Do people still think the Varsoon XP rate is too high?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Xeshaka, Jun 14, 2022.

  1. Travail Member

    Pretty much everyone is saying the server is to slow, even before the server even launched. It has absolutely nothing to do with exp rate. Aside from the VERY few vocal minority of people that want to do every little quest before the next exp launches, it is a common consensus amongst all other playstyles that 16 weeks is to long.

    If the experience rate was super low like some of yall want, there would hardly be anyone playing on this server. This server would be a ghost town.

    Maybe this happens on every TLE because the cycle is the same and 16 weeks is just to long. Imagine that. Every TLE this was said, even with varying experience rates. But here we are yet again with the vocal minority saying the same thing over and over... nerf exp and play my way and all will be well in Norrath!
  2. Satarie Member

    I think I said Make a server for the ones that want to rush to top lvl in a couple days time. and make a different one that is slower. What the fast lvlers are saying is everyone has to play the way I want fast top lvl in a weeks time. I dont understand if a player wants to be lvl 50 or what ever in a weeks time why not play on the live servers there you can zoom through all the lvls but maybe the top ones. What is the attraction to the time locked servers... then whine its not fast enough. What is the point in starting on the TLE servers if you want to zoom that fast. But to force everyone to play like you do zoom I made max lvl. I dont think when the tle servers where started that is what people had in mind. It was to make a server for new plyers and returning players. to learn the game or relearn it.. which is something you cant do on live servers. Maybe new players learn fast too. and want to be lvl 50 in 2 days time. Your the ones that is killing the servers. Same ones come to the server blast through everything. and then leave cause your bored.
  3. Kurth Member

    Maybe in your tiny echo chamber, but even in this thread the majority of different posters are saying it's either too fast or that it's ok.
  4. Travail Member

    By to slow I was not talking about experience but the 16 week cycle of expansion releases.
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  5. Sehenry1010 Member

    Well, I guess since 5-10 people on the forums replied out of 2k+ or whatever the server has means the majority has spoke...

    Seriously, its the forums. A VERY miniscule part of the population ever visit the forums. Lets stop acting like any of us speak for the majority as we don't really know.

    I can say, in game, EVERY SINGLE PERSON or group I join is always going to the best xp spots for that lvl. Not 1 single time have I EVER had a group say "whoah...slow down, lets hit a slower xp spot because the xp is moving to fast".

    EVERY SINGLE GROUP has gone to the best xp spots and then when they are able, they immediately move to the next best xp spot. Everyone in the group talks about where the hidden xp spots are, and there is never a mention of a good spot to get casual slow xp.

    Even in my guild everyone talks about where to go to level the fastest, there has never been a time anyone has talked about slowing it down.

    IF I was to guess, which is just a guess since we don't know, we can all stop pretending that a majority of players don't like the xp rate, it seems pretty obvious people are loving the xp rate.
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  7. Cataclysm Active Member

    Adv XP is too high and TS XP is far too low.
  8. Kurth Member

    Those best XP spots are also the best loot spots. All the groups are just going through dungeons hunting nameds from BB/WC on to CT.

    Are they the best XP spots? Heck if I know, but no one is going "hey this spot is great XP let's stay here and farm it" they run through a dungeon, do the instance at the end of it, and usually after doing that once or twice they've out leveled the dungeon. Hell I haven't even got to do Nek1 and barely touched RE/RV because I was 39 when I left RoV.
  9. Arandar Well-Known Member

    I've found leveling a tradeskill to be very fast, even without using experience potions. Grinding rush order writs may be mind-numbing and burn through a lot of raw materials, but it's definitely not slow.
  10. Pharliquin Member

    2 different types of game play servers might have been a good way to gauge what the peoples really want. I agree the handful of folks that actually post to forums or even on discord is very small and the same people all the time. I think it might have been a good idea to try a slow more xp for questing less for grinding type game and then make the here- you can even start at 50 if you want everything open run with the wind server. I suspect the quiet majority (who are also the ones that leave when the servers out pace their game play) will be happy on the slower server. I also suspect that just like the folks that got bored on their must have PVP server and now are trying to have PVP on other servers- those folks would flock to the slow one where most of the people would be after a month of winning the Game on fast server. It is all speculation at this point as we all have different ideas of what the game should bring to the table. 16 weeks is only 4 months lol, for me I have very little time. If I think I have an hour or maybe 2 un-interrupted I have joined a group, the rest of the time I been working on quests, gathering, raising Trade level and fixing house. My 4 chars are all between 28-31, there are many folks that play this way even if they dont speak out. I sort of still dont understand why people are playing a game that was about questing and traveling lands- but dont want to quest and travel lands. <shrugs> maybe if we make it to another TLE they try a quest based xp one and the other, we shall see. For now, enjoy what you do.

    PS-By the way we are having XP bonus so if it was to slow for your liking-Go level your alt army this weekend.
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  11. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    y'all must be hating this double xp right now :(
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  12. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Absolutely no one I've talked to (and have been helping level) has said "gosh darn it, this XP is just flowing too fast! They really need to slow this down, this server XP bonus is terrible too!"
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  13. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    Ah yes, the incredible loot spots of EL shoreline and Rivervale. Truly the epitome of places to farm. And don't forget all of the INCREDIBLE loot that drops out of CT. Those level 40 pieces are juicy.
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  14. Kurth Member

    Who is hunting EL shoreline? I only ever see people there to harvest. People are hunting nameds for masters and advanced craft books because the rest of the gear is useless since you outlevel it in a couple hours.

    Last night on my wizard in FG I was making a level per ROOM. I went from 22-30, I still had level 10 equipment. It was stupid.
  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    The people using the "best XP spots".

    The people who level the fastest, don't go in WC, BB, FG, RoV, RE.
  16. Rolien Active Member

    I'm enjoying the server exp... I know it's doubled currently but even before it was good.

    The people saying it's to high make me wonder if they're popping exp pots. But I've been leveling decently slow probably an hour per level solo before double.

    Idk maybe I just suck or maybe I'm hunting in bad spots but no exp pot and it seems good and relaxing.
  17. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    If you're really asking me that question then you truly have absolutely no clue about the correlation between the best xp spots and the best loot spots. Next you're going to ask me "who kills skeletons outside of RoV?"

    To get the best exp, you avoid dungeons like the plague (there are potential exceptions, such as an uncontested Runnyeye or CT), as the mob density is much lower and mob difficulty much higher inside of a dungeon. You hunt in open world, where there are significantly more monsters to mass/chain pull and the mobs have less hp.
  18. Xeshaka Member

    weird considering dungeons is how the majority of the playerbase levels

    please share your wisdom of best xp spots for the rest of us?
  19. Jalathan Active Member

    I've seen good leveling in dungeons, and I've seen good leveling in open world.. the real key is to keep the mobs as ^^^ type mobs that are yellow to orange. whether that is in a dungeon or open world is (mostly) irrelevant. What changes is the potential for gear, which is better (that I've noticed) in dungeons
  20. Zenji Well-Known Member

    The majority doing something does not necessarily make it good.

    The fastest levelers on day 1 avoided contested dungeons. (like BB, WC, FG, SH, RoV, RE)
    The fastest power levelers now avoid most dungeons. (FMG is still great)