EverQuest II Insider - Q&A 07/09/2014

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    This month on EverQuest II Insider Q&A:
    <YouTube Link will be Placed Here After Show>
    When: 07/09/2014 2PM - 2:30PM PDT
    Don't forget to use our hashtag #EQ2Insider and follow us on Twitter @EverQuestii, and @MargaretKrohn

    If you want to know what EverQuest II Insider is or how you can be a part of it, go here!

    YouTube video is up! Check it out!! :D
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  2. Veysha Member

    Arasai and Fae characters can quest for a spell when they reach level 85 that allows them to fly using their own wings - Blessing of Xegony is the name. Would it be possible to convert this spell to a mount that we could put in the Appearance mount slot so that we could use mounts with stats but have the appearance of using our own wings?

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  3. Senya Well-Known Member

    Will you please consider adding "Yelnar's Research Prism" to a merchant so that it can be purchased with Etyma or Far Seas Tokens? Although the quest was repeatable the dropped item required to update the quest only dropped one per raid rather than updating everyone on that step of the quest. It's very old content now, but some of us really like our recipe books to be complete.
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  4. Kenneth Member

    Any chance we could get a Neck appearance slot. I worked hard to get my Paw of Opolla and I would love to wear it as an appearance item. It has one of the best visuals ands I hated it when I outgrew it.

  5. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    It seems like many are asking for triangular building blocks lately. Will you please consider giving us triangualr and more accurate circular building blocks and perhaps even spherical and semi-spherical building blocks?
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  6. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    Also, is there any chance of a new mount coming out soon? personally, I'd love to get that blue griffon that carries you from the Rime Camp in the Fens of Nathsar to the Rime Camp in Jarsath Wastes.
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  7. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Would absolutely LOVE this. I'd even pay SC for this.
  8. Outlaw New Member

    Another thing I would offer for consideration is upgrading the components for adorning. Very little use for 10-80 adorns, would be nice to craft them to higher levels similar to the way dusts have recipes.

  9. Korucuu Well-Known Member

    Would it be possible to have Ahrmatal's Ringmail Purse ( http://u.eq2wire.com/item/index/1340232817 ) only show the pink circle to the group it's active for (when in a raid), as it only affects 'your group'. It's not a game breaker or anything, just would be rather handy!
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  10. Gnomad_Madgon Active Member


    A good way to recognize when killing chamber is cast in your group. Create a common /gsay command for the item (separate from the charm) informing the group that it is being cast. Set up an ACT trigger for it, share it with your raid. This will help you better recognize a killing chamber in your group, and more importantly help everyone within your group that has one to better time theirs.

    I imagine changing it show it only is visible by your group would be very difficult.
  11. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Healers are the only archetype whose primary stat (WIS) doesn't help them in any way to fulfil their primary combat role (healing). This makes many items (anything with high WIS), adornments (white adorns for many slots), runes (bolstered attributes), group buffs, food and drink and even god pets a lot less useful to Healers than they are to other classes. Are we ever going to see a change to this? I'm tired of my 7700 WIS being completely useless to me.
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  12. jeri08 New Member

    Arasai and Fae characters can quest for a spell when they reach level 85 that allows them to fly using their own wings - Blessing of Xegony is the name. Would it be possible to convert this spell to a mount that we could put in the Appearance mount slot so that we could use mounts with stats but have the appearance of using our own wings?

    I would LOVE this....good request :)
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  13. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    Ohhh questions. XD I have lots of them!

