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  1. Desetibrat Active Member

    If you are on Maj'Dul and you are one of many unlucky & unhappy players that have way too many bags and simply don't know what to do with all of them, first let me tell you, I hear you! And my condolences! Life is just not fair, I know...

    Second, after long consideration, and since I really feel generous today, I decided I will do a great sacrifice and help you out this one time. I will take one bag off your shoulders if you really, really suffer that much.

    My character name: Vino.

    You will thank me later!

  2. Desetibrat Active Member

    Well you had you chances and you blew it!
    I'm now revoking my offer, crafting my own ;-)
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  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    LOL! Good luck! :)

    What slot numbers are you up to now? :)

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  4. Desetibrat Active Member

    I just made bunch of 8 slots, for both characters and both banks and few extra to get to lvl 15 when i found out how/where to get more recipes and I found out, I can make 12 slots bags lol. 12 slots will be plenty or storage room for me for now. Just need to get me some waxed leather pelt. I thought I have all rares but apparently I have all from tier 1, BUT raw waxed leather. *sigh* :D

    I'm still figuring out everything so I'm even slower. That hate town was depressing, had hard time seeing things and definitely could not coordinate those tunnels. I was constantly being lost between crafting stations and merchant and banker. Now I figured out that I can move, well already did, got to Freeport, it is much better here. At level 19 I finally figure out how to get and start using mount.

    Check this out, took me to get to level 12 to finally figure out, that those blue areas on the map is not water, it is my questing area, you dummie! :oops: You wouldn't believe how many hours I spent searching and looking for few things... LOL LOL LOL

    So i'm well on my way to SLOWLY start moving forward. I like slowly though, my fingers, my computer and my brain are way way to slow for anything else than very slow solo move forward. ;) Plus not that much free time...
  5. Svenone Well-Known Member

    I don't want to steal your enjoyment of crafting your own containers, or I would give you some 44 slot boxes or bags. 12 slot bags, you will probably find, is small.
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  6. Desetibrat Active Member

    No, thank you very much for your generosity, but I should be OK. As a Tailor I will be crafting them bigger and bigger as I grow. And since end game is for me when fun stops, I better go slow and enjoy on the way to the end game, so no rush for me ;)

    I do have questions here and there, though. Is it OK to just ask here, in this subject, or should I create new subject for each new question? For this time I will take a chance and post it here:

    My designated home was, that hatred filled dark town, can't recall the name. With the help of the quest, I become a citizen of Freeport and I also got me a house there. But if I click on "Take me home" icon/spell, it takes me to that first town, not to my new home, Freeport. My question is, is there a way, to set Freeport as my "Take me home" destination?
  7. Mermut Well-Known Member

    You can set your 'home point' in any city that matches your alignemnt. There is a set waypoint ability (under abilities) in your knowledge book that you can use to change your bind-point if you want to.
  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Right on! Type 'K' for Knowledge Book; that should be the default. :)

    And the town that hate built is Neriak; kind of a sucky place to start, actually. I almost always either start in Chrykori Village (the lowbee zone for Gorowyn/Timorous Deep) or maybe in the village just around the bend from Neriak (Hate's Envy? something like that) and still get my first house, crafting, etc. done in Gorowyn, simply because it's always been easier there.

    Now that Freeport has gotten crafting stations and fuel sellers (as well as the Banker and Broker) right there in South Freeport as you wind up there from taking the World Bell, life has gotten SOOO much easier for folks that have herpetophobia (fear of lizards); it's really the most conveniently accessible city of all of them now, Good and Evil alike. ;->

    If/when you make a Good character, one of the other really nicely accessible cities for the Banker, City Merchants, etc. is actually Kelethin; when you come in via the World Bell, if you're facing toward the main area of the city, take the ramp leading up to the left. That will be like the main "business center," with the Bank building, the Collection quest person, etc. all right there. If you go slightly straight ahead and then down the ramp to the right from the World Bell, to another tree platform (if you wind up at ground level, you hadn't gone far enough) and then hang a left and up, you'll come to the lowest level housing (TWO rooms, not one; the stoopid devs never did get around to renaming those properly) and, if memory serves, the crafting acorns on the same platform. Most of the rest of Kelethin is REALLY confusing until you get the hang of it, in much the same way that Neriak is, only with different levels of ramps and tree platforms instead of tunnels. Be VERY careful there and don't run too fast until you can see where you're going; some of those falls are lethal. :-/

    One thing that will always help, wherever you are, is hitting the 'M' key (for Map; again, should be default) and looking for those red books with feathers at different map locations; those are your quest complete folks, if you haven't figured that out already. This actually helps (even if it's redundant by now ;->) to find the crafting questline folks you need to talk to, to set you off on that questline.

