Endless quiver AA for Rangers

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Amyas, May 27, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Amyas Guest

    Does any thing in the game do this for ranger like in eq1? I love archer class's but hate having to worry about arrows. If not I hope SoE would consider adding a AA like this for eq2.
  2. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    While it doesn't exist, it's been proposed several times - but like most Ranger feedback, shot down or ignored.

    Don't expect to see this.
  3. ARCHIVED-Amyas Guest

    >_< I was hoping since EQ2 was down on subs they would listin.
  4. ARCHIVED-MurFalad Guest

    The big problem to an endless quiver that I see is that if implemented it hits tradeskillers hard, right now if in a pinch you can at least make some makeshift arrows.
    For me it would be just another RP/real world feature that goes from the game if they did remove the need for arrows, so I'm happy to load up (with a ridiculous number of arrows :) ) on my Ranger.
  5. ARCHIVED-Guy De Alsace Guest

    Solution : Level a woodworker :)
    My Ranger just dinged 90 WW the other night :) arrow heaven.
  6. ARCHIVED-FearDiadh Guest

    MurFalad wrote:
    Do you even play a ranger?

    I am just curious, because makeshift arrows does not make arrows anymore. It was changed to a temporary proc off ranged attacks at the beginning of Sentinel's Fate. It was a nice improvement to a combat art that had been made useless several years ago.

    At level 90 with the enervated/mythical and aa points in arrow tear I can get by with around 200 arrows an hour. This is a huge improvement over the half a quiver I used to use in that time, but still accounts for a nice chunk of change each day in arrows. I do not think that one class should be supporting a tradeskill by itself. Give woodworkers another way to make money, and give rangers a break.
  7. ARCHIVED-CrazyMoogle Guest

    This has been bad design since the beginning. No other class has to worry or spend as much money on reagents as Rangers do. If a class has to spend more than any other just to operate then it should be the top of the DPS parse.
    (And no, I don't play a ranger and have never had one)
  8. ARCHIVED-lollipop Guest

    while we are at it should make endless posion so swash brigs and asassins dont need to buy them.
  9. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    lollipop wrote:
    Oh look, it's a strawman argument that assumes Rangers don't go through poisons. I'll play too!

    Let's make every single melee autoattack randomly subtract 8-20 silver from your bag to cover the costs of the more extensive damage your weapon takes during combat!
  10. ARCHIVED-Hene Guest

    Amyas wrote:
    They have completely ignored all 5 threads on the fury/mystic ninja nerf too :(
    So they obviously don't care about even fixing issues they have created recently.
  11. ARCHIVED-Magnethjelmen2 Guest

    lollipop wrote:
    Dont be stupid please. This has nothing to do with poisons. Rangers has to buy poisions too you know right? But furthermore we have to buy arrows. And on top up that to get best dps we need special raid crafted arrows, that comes from raid mobs, or TS instances, which is even more lame.
    And btw, there would still be a market for arrows. Dont forget that bards, assassin, and fighters in most cases uses bows, and still will be in need of arrows. Ofc, it will not be as big. But it is still stupid that rangers are the only class getting milked from money because they have to keep some woodworkers income alive.
    Rangers got way bigger problems that this tho.
  12. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    lollipop wrote:
    Stop trolling. This isn't even comparable to the arrow cost for rangers. Both predator and both rogue classes have similar poison costs in the end. This isn't asked for because it hits all classes roughly about the same.
    The reason they won't give rangers endless quiver has been stated before previously anyways, woodworkers go up in arms over killing their ability to make any coin as a tradeskill class. I have my own woodworker, I can make my own arrows, though sometimes I may not have time to log it in to restock arrows for my ranger.
    When they went back and decided that when SF released that they would allow ammo within 20 levels of the bow to be used without hurting your dps, as opposed to the 10 level range during RoK and TSO, woodworkers got ticked off thinking that this decision would kill their ability to make a profit because rangers could use free arrows summoned by either of the Deathtoll bows.
    I can understand the cost of poisons, since for the MC poisons the dust costs more to acquire either by just getting the rares to make experts to obtain it, or buying it off the broker, but again this gets passed on to all classes that use poisons, and even MC potions. You can't tell me however, convince me that woodworkers charging 20g per 100 arrows is a fair price. I can easily go through 100-200 arrows per instance. More if I'm soloing, even more if I'm raiding. Per combine, if I were to buy all my materials for arrows on the broker, counting fuel costs it would probably cost 5-6g. So most woodworkers are making at least 3x over the cost of what it takes to make arrows. What other class has that same expense, at the same rate.
  13. ARCHIVED-Helrazor Guest

