Expansion 12 and More on The Horizon!

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  1. Windstalker Executive Producer

    Hail Norrathians!

    Our next expansion release is right around the corner! Yes, you heard me right – expansion! The team has been churning away and when we looked at the amount of content we created, we decided to call our next release an expansion rather than a campaign or the much-loved term, “campansion.”


    The 12th expansion for EverQuest II includes a sprawling overland and loads of content with quests, advanced solo and heroic dungeons, and a healthy number of raids including x2s and x4s. Not only that, but we’re doing level-agnostic versions of each of the new dungeons! We have a couple of new types of items to talk about as well as an updated Deity system to give you details on! Tradeskillers, we’ve got new quests and recipes for you as well!

    In addition, if you purchase (or pre-order) the next expansion, you’ll also get access to ALL of the previous expansion content (including the Rum Cellar Campaign).

    We’ll have the full expansion reveal and pre-orders for the 12th expansion will start on Thursday, October 1, 2015 when we’ll dig into the details on our website and forums. Also, the EQ2 team will host a livestream and share highlights, walk through some zones, and answer your questions.


    Also, October brings Nights of the Dead and we have some really fun stuff coming to Norrath with new items available in the live event. Coming to the store we have a bat mount, really cool phantom-like armor sets, weapons, and two versions of the Estate of Unrest prestige house – one with all the widgets – and one without! Our first-ever Burbur collectibles will make an appearance too! For Nights of the Dead, we have these themed baby dragons available only for this holiday. Burburs are house plushies and can be converted into petamorph wands so they can travel with you! And we will have a good number of really creative Player Studio items too!
    Also, a rare items merchant for Altar of Malice expansion will appear in the Phantom Sea zone this week! The merchant sells a bunch of rare items, including the rare heroic mount, two new super buff baubles, and a random rare item loot crate -- all for Ferrin.

    Speaking of Altar of Malice…we’re offering a 50% discount on purchases of Altar of Malice and the Rum Cellar Campaign. This is the last opportunity to get Altar of Malice Collector’s Edition items too! Altar of Malice and Rum Cellar will also be available to buy with Daybreak Cash through the Web site. You can select your Daybreak Cash currency at checkout though the 50% sale will not apply if you choose to pay with Daybreak Cash. These offers start on Tuesday, September 15 in the afternoon and end at 11:59PM Pacific on Wednesday, September 30, 2015! After this date, Altar of Malice will no longer be for sale…hint hint.

    We have a lot of news to come and we hope that you’re as excited for this upcoming campansion expansion as we are!
  2. Breta Well-Known Member

    Next is expansion is going to be Cthulhu themed? Cool
    Btw good joke about the rare heroic mount.
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  3. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Now this is news I like to hear! A new AoM merchant too...how exciting! I do hope there are some furniture and deco items on there, not just gear and a mount, as I'm not likely to purchase anything other than housing items, hehe. I look forward to a new expansion and advanced solo dungeons, though I really do hope the advanced solo's are not quite so difficult as some of the AoM adv solo's turned out to be. Either that, or put in watered down versions of them as regular solo dungeons. No raid-type strategies in these, please, and keep in mind that the casual solo player isn't likely to have leveled many/any of their spells to grandmaster nor will have raid-quality gear. As always, there are a few exceptions to the rule, but I think this would be true for the most part.
  4. Blackdog Member

    Thanks for the hard work. Hopefully mergers will make the content accessible this time!!
  5. Alenna Well-Known Member

    did I see right we are going to be able to pre order the content?
  6. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    You are correct... its back.
  7. Xper Well-Known Member

    If someone pre-orders on the 1st, when will their account be flagged for AoM? (October 1st? Or expac launch?)
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  8. HaphazardAllure Well-Known Member

    Very excited about the expansion, wooo! Thanks for you all your hard work EQ2 team! :)
  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I am so confused you get altar of malice for free if you preorder the next one but if your not you got to buy it by the 15th of September :confused:and if you don't buy altar but the next expansion you will have a hole in there ahhhhhhhhhrgh
    somebody send me a bucket of ice cubes.
    and how much is this expansion ?
    ok I think I read that you can use daybreak cash to buy this
    the only thing we are now missing is those gift cards we used to be able to buy market place money with.
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  10. Foretold Well-Known Member

    Yep... exited. I need moar details :D
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  11. Xper Well-Known Member

    "In addition, if you purchase (or pre-order) the next expansion, you’ll also get access to ALL of the previous expansion content (including the Rum Cellar Campaign)."
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  12. Carni Active Member

    Yay for the return of pre-orders! I'll be waiting to read more details come October =)
  13. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Expansions with pre-orders make me happy. Being able to purchase with DB cash also makes me happy. I know for some it doesn't make sense, but I know I'll be buying the CE upgrade for my alt account with DB cash, probably as soon as it goes on sale today :)
  14. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    After the release of Expansion 12, can we expect more purchasable "DLC campaigns" between expansions?

    Looking back at some of the discussion threads when Rum Cellar was announced as paid DLC, some rather interesting questions can be made...
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I am going to not get to exited before I don't know what this will cost us
    the last expansion I only bought for one of my accounts it was just to much money for all of my accounts.
    but getting back to things that worked is a step in the right direction
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  16. Lysia Active Member

    very interesting -- since you told us that we were NOT getting anymore expansions --- I have the AoM collector package -- now I can get Rum Cellar too ? now THAT will make the expansion worth it for me --- I held out for that possibility ( and this time it paid off ) --- maybe I'll resub and come back -- we'll see ......
  17. isest Active Member

    Well I got to say that is a plus, we get to pre order again, an with an actual expansion. Sounds like they actually listened to us and decided to set things back to the way it needed to be.
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  18. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

  19. Heijo Member

    Do you guys have a name for this expansion? How about a release date?

    Edit: Oh, maybe I should read the whole post before going off. Full reveal on October 1, 2015. Got it.
  20. Sundorn New Member

    Can i please make suggestion about the new raids? Please make them more exciting or at least quicker. Just giving mobs enough hps so that a raid has to beat on them for 15-20 minutes is really boring. Especially after the first time. Oh and please have the x2's be a decent part of the progression and doable by toons that aren't in full raid gear. What's the point of running a x2 that takes x4 gear to complete?