    Are you doing the crafting (also called "tradeskilling," but "crafting" has fewer syllables, so I like it :D) questline that gets you to New Halas yet? That's where you go once you've finished the first crafting questline; you'll probably get a notice about it in your mailbox. New Halas, up in Frostfang Sea, is considered a "Good" city, though neutral (which means, the guards won't automatically kill even an Evil toon there); that means you won't get access to your Bank if you're Evil, though there are some folks that might actually sell you things (mostly the fuel sellers in the crafting area, which is nice) and buy stuff from you (another reason I really, really like Gorowyn; those Sarnak folks will accept anything from anyone and deal with them, no matter the alignment. All you have to do is not be stupid and try attacking their guards or whatever. ;->). Look for folks who are cheering you when you approach. :)

    Once you've finished the Frostfang Sea/New Halas crafting questline, there will be a stack of recipes on the table in the tailor shop where you sabotage things (if you're Evil), entitled something like Ironforge Exchange Basic Recipes. Go ahead and take those, no one will mind. It'll give you recipes for three cool house items: a Simple Spinning Wheel (cool for a Tailor! :D), a Simple Roll of Fabric (also cool for a Tailor) and a Stack of Coldain Plates, which can be kind of rasty looking, but let's face it, you're probably getting the leftovers from the crate you broke (not sure how that explains it for the Good folks getting that recipe, but maybe the blue dwarf Coldain don't mind eating from cracked plates). ;->

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  9. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I can't be respectful, sorry. Sending bags in. I can't see this post and let a crafter go without bigger bags. lol
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  10. Desetibrat Active Member

    Thank you, will do!
  11. Desetibrat Active Member

    Thank you so much for all the time you took to write all these very helpful tips! I did quite some reading but only few I knew but mostly you wrote I didn't know. I will check these things out! Thanks again.

    I finally decided to figure out teleporting (or whatever is name, portals) Then I went to that Isle where Qho is. Since I'm in no rush, I'm going to do all the harvesting quests. Start is simple. Bring this and that. Cool, guess what, my bags are full already of all this stuff, so first quest will be easyyyyy!!! Well, khm, those I already gathered don't count! Life is so unfair!!! :)

    Yeah, I'm figuring things out. I crafted some 30-40 bags to get from Tailer lvl 14 to 15. What?!? And there are players enjoying crafting? Seriously!?! There must be something else! And it is, work orders, once I find out those I got Tailor 20 in no time. Now is actually too easy lol

    Btw, I choose necro because I'm bad slow player and I needed the best one. And boy it is easy for now. While I'm harvesting my pet is killing, what a nice combo, I love it!
  12. Desetibrat Active Member

    So you were the one!!! Having hard time with authority and following orders... :p

    Thank you very much, but don't send any more. I'm really doing good with bags. By the time I got to the email, you were already off the server. I couldn't answer you back, F2P here, sorry. So I'm thanking you here. And yeah, when you need a company hit me up, while I'm level -1, my pet (tank) is level 20 and it is doing quite good, I'm impressed. And necro is really powerful. It is easy to kill few levels higher, even names with level or two higher. Once I tried and survived (I think on the same level - 18) where it was meant for a small group. Well at least these lower levels are easy I'm sure it will get soon much trickier down the road especially with my F2P gear, but no worries, I don't care for end game I enjoy going from start toward end game and enjoy leveling and questing.

