Do people still think the Varsoon XP rate is too high?

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    Assuming you're in a party, from levels 1-12/13ish, just mass murder yellow mobs in Darklight Woods or Frostfang Sea.

    At 12/13, take your group into Firemyst Gulley, or into Antonica/Commonlands and do any heroic groups you find there. There's an overwhelming amount of them in both Ant and CLs, but FMG is just easier than hunting down and finding the good spots in Ant/CL.

    At around 18 or 19, leave FMG and go into Thundering Steppes. Mass murder the gnolls around the lakes and then continue down the trench towards RoV. By the time you get to the area around RoV, you should be in the low 20s. Mass murder the skeletons outside of RoV until 28/29.

    From there, go into EL. Hunt the grinnins along the western shore until you're 32/33, then kill all the grouped goblins that are around the RE entrance/lake. Try to avoid the warmongers, but if you pull them with blues, it's fine. They just take longer to kill.

    Around 36/37, go into Rivervale and hunt either the Nightbloods in the north/northwest, or if they're contested, go to the faeries/trees in the east of the zone. If all of RV is contested, go into the Feerrott and kill the groups of Lizardmen north/northeast of the Druid port in (there are several places with fast repops here, either around the lake or south of the lake in the ruins).

    You can do the above two zones into the low 40s, at which point you'll either move into CT or Lavastorm. You can stay in either zone until 50. If you do Lavastorm, just mass murder the grouped heroic goblins at the start of the zone (this has the benefit of dropping goblin language markers so you can then move onto GEBS if you didn't get enough of them from the grinnins/goblins in EL), then move to the area where the Big Squiggly is spawned and kill up that path to the north. Around 47, if your group has significantly better single target DPS than aoe, kill the flare reapers and encountered rumblers around the Fiery Apparition until 50. If your group has significant blue AoE dps, then move into the Temple of Sol Ro until 50.

    This route is purely about exp and you're going to have to go back and do the other things you're going to need to do your HQs and Speak like a Dragon (no giant language, etc.). The reasoning for this route is a few things: 1) mobs in the open world have, on average, about 35% less hp than similar leveled mobs in dungeons, so they die significantly more quickly, and 2) grouped encounters of single up or no-up mobs that are heroic are both faster to kill than ^^^s and give more exp (exp from each individual mob and the bonus exp for defeating a heroic encounter). Most dungeons do not have a lot of #2 (RoV has a small amount, RE has a lot but is usually heavily contested, and CT).
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    great write-up, thanks!
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    The Islands around the Wiz Spire in Everfrost is another fantastic overland spot. Lots of low HP linked encounters.
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    There is NO WAY you make a level per room. No way. Period. End of the story. That's a straight up lie, and makes every argument you have made in this thread irrelevant because of it.
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    This is a spot on write up. I've been doing this while using my necro to level alts insanely fast on the 2nd account. Grouped up encounter mobs that are deep orange are crazy exp. Mentored down pet classes are a little, er, I don't want to say overtuned, but they are quite powerful ;)
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    It was during the XP bonus obviously, but it's (roughly) accurate. Was 21 when we went in, was 29 by the time we got to the instance at the end. We didn't go to the right after the entrance, so that's about 10 rooms. I'm rounding obviously but yeah. One trip from the entrance to the back went from 21-29. I had no mentoring, but I did have full vitality when we started cuz I hadn't played the toon in a bit.
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    Yep, I would call him out on this also.

    MAYBE WC as I just went through there on my monk.

    So, to put in to context, my monk had just dinged 10 and I got a group going that included a 50 mentored Assassin that was mentored to me adding a 10% bonus to my monk.

    We did one complete walkthrough including killing the main boss encounter and everything else and I went from 10-18

    We went to FG as we did 1 walkthrough of the first boss up top, then the boss to the right down the little tunnel where you update the quest for the room of darkness. Then we went through the water room and killed everything and on past the lvl 30 boss to the end of that short tunnel and then through spider tunnel and back to the tunnel leading to the very end which we only made it to the priest before we quit.

    I ended up going from 18-23 and that is most of the dungeon, there is no way you would get 4-5 more lvls from just the little bit left. And remember this was with the xp bonus AND the 10% mentor bonus