    1-Appearance gear storage- I hear we are getting NPCs for in the house. I'm hoping we can dress those up. I've been using to decorate with for years. That means I've got multiple banks with appearance gear in them. >.< I try to have the good stuff on my carpenter/decorator toon, but I neeeeeed more space! XD there are several ways this could be done.
    -a depot- It would have to be owner only, and no-trade. heirloom items would be allowed inside it.
    -a wardrobe tab on the character screen- not sure if the armor appearance would just pop in there like a Pokemon Pokedex, unlocking information as you disco armor, of if it would work as actual storage for pieces of armor, but either way, there would need to be a way to use appearances from there to dress the character, mannequins, and house NPCs.
    -layering storage, maybe even just in house vaults, hopefully in banks/guild banks as well. We still have boxes and bags, and I remember being weighed down with boxes trying to get those couple more slots. XD (I'm so glad weight disappeared!) But I was thinking, since there are still those 2 different types of storage, maybe some coding could go in to allow boxes to hold bags, and still be able to access the bags individually. Not on characters, of course, since that would begin to get ridiculous, just in the storage areas. (And some one said that would cause lag with quests checking all that space for items related to the quests, which brings a whole new question of a tab on the character screen specifically for quest items, but that would take a life time getting all those items isolated, changed, and working properly. Soo maybe just house vaults? orrr just stick with the wardrobe/depot? XD)
    1b-Speaking of mannequins.. would it be possible have a show/don't show option on the mannequin it's self so we can still see the objects/armor on them, but no stand or body parts of the mannequin it's self? And it's be really nice if you could take the collision out of them so we can walk through them. ^_^ They are great to decorate with, just they could be better/more versatile. >.>

    2-Any chance of tabs in the depot so we can set different permission levels for each tab? Like, commons would be all in one tab and open for every one, rares would be in another tab visible, but trustee only so people who need them can ask for them, but any old Joe schmo can't mass produce, use em all up and run off, that kind of thing?

    3-Will there be a search engine for the Housing and Leader boards/Dungeon Maker windows (and possibly for the character windows that show our houses/dungeons to edit)? If some one is advertising their newest completed project, it's nice to just go right there no matter how long ago it was, how many vote it's gotten, and what the first letter of their name is. =P
    While I'm thinking about housing, will there be a possibility of house classing system? There are the sizes, but maybe break it down a step further? for example, you click on the size classification (or Hall of Fame) and then another set of tabs pops up for Travel items, crafting, modern, fantasy/medieval, and miscellaneous. (could do a poll on what classifications to have)

    4-the suburbs!- Would it be possible for those zones to unlock as instances once the quest lines there are finished so we can go look at them more than just the amount of time we are there during the city quest lines? pretty please?

    5-There are scads and scads of items in the "unknown" section of ZAM I've been drooling over, along with other Homeshow peeps. Will they ever be available for us decorators? ^ _^ A lot of them would work GREAT in a gnomish/robot/tinkering inspired grotto. /nudge nudge I saw tools, bundles of rope, pots, pans, jars, a hanging horseshoe (gnomes inventing stuff that blows up need all the luck they can get, ya know!), etc.. that would all work as purchasable items in oh, say a Moonlight Grotto full or malfunctioning bots and a handful of AI bots that have been trying to subdue a virus for years or something like that. And maybe a collection that gives you a plushy of one of the robot models in the grotto. >.> /nudge nudge (I think most of the items in the "unknown" section of ZAM's furniture list might be stuff used to create and decorate the original game.)

    6-Will we be getting the Colony Island as a prestige home for the 10th anniversary of EQ2 going live? It would be the most fitting item, even if it's just released to Sc market, doesn't have to be a veteran reward or any thing. 0.0 I'm begging here.... and I know others that will join me in the groveling and begging for the Colony island as a home again. 0.0 (And hey! You don't even have to update it! Just use the dock bell as the house door interface! we loved it the way it was! buuut... can ya release some of those glowing deer as plushies? SC, quests, grotto, just some how. pretty please with sugar on top?):( and yah, I have been told soo many time.. if I miss it so much, go fight Darathar... but every one is dead! -.- the deer are all gone.... it doesn't have that wonderful music I associated with a whole new world to explore... It's like going to your favorite hangout spot or childhood home and it's been burnt to the ground. >.< (Which is kinda the point for the quest, but does no good for us nostalgic peeps.)
    >.> On a side note, spirit shards as a house item would be a pretty funny item to add as a 10 years live. =P I'd love to get the original griffon as a mount, but I keep getting told that can't be done because they have no walk/run animation.