    Oh, I already joined the Guild or I would follow your suggestion. Thanks again, but seriously, I'm all set now ;)
    Too bad next few days I will not have much time (if any at all) for the game. It really is a fun one!
  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Never throw out extra bags; if nothing else, you can upgrade the ones you have in your Bank as well as the House Vault. In your personal house(s), as you're getting ready to leave and go outside, the button on the lower right will open your House Vault, and you have 6 bag/strong box slots in there, which will accept any size (I like using Thick Bear Hide Backpacks; they're 46 slotters each). What I've done with mine is the first bag is for Nights of the Dead (Hallowe'en, basically) holiday stuff; the next is for Frostfell (Christmas); the third is a combo of Erollisi Day (Valentine's), Brewday (St. Patrick's), and Bristlebane's Day (April Fool's); the fourth is a continuation of Bristlebane's, since there's quite a few things there, and Tinkerfest (Norrathian holiday celebrating all things Gnomish and steampunk-y) and Heroes' Festival (anniversary of EQ2's first release, around about Thanksgiving time-ish). The last two are for more generic house items, things to feed one's plants or Burynai digger with, etc.; whatever you want. What I've been doing with my oldest toons recently is just trying to pare down the stuff in my House Vault to things I can't make, that are either merchant-bought or quest rewards, and they're all of them house items. :)

    Glad I helped with my advice and that I wasn't being too redundant for stuff you already knew! If you want to level up your crafting quickly as a low-level, the initial Tutorial questline (and the New Halas one after that) is brilliant for that, but you've gotten to the level 20 threshold, so you should be good to go. :)

    And yeah, Qho's easy in the early stages, but I don't think there's a one of us here that hadn't wished he'd been set up to ask for like 5 shrub harvests, 5 den harvests, 5 fish school harvests, etc., rather than specific things. It does get worse, rest assured ("You want 50 WHAT?!"). X-P

    And yep, if I'm going to be going out there as someone in long underwear (i.e., Cloth "armor"), I always like a pet along, be it a twin of mine (Illusionist), something called from the elements (Conjurer) or dragged up from the grave (Necro); I have all three of those, and they rock. What I personally don't care for is the Coercer, who can entice any sort of critter/person/whatever (NPC types) into being a temporary pet. Heavy emphasis on "temporary"; whatever you've coerced WILL attack you once it wears off, no matter how non-aggro it was before. :-/

    this player's first toon; Berserkers wear Plate armor and have a lot of Area-of-Effect attacks :D
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  14. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Don't forget the Hungry Halfling on the Thundering Steppes Docks, he does love to eat. And those extra bags come in handy to use for broker bags until you can get display bags.
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  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    and if you like crafting also help that adorable little ratongs called Raffik.
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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Heh...Raffik uses those materials that Qho insists you get him. ;->

    Qho will take his -- quota -- heh! of whatevers (5, 10, 15, etc.), but whatever's left (like allllll those Baubbleshire Cabbages and Frog Legs you WILL get from that first adventure with him) is yours to keep. From that first Qho quest, hang on to the extra sunfish, the white tea, the black coffee, the roots, and the deer meat you'll get, because you will get a chance to use those for City Festival crafting quests. The festivals show up for the first week of every month in a new location, in one of six cities, so there's two Festivals per city every year:

    January/July: Gorowyn, in the lower cavern, just up the ramps from the World Bell; special stuff includes Red Marble house items

    February/August: Kelethin, on the "ground floor" (take the ramp down to the ground level from the World Bell); special stuff includes Polished Wood house items

    March/September: Neriak, outside the main door/gate area, so Good folks can get to it too (if they're careful ;->); special stuff includes Blue Marble house items

    April/October (the next one coming up): Qeynos, outside the main gate to North Qeynos (the last one before the gnolls and the aqueduct), so Evil folks can get to it too (if they're careful ;->); special stuff includes White Marble house items

    May/November: Freeport, out in The Commonlands just outside the Crossroads on one of the major roads leading in/out of it (as long as you don't get too close to the Crossroads with a Good toon, you should be fine :D); special stuff includes Black Marble house items

    June/December: New Halas, in the city itself, right by the big shrine/statue to Erollisi Marr; special stuff includes Polished Ice (and stone) house items

