EverQuest II Insider - Q&A 07/09/2014

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  1. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Actually why I brought this up, I started playing originally on a relative's account around a month or three before DoF released, and it was nice to have Crafted stuff be fairly useful.

    Adventuring for good loot makes sense, but shorting crafters a purpose except for existing as newbie twinks is just blah.
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  2. Dequi Active Member

    EQ2 PVP

    1) New Tunaria Warzone - adding solo content to this zone is a great idea and a lot of players are now exclusively working the solo mobs as its the fast way to acquire pvp tokens. Are there any plans to further enhance the warzone? Possible enhancments:
    • Epic x2 mobs have a % chance to drop Dreadnaught Warrant for armour, jewelery or weapons
    • Solo mobs have a % chance to drop Champion Warrant for armour jewelery or weapons
    • Warfield within the warzone on a 2 hour timer
    • Daily quests to be added for the warzone i.e. Smugglers, Ganak, Gears, New Tunaria
    • New Tunaria quests could be to kill epic x2 mobs or # of solo mobs
    • Enable coin drop from PvP targets
    • The map is a bit bland, are there any plans to revamp the terrain, e.g. add climbing walls, rope or ladders, some ledges aren't possible to jump over and you have to run around and use the stairs (e.g. moat around The Tower)
    2) Dreadnaught Jewelry / Weapons Cannabalizer- simply does not make sense that armour pieces have a cannablizer but jewelery and weapons don't.

    3) Infamy - enable fame loss outside the + / - 1 title range, as I predicted quite a lot of people have farmed thier titels and are chilling out at Overlord, Warlord despite losing to unranked player they lose zero fame.
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  3. Pantz Active Member

    could you add kenny for loyalty tokens i'd pay 1000
  4. Gnomad_Madgon Active Member

    Question : Will we see any new crafted items from tinkering and adorning with level 100?

    I don't think any tinkered items where added with ToV.
  5. Alemana New Member

    I really want my set of questions to be answered. I'd be happy!!

    1. For the new expac since we finally will be making our way to level 100, i think our characters need some new spells and combat arts. Hate going up levels and only using upgraded spells would love to see new and improved spells. Could we see that?

    2. Will we be seeing more prestige guildhalls? I was think of doing a prestige guild hall for all the cities like one for Qeynos, and it would the inside of the revamped castle, freeport, kelethin . neriak , and new halas.

    3. Would love to see new tradeskill recipe books!

    4. Would love like some people have said a Appearance armor area like the currency tab, and actually for all armor. because i know you want us filling in spaces in our inventory but dont we have enough with everything else?! it should be separated between two tabs, armor and appearance armor.

    5. Could you guys add in Neck and Ear appearance? Im pretty sure alot of the ladies would love to rock some hoops and bling bling.

    6. New Mounts? I was hoping that youd put up that Majestic Pridewing up on the marketplace since goblin game tickets are down now.
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  6. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    Oh! I thought of another question I've been /feedbacking for a long time. Can we please put the Dungeon Maker spawners we already have (and keep getting more of) as plushies in our houses like the old Pet Arena Avatars? Some of them look reallllly cool. ^_^
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  7. Amfish Active Member

    More house item queries!

    1) More grass type items, the tiles are great, but something that has tall grass you can walk through, like the purple flowered shrubbery that can be made.

    2) more rocks! Boulder size rocks would be lovely.

    3) i second the house version of mounts to be bare, no saddle or gear on them, just the animal, if it isnt too much hassle?

    4) With Maw now out, and the introduction of lots more dragons, will we get any dragon plushies? The baby dragons are nice, but i would love a Vulak'aerr or even Klandicar/Zlandicar in my homes!
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  8. Malfaer Member

    It would be nice if all the clicky teleport items came with an ability "version", like the Hua Mein clicky does. "Jin'tu's Leaf" I think.