    7-wings for old mounts!- Being able to pop the flight wings onto old mounts would be awesome! I've been told lack of animation is a problem here too, specifically for flight, but really, just alternating between a slowed down run and a jump could work, if you can recycle animations like that. They freeze when you use featherfall, so the jump animation only goes about halfway through it's cycle, so I'm just assuming it can be changed, or it that not supposed to be happening? >.>
    my point is, there are a lot of spectacular land mounts, leapers, and even gliders, that people would LOVE to continue using, but who can resist flight? XD I do love the flying mounts, but if you could set the flight wings as an adornment, and they clip in above the shoulders on a horizontal axis, it seems doable. >.> not much different than clipping them into character models.
    On http://players.everquest2.com/, (you have to mouse over items and scroll down to the bottom of that list) there are two slots on the character page for mount adornments and mount armor. Are these an accident on EQ2players site, or are these things you have been working on? Ohhhhhh I hope it's something in the future!!! Customise-able unique mounts would be fun. >.> Will wings happen there?

    I typed too much, so truncating it and adding a second post...
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  14. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    8-Charm or lighting appearance slots!- Any one remember Tish's Tinkered Lanterns? I loved the moon one. And there was a bottle from the Gnoll adventure pack, and there are other items that have a lighting affect, floating runes, etc, but they are charm slot items. IIRC, there was a neck piece or belt or something that had a rune floating in-front of a character from KoS... Maybe an "Any thing goes" slot that just shows the particle effect/lighting/etc...?

    9-I Agree with what Naramsin above mentioned (although it's not just lately, it's been since tiles and dividers came into the game, I think. =P! Triangular tiles please! ^_^ Maybe 2 shapes, an obtuse and an acute triangle? And each set of building blocks, craft able and buy able.... For that matter, there are still some sets that aren't whole sets yet. I can't remember which right now, but If you say yes, I'll be more than happy to dig around and find which sets are missing what.

    10-New masks/illusions for NOTD! Aviak mask, hooluk mask, unicorn and centaur illusions! (Ok, now I'm gettin into holiday specifics, but something I've /feedbacked a lot. >.> ... and.. and maybe.. a griffon illusion... ? >.> /beggs again

    11-A couple more channels that are automatically open would be good.
    One just for Guide events/live events (only Guides and the people running an event would be able to chat in the world wide channel, permission would be required from a GM/customer service,or maybe a one day, 1 sc token on the market to cut out the middle man? There's always an odd number of leftover SC no mater what I've been saving up for.). Guides wouldn't get trolled in such a channel, and it wouldn't get scrolled off before any one knew a guide was about (We could even give it it's own tab/window if it had it's own channel, if we really love guide events, which I do, personally! XD).
    -the other channel....guild recruitment. I know people don't think this would work, and there is a guild recruiting window, but a guild recruitment spam.. er.. i mean add... channel would be nice. People thought the auction channel wouldn't work, but it's great! I think a guild recruiter world wide channel would be good too. Yes, most of us would just turn it off, but if it's an automatically open channel, new players would see it, and that's a guilds main target. Also, people unhappy with their guilds could re-open the channel. (/mutters under breath "Not to mention those of us sick to death of the constant spam could actually be able to read the regular channels they usually attack.... Ahhem.. I mean.. it sure would be nice for them to have a world wide channel that would attract people really interested in finding a new guild.... >.>)
    There are guilds out there with 2 or 3 paragraph recruitments... really makes it fun to try and chat in a channel.. and no matter what channel the conversation happens in, some recruiter is bound to see movement and spam the dickens out of that channel. -.- And then one sees that recruitment and panics at the thought of them getting people first, so the next one set of it's recruitment macro... it's a viscous cycle. 0.0

    12-Will the old Maj'Dul pet arena ever be fixed? since I've been told the devs are working on it for years every time I /petition, I'm assuming it's some odd ball, hard to find and fix thing, and since it's not popular, it's not a priority. Soooo I guess my question is, can the house items be moved to the faction merchants in MajDul? (house pets and flags) Change the names if you need to, we just want the appearance of the items from the Pet Arena Merchant next to the pet arena entrance in Maj'Dul, please. (It's been the topic of conversation in Homeshow many times. =P
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  15. Devilz New Member

    First of all, thanks for answering another player's question (/sarcasm off).