    The festival itself is pretty easy to see, with their brightly colored canopies and the big, loud, gabby Barbarian caller walking around nearby. The merchants sell all kinds of stuff, up to and including lovely house items unique to each city, but a lot of it requires City Tokens to buy. You can get those by doing crafting writs and other things, but you can get more at once doing the quests that a Troll gal there has to offer. Do the one where she's bemoaning the lack of food and drink for her people, and you can get 4 Tokens (since you're F2P) at each turn-in to her of the food and drink you make for them (two each of food/drink). You can do this with 2nd and 7th level recipes, which are free if you've done the initial, 1st-9th level crafting questline; you get the recipe books as quest rewards. You can do other tasks for her, but the payoff isn't as good for the time you spend. I usually do Black Coffee, Deer Steak, Sunfish Roll, and White Tea, but that's just me. ;->
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  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    If you do get interested in decorating your house(s) some day, there are few finer sites out there than www.EQ2Furniture.com and www.eq2.eqtraders.com. EQ2 Furniture is a sort of "clearing-house" site that lists literally everything you can put in a house and how to get it, including what recipe books they might come from, if it's stuff you can make. Denmum's Traders site has all sorts of advice on how to get stuff, what events are coming up, etc. I highly recommend both, and use them a lot. :)

    Word of warning re: EQ2 Furniture; it's pretty picky about the name of an item, so there's a lot of categories and sub-categories to choose from if you know what sort of thing you want to find, like a Light or a Table. Or if you know sort of what part of the name is, if we had an item called a Three-Handled Flying Credenza, for instance, and all you remembered was "Credenza," just type that in the Item Name line. ;->

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  18. Desetibrat Active Member

    First, before I answer all those terrific tips, thank you so much, writing them down, lots of stuff on the inet is outdated, and here I'm getting relevant and important info. This forum title should be changed now into something, that new players would be hinted that there is a lot of info for them.

    Now, let me tell you what happened yesterday, I logged in for a few minutes, just to turn in first Qho quest, I had ~ 15 gold I got by selling unneeded stuff up to level 20 adventuring. Quest reward was double that gold. I was surprised how much I got comparing to all past 20 levels combined.

    Then I checked the mail and I almost had a hearth attack. Someone (not sure if (s)he wants to stay anonymous so I will not write players name unless you come forward first, someone send me all of the bags I will ever need plus hundreds of platina. I was shocked. Thank you very much! I will remember this when I see later struggling new player and will try to do the similar thing! Thank you again, I'm without the words. Actually I do have question though:

    See, this changes my game plan now ;). The whole reason I was going Tailor was, to get plenty of bags. (second toon I was only going to use for second tradeskill, not knowing yet which one). Once Tailor lvl would be high enough to get some decent bags I would create bunch and re-roll the tradeskill. Well I'm now at this point, I will need to start now thinking about my main and second toon tradeskill, all for support the only playing toon Necro. This will be my only playing toon, with little play time I should have plenty to do with only one toon.

    So my question, and while I understand, this is somewhat subjective, I would still like to hear your opinion, since you are all masters of this game, if I would want to choose 2 tradeskills with the only goal to craft to support as much as possible my only playing toon, Necromancer, which two tradingskills would make most sense, most synergy. I understand I can't cover all needs with only two main tradeskills, but there is probably better (maybe best) combo and less usefull cobinations.

    Based on reading I did so far I'm guessing that best combination would be:
    1st tradeskill to support spell upgrades (Schoolar-> Sage) from the top of my head, if I remember names correctly
    2nd tradeskill: one of consumables, cooking or alchemy ???

    Keep in mind, main goal will not be making money since I don't have access to the broker, but mostly for supporting my main playing toon. Which crafting combination would make most sense for Necromancer. I understand Tailor is good for "Long underwear toons" LOL Uwkete-of-Crushbone but based on what I have found online, may not be best crafting choice. Well what you gals and guys think?

    Gotta go, will answer tips you wrote above, next time, thank you all again!
  19. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    The Frostfell Elf will not like you saying her site is picky about the name of an item, you are going to be in BIG trouble.

    And you are not acknowledging that the poor little laz..err uhhhmmm scaredy halfling is starving on the TS docks, look at all the dinnerware she can get if she feeds him. Not sure on her server, but that dinnerware on AB sells for a small fortune. For what a dollar she could get 10 broker tokens or have some nice person like you Uwk sell her items on the broker and give her the coin. If she is on AB, I would do it for her on an alt that never sells anything so there would not be an issue with mixing funds. She could get enough just from feeding the halfling to eventually afford a krono. Took me 2 months of feeding the halfling about 20 times a day and I could afford a krono.
  20. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    As you get higher level, you will need gear. This can get very expensive. I always pick jeweler first because it makes the most slots. You can make a killing off end gear and the spell upgrades as well.
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