    Endless quiver was one of the AA's they considered the most overpowered in the original EQ game. When AA's started there were numerous questions about this - it was stated then (and I haven't heard anything changed) that there would NEVER be Endless Quiver in EQ2. Search around a bit in the Ranger forums...it's been asked for and denied over and over :(
  14. ARCHIVED-FearDiadh Guest

    Helrazor wrote:
    Yes, and there will NEVER be an eq2 store that charges real money for ingame items...
    There will NEVER be a way to change your race...
  15. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    Helrazor wrote:
    One of the bigger issues for Endless quiver in EQ1 was what went into making the arrows that the rangers used. I stopped playing EQ1 back in 2006, but I still recall most rangers having at least 4 - 5 distinct arrows they kept in their quiver to change whichever one should be applied. I know how many arrows my rogue could go through on raids when we were jousting out in EQ1, or other raids when we just weren't allowed to joust in due to resists for certain fights, and that was just with generally mage summoned arrows or maybe some basic crafted arrows. The cost to keep supplied on the better arrows that rangers used would probably be much higher to even the inflated cost of arrows that we spend in EQ2.
    Before endless quiver a lot of my ranger friends tended to keep their tolan's bracer around in case they needed to summon arrows, but at that point except when using their trueshot discipline most rangers tended to melee more then they used their bow.
    Will this happen, sadly, no you're probably right. Should it happen? Something along the lines should, as others have said, no other class has to pay 20s per auto attack. While they did throw us a bone a few years back keeping arrows from being consumed by range CA's, it's still not enough considering how many arrows a ranger can go through soloing, in instances, and especially raiding.
    Before anyone falls back on the concept that this potentially could kill the woodworker market for arrows, woodworkers still sell a significant amount of arrows to non rangers, so while it may cut their profits some, they'll still find people they can price gouge with their current prices.
  16. ARCHIVED-Aldhissla Guest

    Solution: Let WWs craft twice as many arrows per combine.
    Will cause arrows to be cheaper and reduce grind for WWs.
  17. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    Aldhissla wrote:
    This has an even less likely chance of happening then Endless quiver, cause provisioners and alchemists would throw a fit unless they somehow got included.
  18. ARCHIVED-Khurghan Guest

    Really guys, the price of arrows on the broker (unless you want lower level ones) is so cheap it effectively costs me more to make my own than to just buy them (unless they've all run out and someone has put some on at a rediculous price).

    I have a woodworker who can make arrows for me and I never bother making my own arrows.
  19. ARCHIVED-Aldhissla Guest

    Seiffil@Permafrost wrote:
    And how do they even have a say in this?
  20. ARCHIVED-Writer Cal Guest

    Sure, when every other dps class is charged 10-20s per auto-attack or spell (for the casters), often ending up with 1-2p per evening before including the cost of poisons that other preds and rogues share (no biggie on that, really,) depending on how much fighting occurs, then it'll be all nice and even. Don't want to spend the cash? Then, level a crafter. Then, every other dps class gets to spend X amount of time crafting per auto-attack or spell cast.
    How about whetstones that are mandatory consumables for each melee auto-attack. No whetstones? Then no auto-attack, since that's how it works for ranged auto-attack. And runes that are mandatory consumables for each spell cast... Oh, wait, there's no chance in hell that this will happen. Not to mention, the assassins and sorcs are capable of producing more dps for free than that of a ranger paying a couple plat a night for their damage...if they know how to play their class.
    BTW, I have T9 woodworker (actually, she gained her last 3 levels alone from grinding T9 arrows for the ranger), and I see nothing wrong with cutting "profit" from one single class that gets to pay extra for less damage compared to other classes.

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