above is part of the patch notes of the content hitting live servers on Feb 22. It hit Test at the close of business on the 21st, so we didn't have time to test it before the final client build was done. The below is how it currently works. It isn't neccessarily be how it "should" work, or how it "will" work after a patch or two. It is just "how it is now" so folks can actually try the quest for themselves.
    Why would you want to do this quest for a season 3 familiar if you already have a really good familiar? Because GU105 added the ability to level your current familiar by "consuming" season 3 familiars, and free season 3 familiars are therefore a happy thing, eh?
    The NPCs that you need are in SQeynos (near the guildhall (/way 455, -28, 173 or so) and in SFP outside the banker/broker building (/way -203, -56, 162). There will be no quest feather.
    The first time you talk to them, there will be a considerable bit of chatter before you are handed a house item book, On Founding the Conservatory (lore, no trade). Do what you wish with the book, then hail them again to get the quest.

    • You will be handed an "empty familiar cage". Ignore the flavor text on it, as it will say it is only for amphibians, and it is for any creature type.
    • It will list as a level 5 tradeskill quest. It is really an adventuring quest, and the low level lets everyone get it.
    • It will give you a random creature type to trap. EVERY single creature that can be tamed by a beastlord will suddenly highlight as a quest target, but you need the one that matches what your quest helper says. (Canine, bat, etc.) Use the wiki list if you're not sure what fits into a category (for example, fearstalkers are mystic, NOT feline).
    • The mob can be any level as long as it is the proper mob type. You need to aggro but NOT kill the mob, so a no-damage ability is a "good thing". If you're finding yourself killing the stuff, remove damage shields, find something no-damage (root, snare, stun) to aggro it. If all else fails, get yourself a level 10 hex doll for pulling as a high-level adventurer. Stuff your combat pets away or park them, too!
    • If you delete the quest due to not being able/willing to trap that mob type, you will be waiting "around 10 minutes" before you can get it again. (For example, most mystical mobs are higher level, so if you are level 5, you will want something more doable.)
    • Once you finish the quest, we do not know when you will be able to get the quest again. We do not know if the "daily" part of it is on an 18-hour timer, a 24-hour timer, etc., and cannot test that part in the hours before this goes live.
    • Grey mobs work, as long as it isn't one of the bugged categories listed below
    • If you are going after a linked mob, you will find the rest of the encounter turns grey (broken encounter). Even broken, though, you can trap anything else in the encounter that is of the proper mob type, then will have to kill, feign off, etc. any other mobs in the encounter that cannot be captured.)

    Now for the bad news. We found issues with getting quest updates for some of the mob types. Since it is random what mob type that you get, and we were testing these at different player levels, it has taken a bit to narrow down the issues. Here is what we have found so far:

    • Avian
    • Bats
    • Bears
    • Bovid
    • Boars*
    • Canines
    • Drake - this means butterfly, not drakota type drakes, so skyfire drake, fae drake and such.
    • Felines
    • Insects
    • Mystical (tested on fearstalkers and manticores)
    • Reptiles
    • Rodents - tested on rats and armadillos
    • Simians - siamang in PoP worked, as did gorillas in Timorous Deep (brute models do NOT work, just monkeys and apes)
    *Boars are NOT plentiful in the lands, and if you're one of several people on your server that need them on a given day, you may be at it for a while before you can get 11 updates.

    • Amphibians (above 100, below 100, they just wouldn't update), tried turtles in several zones
    • Aquatic (tested above 100), tried crocs and crabs in more than one place
    Warder categories were were not assigned, so could not test:
    • Dire (Raptors, dire bears, dire wolves, brutes(?))
    • Enchanted (hellhounds, flying snakes)
    Again, we don't know yet if the above two are offered, and if they are offered, if they work or not.
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  2. Finora Well-Known Member

    Thank you Niami and the others who were able to get on last night and give this some testing!
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  3. Majesty Active Member

    Thank you Niami for everything you do for us! :)
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  4. Alyndrys Well-Known Member

    Thank you , thank you :)
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  5. Pengana Active Member

    Just did enchanted, and worked well on hellhounds. Thanks Niami for your awesome writeup!
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  6. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Done on Fallen Gate (TLE)

    Enchanted - Blightrats in Rivervale
    Simians - Monkeys in Maj'dul
    Rodents - Rats in Thieves way
    Bats - Bats in Darklight woods
    Bears - Thundering Steppes
    Reptiles - Basilisk North of Oracle Tower (Antonica)

    You can't do "Drake" until EoF in a couple of weeks.

    Hope its okay I update here as I go through my characters.
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  7. Finora Well-Known Member

    Lucky me! I got Aquatic and since I couldn't test last night I decided to test today.

    Crocs in Timorous Deep don't even register as creatures apparently. It gives the message "this device will only work on capturable creatures" if you try.

    Others around just poof when you use the cage.

    Hopefully they'll get a patch in for this soon.

    And thanks again Niami & the rest.
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  8. elflover Well-Known Member

    For mystical the rustfiends on butcherblock beaches worked. And a big thank you for the drake note, was thinking drakota drake not ones you can find in grater faydark. Thank you!
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  9. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Thank you Niami, you are a treasure.

    And please for the love of the Gods, please ask for help with all of this, I believe every person that uses your site would be more than happy to help you with screens, write-ups that you can edit before posting, or probably anything else we could do to make your life easier.

  10. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    This was no-notice testing after the patch hit Test last night. I burbled in the /test (test.test) channel and got help with the testing in the form of several folks willing to alt-hop, report findings and so on. It still took several hours, but we got things mostly sorted out, as you can see.

    Sadly, I was still adding notes to it when the bandwidth thing hit. Awaiting response to our trouble ticket now.
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  11. Coriel Active Member

    Dire works fine (I did raptors in SF).
  12. Sweetling New Member

    I have been using a beastlord warder guide to help with finding some of the trickier types. So far its list of mobs hasn't let me down. Posting here as per Mums request :)


    Sorry if this goes up weird, I am not actually awake...edited cos I said away not awake. I think I proved my point
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  13. zelldeb New Member

    The "boars" in zek the scourge waste as well as those inside the Scourge Keep zone DO NOT work for this quest.
  14. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Yeah, mostly folks are resorting to pigs in Thundermist Village, which is a slowwwwww way to finish that quest. There aren't many, at all ... https://eq2wire.com/beastlord-warders/12/

    Meanwhile, I can say that the quest does not become available with a new day, but is apparently on some timer. We don't know what the timer is, but my folks who did the quest in the evening last night can't get it yet today. Will check again after a nap.
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  15. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    Dire wolves in Withered Lands do not work...
  16. Finora Well-Known Member

    I got enchanted on a lower level alt and flying snakes in The Caves do not work. I've added them to my list.
  17. zelldeb New Member

    i got bovid the second time, i used deer in antonica first and discovered that after 2 or 3 of the same kind of mob i quit getting updates, so the 2 types of deer in archers glade would only give me 6 updates, i then used cows, and camels in PoF to get the other 5 i needed. I also noticed that the npc camels in both ss and maj dul, while having quest icons over their heads would not give updates since they were not attackable
  18. Jaeded Well-Known Member

    Not sure if they work (haven't got boar yet) but try the boars in the caves in Moors, just a thought.
  19. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    warboars in sullons spire (challenge) did not have the quest icon and thus wont work. deleted quest and got dire, raptors in sundred frontier worked fine :)

    2nd toon....plumewits in PoP dont count as birds, but, do have the quest icon. o_O
  20. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Bovid - Cows and Deers in commonlands work on TLE.

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