    Second, the problem with your proposal is just because you know a group-mate is casting KC, you don't always know where you "group's" KC is located, particularly with jousting.

    I second this request.
  16. Devilz New Member

    Will there be a new currency introduced OR can the broker prices be increased to accommodate the hordes of coin some of us have amassed?

    The Ethereal Items are selling for 15-20K plat on AB. It'd be great if they could be listed above 9999p.

  17. Katsun New Member

    Would it be possible to add a search option to the moving boxes? This would help a great deal when decorating your home or Guild Hall.
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  18. Desairia New Member

    I would ask a few Questions =)

    1) with the lvl raise will we get matched lvl Tradeskills? And we need more recipes please per lvl if lvl increase or maybe new quests for recipe books that hold 12-15 recipes, possible faction reward recipe books in accordence with whichever faction?

    2)Could we please revamp the banks both personal and guild, add tabs to separate items by rank or in the case of personal bank by item eg : armor, books, rares etc... with more slots for storage especially for guild banks!

    3)With so many guilds helping each other and each other's members could we please have a guild door portal that will allow players to move from guild to guild... such as I tradeskill in a guild with a much higher lvl then mine and would like to have a door portal to move from that guild back to my own, as half my chars are good alignment and my guild is in freeport... would make it alot easier then porting to my house/home then re-porting back to my guild hall, and having to run all the way back to make more items.

    4) Alot of us LOVE guide events and try to participate in most when online or get to see the posts in chat, and the guides are GREAT! But I would request a revamp of events with a variety of new events and prizes available to each guide so they can choose the event they want to persue, so it's not always the same events being done by the same guides with the same prizes all the time, now i LOVE the prizes we do get but once you have 12 of the same prize from the same events then people stop attending them, maybe the guides could help with suggestions on new events?

    5) last but not least could we please have more HQs, hallmark, and signature quests added for those that love to quest!
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  19. umiawkeo New Member

    the first things to do will be to rebalance the classes

    What sees the difference between T1 and T2 DPS, or a summoner necro can match the DPS of a sorcerer or envout.

    And frankly it will be good to see the envout which remains one of the lowest classes play because of his loss of master of multi target DPS everyone he passes now

    and rebalance the power of mythical between classes there is a difference between a 10% bonus to critical bonus and 10% double spellcasting.

    this is an example but before testing new things must rebalance the same old if your Developeur play necro or invoq

    and excuse me for my google english
  20. Feldon Well-Known Member

    95% of players do not read the forums. A large percentage of players choose to opt out of the increasingly vile public chat channels. It's hard to know what player want, and when so many of them opt-out of the 2 main feedback channels, that makes it that much harder. Is there any chance we have in-game voting for features and specific development resources like Planetside 2 has so successfully adopted?
    Personally, I'd like to see more resources be dedicated to finishing up Census so that we can fully support Quests, NPCs, Zones, Collections, AA Named lists, Leaderboards, and Loot Drop Tables. I know that EQ2 Developer time is stretched very thin and they are doing the best they can. For us to get more time put into Census, players might need to step up and say "Census is important enough to me that I'd be willing to give up X or Y content for more time to be dedicated to it."
    Some EQ2U Stats to hopefully show that Census is not just a niche thing:
    • Unique Items Looked Up: 176,587
    • Unique Characters Looked Up: 1,007,161
    • Unique Guilds Looked Up: 33,072
    • Character Lookups in the last 9 months: 3,316,224
    • Average Character Lookups Per Day: ~10,500
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