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  1. Thlexian New Member

    The Welcome screen used to have daily "hot" zones listed when DOV was current content. The old zones were recently removed, but it would be handy to have the TOV Weekly and Daily zones listed in their place.

    New petamorphs! I would so heart the devourer from Jarsath Wastes (Best. Mob. Ever!) and the eel from Siren's Grotto. Make them SC items - I'll buy them!

    I would love neck appearance items too. I use the fish necklace on my kitties, but the other girls need some pretties too. We're all about the jewelry, ya know.

    And shoes. What's with the barefoot thing with some of the women's clothing? We're trying to get OUT of the kitchen, not go back in!! You'll have to pry my sword from my cold, dead fingers!! ;P
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  2. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    1) - Will crafting gear ever be a plausible "step above" quested gear? I would suspect if something like this happened an additional method, such as overworld nameds/specific mobs dropping certain components, would be necessary to make the gear have value equivalent to it's capabilities.

    2) - Has there ever been any thought given to pre-completion gear customization options, such as bolstering additional blues with support materials? Best example I can think of off the top of my head is Rift's "rare" items that can be included as optional materials before the product is finished.

    3) - Not an immediate concern, but something I was thinking of while playing my illusionist -- given the current playstyle approach most people seem to be playing Illusionist as, relying on heavy-damage auto-attacks in-between casts, would it be possible to give them an AA line or something similar that alters their core DoT and DD spells into CA's? Example, 'Ultraviolet Pulse' rather than Ultraviolet beam; could up the cooldown by .5~.75 seconds but increase the damage and possibly add additional Magic damage on top of the crushing damage.

    4) - Any plans to remove No-Value/No-Trade tags from looted equipment and move away from the Heirloom Only/Lore Equip tags we've been getting as of late? It really stinks to pick up a pair of really nice scout boots on a mage, even worse when you've already got said boots on your main, and cannot do anything with the "leftovers" except delete them or vendor them.

    5) - Can we get Aerkyn as a playable race? I mean really, Daeron Ashenwing has brought us all so much joy. You thought YOU could face a dragon!? *laughs*
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  3. Luperza Community Manager

    Date has been updated due to complications in scheduling. We will now do the livestream 7/9/2014 and questions will be compiled until 7/8/2014! More time to add your questions, but a bit of a wait. Sorry! It'll be fun and worth the wait though! :)


    Also, side note: Try to keep your questions short. It'll make it easier to read on the livestream. Writing a paragraph long question, not so easy. :p
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  4. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    I'm stuck on the x4 update of the Coldain Ring HQ, along with a small handful of other people. As you may know, a handful of people aren't' going to get the needed x4 to spawn. I've heard similar problems with other old content with mechanics that require multiple people. Is there any way to either simplify the mechanics (like a clickie or solo advanced instance version that scales to level for people who are soloing an old quest) or adding an alternative of some sort for people who enjoy old content but can't manage to convince 24 other players to go along with them? >.> I know it's the glamor and prestige of having gone through alll that trouble over one great item.. but the items aren't so great stat-wise when they are few expansions back, and most of us just do it to see the lore/art/animations or get the furniture after that. (Silverwing is actually the one I hear about most, but I haven't' needed him yet, so not sure what could be done there.)
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  5. Loch Well-Known Member


    Would it be possible to remove the Lore tag from mythical weapon house/guild trophies?

    They are already No-Trade, which would prevent them from ever being shuffled around to anyone else. You can only earn one of them per character too. This restriction only serves to stop you from placing multiples of the same weapon in your house or guild hall. I don't know if that was the intention or not.

    I know it seems like a small thing, but I do like displaying them in the house that I have shared with my wife. We put them up in pairs as we earn them together and we have a few overlapping classes, so some of our poor weapons sit alone on the wall.

    It's extremely depressing to see.

    If it's too much work to change these items, I understand. But it'd be really great to be able to place our weapons in pairs and show the world that we are united in love and bloodlust.

    Thank you.

    PS: I promise to be better about bothering Ttobey with trivial mount requests.
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  6. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    When will we get some new hairstyles?
  7. Gnomad_Madgon Active Member

    Question : I would love to see focused class feedback threads again. Similar to what was done back in January of 2013. Are there any plans for something like this in the near future?

    Perhaps utilizing in game polls to help focus changes and draw more players to the forum. Feldon is very accurate in regards to a very small portion of the player base being active on the forums.
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  8. Pantz Active Member

    Can you remove the lvl 95 restriction to get 350 AA. Why should it matter if you get it before 95. My locked lvl 80 character would like to get those 10 additional aa even if it takes a long time.
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  9. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    1) prestige home deed transfer between alts. Want to know what devs think about it... (Folks over Norrathian Homeshow want it~! )

    2) separate tab for ALL illusion-related things(items and spells/petamorph, regardless. Oh, and I see some people mentioned about a way to store all appearance gears...love it :D )

    3) rotate-by-degree decorating option

    4) plan for at least one fresh new mechanic for crafting in the foreseeable future(beyond pushing 123456123456...)

    5) sailable ships and ocean as an expansion feature? Or something entirely unexpected feature planned maybe?

    6) any item count increase planned?

