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  1. Tomanator New Member

    1. I third the change that ground affects, like the Killing Chamber pink ring on the floor, be only visible by the group. Same goes for any other floor affect like the potency yellow ring, etc. In raid there are 6-10 rings on the ground and we are in no way coordinated enough to stay stacked on each other or to time the KC to go off in sequence..... /sad face - if SOE can fix the group visual only, the group coordination and timing will come....

    2. Can you please allow skeleton and maybe other illusions stay on while on a mount or in mounted zones? One of the devs said in a post that this would be some what easy to do and put it on a to do list.

    3. More of a recommendation, can you please increase the stats by more then .1%-.5% on purple gem or red gem upgrades for raid armor or have the purple gem give a cool affect or something please. Its tough to motivate people to raid when the upgrades as a whole of every piece of gear in the higher tier raid zones is just a tiny increment better.

    4. Vulak loot - Can the loot table for him be improved, this encounter is nuts in terms of difficulty, and the loot is a small let down. It sad to see a raid force actually consider not doing him again after the first kill, all because the loot is horrible bad.
  2. jazmeena Member

    I would like to see more house items as collection rewards. The appearance items for ToV were nice but if you have multiple alts it quickly becomes too much.
  3. Gnomad_Madgon Active Member

    With the increase to level cap will we see any new class spells or just upgrades to level 86-90 spells?
  4. BlueGrass Member

    Please don't use signature quests to gate you out of a zone for questing.

    I did the Eioblon jungle quests and ended up having to get some things from Sleepers tomb in Eastern wastes . Problem is I cant kill the fire boss because I cant see his adds.( I seen a total of 2) I died a lot of times and got very frustrated trying to kill that boss , till I got to the point I canceled my sub. I cant get any quests in Obol plains because I couldn't finish that instance. Just trying to get to 95 ,but instead I had to resort to doing zones I probably shouldn't be in . fighting lvl101's now . Not real fun but doable.
    (I did kill the frost boss and the commander)

    This gets me to the next point conjuror Earth pet useless, scout pet useless, don't have a water pet. Mage pet is great but he doesn't tank that well , and he doesn't hold agro when I start dumping on the boss , actually neither did the tank pet even worse.,no dps and didn't hold agro much either .(with defensive haven on )
    Can you fix these pets please.

    I like questing please put in lots of quests so I can enjoy the game questing to 100.
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  5. Dark Beast New Member

    Guild Hall Status Reduction items.....that is all....;)
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  6. Amfish Active Member

    Will we ever see a water block, one that we can actually swim inside?
  7. Maqea Member

    Please, please, please a storage for the apperance items.
    I too would like a good storagespace for all apperance items. One that all alts have access to. Specialy now with the new "animannequins" coming up. Is it something you consider?
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  8. Reshi Member

    Many people don't have time for x4 raids and we have now exhausted all the group content. With this in mid,

    Any plans for a new group zone?
    How about nerf to the "easiest" x4 raid so that it can be done with 2 groups?
  9. Pantz Active Member

    Could you add alternative advancement xp for guild halls? So when the guild is at 95 you could still be gaining xp for the guild and like work towards unlocking points for unique guild hall features.

    Features such as a pool of water that you could walk in to get an hour long 1% xp bonus or a special candle that gives bonus vitality regeneration while in the guild hall, or an npc you could click once per day to get research time reduction on your spell upgrades, an npc that gives you crafting skill bonuses, a pebble that gives you a combat stat buff by clicking it, or just unique decoration items.

    Make it take a long time to unlock them like for just one good one it would take as much xp as it would to get the guild from 0-95 or more.

    What do you think?
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  10. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Amended quote with extra questions as couldn't edit previous one.
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  11. Tomanator New Member

    Will the new group finder be cross server?

    If no due to technical limitations, Can a solution be centered around the concept of the PvP prep zone where players from any server can zone in to turn on group finder.
  12. Gily Member

    Would it be possible to be able to link EQ2 accounts for multi-boxers to allow them to share heirloom items and potentially make account to account transfers easier. Criteria would be each account must be charged to the same CC based on the latest credit card charge. A profile setting could be set as well in the account to allow or not linking which would permit users from not allowing their accounts to be linked despite the same CC usage. From a feature standpoint, when performing trades, for linked accounts it will allow Heirloom trades except for items granted as a result of account age. Account-to-account transfers could also more easily be accommodated for users with linked accounts as ownership would not need to be verified by SOE at the time of transfer.
  13. Gily Member

    Since much of the adventuring armor and weapons at lower levels (and to a degree higher levels) are no longer are relevant due to things such as Heroic Characters and Loyalty Items, would it be possible to introduce appearance only recipes with different appearances than what already exists at those levels. Also when crafting existing armor and weapons, to have the option while crafting to make it appearance only and no longer "class dependent".
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  14. Rictof New Member

    1. The slums being closed off cut me pretty deep. Is there any way you could bring them back after finishing the city questlines? The amount of roleplay venues decreased dramatically since those local updates.