    Samirah's Mirror, a Quellule teleport clicky (I forget the name), maybe even the pocket dragon ring and wizard spires, and probably more I'm forgetting. I'd love to not have to lug them around all the time. Any chance of that?
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  9. MrCincy007 New Member

    Will the new expansion be available on Steam day 1?
  10. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    Thought of another question. ^_^ Would there be any way to flag all characters on an account as automatic trustees on all houses and dungeons on that account? I know some people consider it a privacy issue to have all their alts on the door list of trustees, and my personal fear is I'll typo, not realise it, and some jackanape will clean me out if they happen to see my house on their housing tab or portal.
    If all else fails, then at least some way to save and load trustee lists? ^_^
    Oh! and a way to organise our dungeon maker/housing tabs. Maybe just make them alphabetical automatically, if a sorting method is out of the question? All the alts i have with DMs has one heck of a list going on my decorating character, and it's sooo random! XD
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  11. Phixur New Member

    Please let characters advance and specialize in more than one tradeskill at a time.
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  12. Siren Well-Known Member

    Is it humanly possible to adopt an "on demand sub-class change" back and forth between each main class's sub-class? Believe me, I know all about the betrayal process and have been through it many a time, but it would be great if the sub-class changing was more like Rift's where you could go back and forth between the two templates at will.

    Imagine the utility it would bring to groups for PvP and PvE on the underpopulated servers! A Troubadour could become a Dirge if a team needed it instead, a Fury could switch to Warden and then back to Fury as the need presented itself.... Players who opted to do this would have to keep double the amount of spells upgraded, of course, but it would cut back on the AA grind and having to level through the same content to 95 over and over.

    SOE wants everyone to get to 95 so they want to get to 100 come the new expansion, right? ;) I think people would become more invested with their characters if they had that additional utility.

    And quite frankly, it's about time the PvE servers could switch from Pally to Shadowknight or Defiler to Mystic without having to give up their home city. SOE has eliminated other outdated character restrictions in the past; it's time to bring these limitations up to date.

    And EQ2 is one of the few games that even remotely HAS enough classes to be able to offer a Rift-like amount of class choice and utility. Please say it is possible and that you'll give it some serious thought, SOE!
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  13. Katanallama Well-Known Member

    1) (you prob saw this coming...) Any chance you guys could look at the Swash / Brig balancing for raid desirability? According to the census data: 4 Swashbucklers and 21 Brigands have killed Cer'Matal (Maw 1st named) - that's 5 times more Brigands raiding Dreadscale Maw. Brigands get swash HP debuff + a brig only one, AE avoid that's up more, better dps potential in raid AE, awesome defensive debuffs + access to most of the desired swash offensive debuffs (since they're mostly shared AAs). Pretty much the only reason to have a swash is for an additional 10% or so of potency debuffs, 350 int debuff and a 7.5 WDB AE debuff. If a Swash gets into an awesome raid guild they're usually asked to betray, if a Swash asks for advice in channel everyone says to betray, if a Swash wants to DPS in raid they have to give up on their class.

    2) Suggested fix for the appearance armor tabs: make a macro command to equip full set of armor (mannequin / merc ui) and let us drag / drop each slot and say if the whole set is primary or appearance. I know, you can already add each item individual as a macro step but this would be cleaner for people to use :)

    3) Bunny mount that uses its floppy ears as wings :3
  14. Ogdinmar Active Member

    I have a few questions:
    1: will you keep the gem system for armor? please do I liked it personally.
    2: can we see more in the ways of MC Fabled armor stuffs? Though I am a raider I play all aspects of the game.
    3: Can we tanks expect to keep seeing the proc on avoid procs on gear in the next xpac? ( I really like these and think its great that there is a proc that we get for doing our job.)

    P.S I hope you go through with the removal of crit avoid and go back to resists and survivability. I really liked that from the old days.
  15. Maqea Member

    Are there any thoughts about making houseitems stackable?
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  16. Thoreandan Member

    Great post of questions and requests. Strongly agreed with 1 and 6.

