Familiars Wild (new quest)

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Niami DenMother, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Lavanda New Member

    Dire wolves in Loping plains
  2. Herne Member

    Enchanted creature, A Pond Glider at Crater Pond in Antonica work.
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  3. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    works: volaserpents in PoP, as enchanted
  4. moonwitch New Member

    For the low levels, Snarlers in Darklight Wood counted for Dire updates
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  5. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    flame walkers work for reptile, in the lava pits near the sootyfooty quest area of lavastorm
  6. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    I used camels in Sinking Sands, Pillars of Flame and Maj'Dul. Worked fine, as soon as I figured out how to stop one-shotting them! (Mentored down to 45.)
  7. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    insect - confirmed- dusk leapers, nek crawler, shade spinners....all spiders, most places u go in nektulos forest :)

    bovid: antonica: glade deer works, yet antonican stag fails, despite quest icon and being a known bovid warder.

    ooh, shadowy stags work, too! ;)
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  8. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    The quest is NOT being offered on a daily basis. A /bug has been submitted.
  9. Raeven Active Member

    I'm not getting it today either, also submitted /bug report.
  10. Finora Well-Known Member

    I was actually just coming to ask if anyone has been able to get it a second day. She basically is still just telling me to come back tomorrow.
  11. Finora Well-Known Member

    Don't know if this is an issue with beastlords' taming or not but here's critters that seem like they should work, but don't & probable groups based on beastlord taming categories.

    toxic cobras in Sinking Sands (reptile)
    Crocs in Timorous Deep (aquatic)
    swamp constrictors in Feerrott (reptile)
    cave serpents in The Caves (enchanted)
    virulid conquerors in The Withered Lands (insect) --this is the flying ones, the beetly ones work

    These do not work to update.
  12. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    I couldn't find any cats that worked for feline; any suggestions?
  13. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Lions in Frostfang sea, lions in Commonlands, snow leopards in everfrost, etc
  14. Finora Well-Known Member

    The ...whatever the name of the cats are in Withered Lands work as well
  15. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    canine- guard wolves in freeport work, black wolves in commonlands DO NOT :( yet they have the bag/quest icon

    shadowy snarlers and adolescent snarlers in darklight wood do not work.

    frothing snarlers and a slavering pup (more wolves) do not work. all these have icons like they "should" work.

    a coldain tracking wolf in thurgadin harbor works, keep in mind u will lose faction if u kill the guards.

    a thurgadin war wolf works. a scavenging war wolf works. it would appear they need to have wolf in the name, to work.
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  16. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    boar - bentor the mighty in halas, a sick pig (3) in somborn village of loping plains, and a pig (2) in windstalker village all work.

    the pigs in thundermist village were unattackable and thus, would not work for me.
  17. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    Well. interesting detail that one "must be engaged in combat"
    wait? "combat"??!?!
    to TRAP an animal in a CAGE?!!?!

    umm, no.

    animals are generally either lured into a cage with bait (i.e. food) or are tranquilized at a distance and dragged in; with larger operations, animals are herded via fear.
    but "combat"? really?

    {/e wonders if whoever came up with this quest EVER watched the Discovery, Nature, History, etc. channels}

    so,.. why is this a Level Five(5) quest? I went out into Antonica looking for boars, and birds, and fish, oh my!
    The ONLY beasties that will NOT be one-shot by a L110 PoP-equiped player are those in PoM and beyond.
    and, oh wait,. there are no Boars in there that I have found.
    so can this be read as "Time Sink" for more duplicate, read: useless, familiars?
    As I rather expect it will take 2,000 familiar cannibalizations to gain one level? or is it 3,500?
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  18. Dailyn New Member

    Niami DenMother, I just want to say thank you for your years of supporting EQ2. I am so sorry there are stupid
    people out there that messed with your webpage but truly I appreciate you and all you've done through the years

    THANK YOU!!!
    Dailyn Goldenvalle
    Fallen Gate
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  19. Dailyn New Member

    I had bats for my first quest - I went to Obol plains and there are obol soulgliders and obol soulwings
    they are agro -- I didn't hit them at all just grabbed their agro and headed for the ground. Clicked on
    trap -- took about 10 minutes to get all 11 for the quest
    (this was my 103 Warden on Maj Dul)

    Dailyn Goldenvalle
    Fallen Gate
  20. Jinxxiee New Member

    On FG server it worked great for me the first day, got rodents and captured armadillos in commonlands. But now everytime I try to get the quest it keeps telling me come back tomorrow, I did it 2 days ago and it still says come back tomorrow.

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