    2. Will there be more support for Dungeon Maker anytime soon? It's so easy that people grind and grind marks and it seems like a nonexistant challenge now. It would be great if the text tools worked as well.

    3. Will we ever be able to wear hats without losing our hair? This has always bothered me since day 1 and it is the prime reason why I do not wear helmets or hats. There is also a shortage of attractive looking ones too.

    4. Will there be more Guide quests anytime soon? I love how they encourage me to roleplay and I look forward to new ones soon.

    5. Why has there been so much retconn on the lore? What has changed storywise since the start of the game? I have no idea where to find this out...
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  15. Gily Member

    Related to my other post on armor and weapons... for items crafted by alchemists, sages, and provisioners, allow the option to make it a house item.

    Other ideas for these three crafting classes are:
    Alchemists: Introduce other recipes for alchemists which allow them to create short-term boosters which are based on crafting level but can be applied at any level. For example, craft a level 10 DPS booster which will be provide 100% of its benefit if used for that level or lower, but only the fraction (craft level divided by applied level) of the performance the higher it is applied. These boosters would be for character abilities. Stacking allowed to the maximum applied level (i.e. only 2 lvl10 boosters for the same ability allowed on a lvl20 toon).
    Sages: Similar to the alchemists, but instead be spell boosters which work the same way and effect either damage, duration, or casting times and are tied to spell lines/types. Same staking restrictions, but on items.
    Provisioner: Similar to the others, but instead provides permanent boost on a one-to-many basis (i.e. one booster per full stack) and increase on of the food attributes or duration. Only one type of booster permitted per stack. Same staking restrictions but on food. Won't work on non-crafted food.

    I realize that this has similarities to temporary adornments, but these are not part of the adornment crafting lines.
  16. Gily Member

    Crafting and House Items:
    1) On mounts converted to house items, removing the saddle and harness.
    2) Ability to craft rope. Different lengths with both straight and half-circle.
    3) Ability to craft more wood variations for dividers, etc.
    4) Ability to craft glass, both see-thru and stained.
  17. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Can we get tiles and walls that coordinate with the qeynos and Gorowyn and Freeport homes? Subdividing rooms in these homes is hard and mismatchy looking.
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  18. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    I have a couple more questions. ^_^
    Would it be possible to get Dungeon Maker entrances you can put in a house. For instance, A player house with a carnival set up in it with game booths, and portals in those booths like house portals, but to individual dungeons, and those dungeons are set up with a mini game each (I have a Duck Hunt DM, and I'm trying to figure out how to make a skee-ball style game where mobs with knockback will play a big part, amongst other things to do with Dungeon Maker.)

    Also, would it be possible to add house item options to a lot more quests and collections? that adds a lot more replay to the game, both decorators and people who just want to sell the items would return to older content for that, and it would give twinkers something to choose as they meander through low level areas in mastercrafted or fabled gear. =P Business wise, that would stretch out the play time of a couple player types.

    My other question... server merges... /shudder That phrase has been muttered around the channels more than a few times, generally by people having trouble finding groups. Most Vocally by people from the PVP server... The answer there is NOT server mergers. Lucan De'lere server had a difficult enough time being forced onto a non-RP server. Shoving some unsuspecting PVE players onto a PVP server would be like feeding babies to crocodiles. -.- Sure, the crocks would be happy, but you're going to lose a lot of babies. The only way I could see that as fair at all would be to automatically give each and every toon from the PVE server a transfer token (possibly mail then off before the merge so it's easier to make sure only that server gets them.). Not just some of the toons, ALL of them. And no expiration date on the tokens. People thinking of coming back to the game, walking out in a zone and getting shanked by the first PVPer that sees them... gueeessss who's not going to want to pay a subscription fee or buy SC? hmmm? guess! Only other option I see is to allow free copies of characters onto Nagafen from any other server, if keeping PVPers is the goal there.
    Names are the other big stressor when merging servers. No one likes losing their name. The channels were full of rage for a while after the last one. Would it be possible to add server tags to characters, like in Champion's Respite? Maybe not visible normally, but on guild windows, mail, friend lists, etc...
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  19. Rawl Well-Known Member

    Hello, As you may or may not know, I make a lot of stuff for Player Studio Marketplace. I have quite a few items which are "complete" status but for some items, it has been nearly a year and they still aren't on the marketplace. Could you please talk about why you delay putting stuff on the Player Studio Marketplace. From a business standpoint, it doesn't make sense to not put stuff on the shelves as soon as you have it. If you don't make it available, people can't buy it. If they want it and can't afford it at the moment it is released, they can still buy it when they can afford it, so there is really no reason to delay putting stuff on the marketplace.

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  20. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Please consider adding the Pocket Dragon Ring and Pocket Wizard Portal to the Loyalty Merchant.

    Also, as far as I can tell, the Lesser Faydark is the only overland zone that cannot be reached from the World Bells, Wizard Spires or Druid/Dragon Rings meaning it has to accessed from the adjacent zones. Can you look at adding something to Lesser Faydark to make travelling there a tad easier. You added multiple world bells to Kelethin, a couple in Lesser Faydark isn't too much to ask ;)
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