    With point 1 and appearance gear storage, how about implementing something like LotRO wardrobe system mechanic, and even have it as a craftable prop, several different styles. Free base limit of 20 slots (or 50 if you're feeling super generous), and I would happily upgrade the number of slots it via StationCash to start pulling some stuff out of my banks / house vaults and into the wardrobe. Any appearance gear dropped into the wardrobe should be heirloom so all characters can access it. I know not everyone would buy into it and upgrade the slots, but I'd wager a fair few of us vets in particular have so much stuff they'd happily lay down some SC to upgrade storage capacity on a wardrobe system a la LotRO. I'm actually requesting something similar in Landmark too. The same goes for bank slots too actually, I'd consider dropping down some more SC to upgrade my bank slots.

    With point 6 and colony island and the subject 10 year vet rewards. Was really disappointed with the vet reward last year (the 2 mercenaries), must do better! It seemed a bit rushed and not of the usual quality of vet rewards, and really just not that interesting. Hopefully the 10th year vet reward will be something much more interesting, significant.

    I'm not asking for the moon on the stick, but a thank you to the diehards by way of something nice will be much appreciated. Colony Island as a prestige home would be riding high up on my list, though from previous chatter it doesn't sound like its going to happen. Unless it was a bluff lol. Also still hoping for the Isle of Mara (not the attached zones, just the first one) to be a prestige home of sorts some day (like many, would happily buy this and the Isle of Refuge with SC).

    Please definitely throw a handful of things in there for the 10th anniversary though. I know I'm being greedy, but the main reason I ask is if you only throw in xp potion-y type stuff you'll disappoint those who like to decorate and like the fluff stuff. And if you only throw in house type stuff, then another subset of players will be upset. It's greedy I know, but I say a title of some sorts (one thats uber and not embarrassing!), a cloak or a mount of some sort (even if its a reskin / recolour of something existing, just something new to play with!), a new prestige home maybe (even if its only via SC), and a set of potions / consumables.

    Ok, maybe I was asking for the moon on a stick. Come on SOE I know you can do better than last year! Maybe last year was like the understated verse in a song, thats deliberately dull and subtle to highlight the upcoming glorious chorus?? ;-)
  17. Thoreandan Member

    That for me is another excellent suggestion.

    My main toon has a predominantly red vibe about him - Barbarian from Halas, but he likes to keep himself warm on his Incandescent Swiftwing in his red Clan Mcwhatever it is appearance gear (I should know me own clan really shouldn't I? :D), ToV cloak / or Di'Zok LoN cloak. I would love to be able to use some of those nice glowy appearance items again like Tish Tickers Lantern, and theres quite a few others, I have something somewhere that produces a fabulous red glow, but it never gets used because I use something a bit more uber stat wise. Again, actually, you could even do some SC items for this slot or even the slot itself. I wouldn't mind.
  18. Thoreandan Member

    Forgive me if any of these have already been asked, I haven't had a chance to read the entire thread just yet.

    My First question would be are we likely to see any older overland zone revamps. I know there was talk about revamping Thundering Steppes at one time many moons ago. Personally I've always liked Thundering Steppes and don't think it needs it really, but I do feel Antonica / Commonlands are a bit underused nowadays and its sad to see. A great job was done with the Lavastorm / Everfrost revamps a few years back, especially with Lavastorm and the higher level content added there. Perhaps something along those lines? I've always liked the idea of the lower and mid-level zones having some higher level content in. Also perhaps Fabled 95-100+ versions of Blackburrow, Stormhold, Wailing Caves, Fallen Gate, they would definitely go down well - would be ideal for the 10th anniversary too, sort of full circle.

    Second question, don't get me wrong, I like these weekly content updates, and they've been improving weekly. I do miss the mega quarterly updates that brought us the likes of Withered Lands and Cobalt Scar though, but appreciate they're not to be anymore. At last years SOE live we heard how you guys are now able to terraform a zone umpteen times more faster than in the olden days :D So the question is, will us as players ever see the benefit of that faster zone creation in any shape or form aside from within the regular yearly expansions?