    7) optimization with hundreds of house items on screen
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  10. Thlexian New Member

    Two things I forgot to mention in my previous post:

    1. Kerra have been a playable race since the inception of EQ2, yet we got shut out of the racial armor. Can we please have our own heritage racial armor?
    2. I bought a glider mount with SC and the only place I can really use it is in the guild hall while waiting for raid to form up. I would lose my stats from my regular flying mount if I equip it for regular play, but I would love to have my silly, frog-eating mount as my regular appearance mount (BTW: he has wings). Can we please have a way to use gliders for appearance without losing the stats, speed and mobility that our fliers give us?
  11. Maqea Member

    Is there any thougts on another kind of buildingblocks?
    Its said triangels and arches and so on and I second that but I would also like to see more elaborated buildingblocks. The new seaside gazebo has lovely columns and a nice roof and the grotto columns are very nice too.

    It would be awsome with buildingblocks like that added to the exsisting series of buildingblocks, like those at the city festival.
    I dont mind if they are expencive only that they are bought with ingame currensy, like the City Tokens (but not a ridiculously hard to get currency like the new heartstones).

    Oh, and see-through windows too, please.
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  12. Feara Well-Known Member

    Hello there Righteous Dev Team,

    May we have portals for our city housing like the prestige housing?

    Kindest Regards ~
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  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    1.) An increase of in-game polling would be great, especially concerning increasing open PvP on server Nagafen.

    2.) Most players on Nagafen have repeatedly asked to eliminate PvP gear and not have separate PvP and PvE gear. Being forced to grind endlessly for tokens in Battlegrounds (where the best rewards are) is not only too repetitive but takes players away from the open PvP landscapes for months for each character they play. In fact, many players have even asked for Battlegrounds to be eliminated from Nagafen altogether. BGs should only be on PvE servers.

    3.) If PvP gear isn't going to be eliminated from Nagafen, then Mastercrafted gear needs to be made into a viable alternative for PvP, instead of it being completely useless like it is now. Harvesting gets people back out onto the landscapes, where there are not only mats but quests and mobs to team with and level on too. Giving players the option to add toughness/lethality/PvP stats to Mastercrafted gear, via reforging, would give us an open PvP-gear alternative to mindless Battleground grinding.

    4.) All instances (dungeons, etc.) should be made open to everyone, and all cities should be made open PvP areas. Instant bell travel, leapers, flying mounts and instanced dungeons have hurt open PvP for years, but if everywhere you go is open PvP anyway once you land, it will help a lot.

    Encouraging Nagafen's players to level to 95 instead of encouraging early level locking (which chases new low-level players back off of our empty server), with whatever shiny, sparkly, kingly equipment level 95 brings is fine. It's getting new players to level across this great game's landscapes and stay that is the major problem on Nagafen.

    5.) If nothing else can be done, please think about revamping Nagafen into a permanently locked Kingdom of Sky launch day server. Nagafen was the most populated server back in 2005 when PvP launched. Pre-level-locking, pre-instances to hide away and grind AAs, pre-Battlegrounds, and pre-PvP gear, you threw on Mastercrafted gear and just ran out into the throngs of players and PvP'd morning, noon and night. You may have to revamp a few of the cash shop items to work with it, but once it was up and running, even in maintenance mode it would be a lot better than what we have now.
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  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    My daughter Eve submitted a "long wispy ponytail" hairstyle as well as a "dual-bun hairstyle" which were both accepted and marked "completed" (ready for the cash shop) by SOE about a year ago now if you can believe it. Unfortunately, SOE ran into a bug trying to import player studio hair into the game properly, and apparently decided against allocating time to fix that bug because,from what I understand, Eve was the only one who submitted hairstyles that were acceptable enough to sell in the shop.

    Eve also has more hairstyles (including a wavy peasant-type 'do) finished and languishing in (3D modeling program) Blender on her hard drive, and nothing frustrates her more, believe me. She has gotten so aggravated with the shape of hair in general in games (even hair in Zenimax's new Elder Scrolls Online MMO and the hair for the incoming FPS/MMO hybrid Destiny, which we just alpha tested this weekend, are not up to par according to her) that she has actually signed up for hairdressing school beginning next January so she can do hair SOMEWHERE, lol.

    It's too bad. SOE saw one bust of her first-ever work in Blender and sent her tax forms right away. She was still in high school at the time. She could really earn them some good money in the SC shop, if only they would fix the bug. She has mentioned that she could probably handle being the only one doing hair for the entire cash shop, as she is out of school now and could devote all her time to it, full time. She's just sort of given up on SOE ever doing anything about it.

    It's even more of a shame because so many players, myself included, have been dying for new hairstyles. Hers were made on separate busts for multiple races, and could be tinted in all the game's colors. I think SOE forgets how much time and effort we invest in our actual characters (they mean a lot more to us than a table or a cape, lol), and how much our characters represent us in the Everquest 2 world.
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  15. Periapsis New Member

    I think it may have been said before, but I want to say it again.

    When the level cap increases to 100. Please add a new, useful class signature Ability/Spell line for each class. Give us something new to play with :)
  16. TS (Throat) Active Member


    Once upon a time this was supposed to be the way it worked. If you don't think so, you haven't been around long enough ... crafting is trivialized without this ... and the adventure/BG grind is mandated.
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  17. TS (Throat) Active Member

  18. TS (Throat) Active Member

  19. TS (Throat) Active Member

    Again. Yes!
  20. TS (Throat) Active Member

    ... if in your hearts you know that BGs is how PvP is going to be handled in EQ2 ... then actually do something with it. Same maps forever! Same token grind ... forever! Someone needs to step back and give a hoot and make a plan! Maybe people would hate it less if it actually was a living breathing thing and not a static relic that never evolves.

    ... And if you are unsure what to do, tap into 10 years of player experience that is still here :)

    What is the future of PvP? An honest answer.

    Followed by, what is the PLAN for the future of PvP?

    - Six
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