    Third question - Dungeon Finder 2.0, will it ever be cross-server? I think if you can fix Dungeon Finder 2.0 to be cross-server, and all the other mechanics with it, the queuing issues, and add current end-game zones, as well as any group zone, and build in some sort of reward system for participation and completion, then it will encourage a lot more people to be playing and grouping together and build some momentum back into that side of EQ2 which I think has suffered in recent years. Always surprised it was never cross-server, seeing as Battlegrounds managed to be. Obviously I don't understand the in's and out's behind the scenes, but I imagine it has to be possible.

    Fourth question, Dungeon Maker. Will it ever see any more life? Was really hoping to see this developed more. Ideally, I would have liked to have been able to design a dungeon properly instead of decorating a pre-existing one, but I understand the resources required to implement something of that nature in a game thats 10 years old (12+ if you count development time) would make that a piped dream. Would be nice though. But something I really would have liked to have seen was the ability to add our own quest npc's in these dungeons, tinker with their dialog, and create our own mini quests / missions of sorts, obviously within the parameters of whats possible. Kill x of these. Collect x of those. Click on x of these etc. With a ratings / reviews / feedback system. It looked so promising and it was fun at the start, but it kind of fizzled too quick.

    Fifth question (actually technically a suggestion for a new feature that I think wouldnt be too developer resource heavy to implement). How about treasure maps?? Could either be fished up (a la Ultima Online) from a message in a bottle. The map could have clues on it as to where to go dig the treasure up (overland zone). Different tiers of maps to cover the level range and perhaps some heroic / fabled maps which require a group to go find and dig up the treasure because of what maybe guarding it. Just thinking something a bit more random and 'off the rails' might be fun for the entire level range of the game.

    Just my 2 coppers worth.

    Look forward to the next EQ2 Insider, really great to see EQ2 getting its own show, hope it can continue!
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  19. Thoreandan Member

    In true Columbo stylee... just one more thing... :D

    We have a tinpot guild, so tinpot its mostly myself and one other in the main nowadays. We have a Guild Hall in New Halas. We kind of like our compact and bijou tier 1 Guild Hall, even though we're heading towards level 70 now, I don't think the bigger ones will suit us.

    So my question here is twofold. Firstly, any chance we could have a way to increase the storage capacity of the tier 1 guild hall if you increase your guild level. We have a reasonably nicely decorated guild hall, but its at capacity at 750 items. Would be nice if there were some way that could be implemented. Say an additional 50 items on each 10 levels past Guild Level 50 if you don't wish to upgrade to a tier 2 guild hall?

    Secondly, it's been great to see this High Keep guild hall, good job,. Is there any chance we could see any more Guild Hall styles added in times ahead throughout the tiers, and other tiers added to New Halas / Gorowyn perhaps? It would also be wonderful if the New Halas / Gorowyn guild halls could have their own alternate theme to use as opposed to using the Qeynos style one.
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  20. Thoreandan Member

    And another suggestion while I think about it...

    With the advent of pack ponies and gathering goblins doing the harvesting and able to harvest rares too (if you've done the quest on the pack pony), its lessened the need to harvest, something I used to enjoy doing, but theres not too much need nowadays.

    Recently a new RARE rare, Etherwood was added to the top tier for the House Actors, effectively about twice as rare or more as a Bubinga Lumber it would seem. Maybe each resource type should have one RARE rare added to be used as a crafting component for some nice item (though not combat related I would suggest). Doesn't have to be one for each tier, and maybe it could be found in any zone. But make it super rare. We've already got the super rare wood, now a super rare ore, gem, food item / fish (or the aforementioned treasure map in my earlier post), and a rare trapping material. Would give those who love harvesting some more impetus to get chopping, picking, trapping and whatnot, and stimulate the economy a bit too.
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