Do people still think the Varsoon XP rate is too high?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Xeshaka, Jun 14, 2022.

  1. Greene Active Member

    I got 50 super slow compared to all my guildies, but fast compared to my small group of RL friends playing this.

    I always have fun with these, and obviously it's more fun with people. But when you quest for 10 minutes, hand it in, and get the same exp as you would in a group killing one dungeon mob, it's a bit ...skewed? I feel bad missing out on thousands of quests. I could go back and do em gray, but you don't really gain anything.

    My opinion is that the exp rate is right for people wanting to raid week 1, but a tad too quick for us filthy casuals.
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  2. Ayodi Active Member

    Original set was so everyone could play how ever they saw fit to have fun. Good Call imo. (Players who grew up in EQII under the current live version where all combat experience has been turbo-nerfed do not remember when the game was for everyone. Current live is all about forcing players to do what Devs want.) Some folks dig questing (ref. the name of the game.) Some players like to adventure. imho if you are 50 now on Varsoon, after 4 weeks, it's too soon. If we talk PGT or Yak or BBC and you don't got them yet, yeah, 50 for the sake of 50 yields nothing of merit. I submit that you survey the Heritage Quests and consider using that implied order -as a progression sigline if you will- to help navigate the exp we are in. Heritage quests really are not killed off in relevance until after RoK. Dig into it, have fun!
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  3. Kurth Member

    Yeah crazy me wanting a progression server that actually has the game as it was back in 04
  4. Casr Dagor New Member

    I think the XP rate is really good. A little quick at times, especially in well formed groups that steamroll dungeons. But, in general, it feels good.

    I have found that when doing Alts, people say things like 'Ugh, not more FG'. So, that gets countered with, 'Alright, let's pick a zone we haven't done.'

    Made a few levels in Down Below and Vermin's Snye with my latest alt. There are so many zones that rarely get used and are fun.

    I am still skeptical about Shattered Lands going 16 weeks. I think Shattered Lands should be maybe 10 weeks. I mean, we're only 4 weeks in... Especially with how efficient everyone is at this game now. When EQ2 first released, I remember spending a few weeks even trying to figure out Nektropos Castle (dying, trying again, and SO many shard runs). With a lot of the mystery out of the game, there are no roadblocks anymore.
  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    It's cool to want that.
    But after 7 years and several TLE servers, I would think it would be clear that can't / won't happen.
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  6. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    I'm still waiting for the credits to roll. I was told once I hit 50 there was nothing left to do.
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  7. DENSER Well-Known Member

    There's so many things to do.
    Qh, languages, lore, helping others, harvesting, chilling, crafting, gearing, meeting new ppl etc
    those who don't know what to do are those whose sole objective is the number 50. there is something for everyone. Those in a hurry will be the big losers
  8. Maldaris Active Member

    I've not had an issue with the XP rate. Granted, I've done no dungeons, but apart from that fact, everything seems to be working out just fine. Started in Outpost, went to Darklight, quested up to a certain point, did some Freeport/CL stuff (quested the places like Graveyard and Sunken City), then hopped up to Frostfang, very few of the quests were grey at that point (relatively speaking). I just bit the bullet and powered through FF, now I'm back in Darklight, haven't had a grey quest since.

    Yes, I'm taking my time, plus I don't have the energy I did in '04, so it's all worked out. Stormhold and the Caves may very well be a cakewalk by the time I get to them, but I can live with that, plus there's always the mentoring option. I simply don't understand people who have to speed through the levels, but as long as it doesn't impact my gameplay, more power to them.
  9. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I personally dont understand people who like to quest through their levels. Some people enjoy the grind for lvls, some enjoy the grind for gear on max lvl.

    The difference is, one group likes to complain that the other group lvl too fast and they want everyone to be forced into a slower grind because its that grind they enjoy.
    The people who like to lvl slowly always have the option to do so by disabling exp at their will, it only takes two clicks.

    If the endgame grp of ppl would always have the option to get the leveling out of the way with two clicks, would they ever complain about exp rates and how your grps prefered playstyle affected them? No, they would not.
  10. Kurth Member

    Then why aren't those people playing on the lore and legend server where levels are irrelevant?
  11. Beneeto Member

    someday you will realize why "go play a server with a totally different ruleset because you don't like 1 thing" is a bad faith argument
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  12. Kurth Member

    The same way you can realize "just turn off your XP" is a bad faith argument
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  13. Zenji Well-Known Member

    He probably won't, because it's not.
  14. Jalathan Active Member

    I'm going to say that I think that dungeon XP is too fast, while quest XP is too slow. Not to mention, once you get to 30 the solo quest lines turn you into swiss cheese due to the random heroic (solo labeled) quests that completely stop your progression anyways (and effectively force you into dungeon groups) once you get to 30...
  15. Malachy Well-Known Member

    Part of why so many people play summoners and sks, they go for the classes that can solo. Too bad there's nearly no room for any of them in raids.

    MANY people had no plans of going to Varsoon unless L&L flopped or was broke. Unfortunately it is broken and they've done nothing to correct it. ^^^ heroic giants in TS die in 3seconds, ^^^ heroic giants in Kael die in 8minutes.

    The mentor down thing is much better than live for the most part (no 1shotting x4s), but heroic/raid Velious content is basically unplayable which is where players land on character creation. Also resists being capped so low you get 1 shot by solo mobs that nuke is pretty absurd.

    Unless you get 90 gear with yellow adornment slots (SF/DoV) and the adornments to go with it (not an option in the L&L crate gear), then there's really no clear improvement in gear as most blue stats are capped just barely above starter gear. So between some zones being completely impossible to clear due to resist caps and power issues making 'the completionist' types livid, and nothing to strive for regarding character progression in loot for the casual eyes (or as intended espoused by devs), the server is left with like 20 players, all in different time zones, and randos that drop in and quit.

    But, yes, many of us far prefer the idea of L&L because grinding for XP is absurd, it's completely arbitrary and has no storyline or value other than it's a required time sink determined by devs and the people that lack the motivation to play beyond it that advocate for it.
  16. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    xp rate is not too high for me.
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  17. Zarriya New Member

    I think the dungeon xp is too high, so I just use an xp siphon and shut off my leveling.
  18. Turnery New Member

    Im on Varsoon so I can learn the game again like I played and power leveled back in 2006.

    I do not want to power level play again because I found out you miss so much like the quest etc etc.
  19. Rayzor Member

    We should do a survey monkey or something. Post it here, Discord, in game general chat, in game LFG, in game auction, in game city shouts, eq2 raiders site, zam, eq2i, eq2wire - get as diverse a group of people as possible and ask them what they think about levelling. Put this age-old fuss fest to rest.

    Survey question: What is the appropriate leveling speed to maximize the success of the server and make the most people happy?

    1. It's about the journey, not the destination! Questing is super fun and rewarding. After all the game is named EverQuest! You should have to complete every quest in the game to be max level!
    2. Whatever. I like it how it is. You do you and I'll do me.
    3. u guyz r newbz imagine taking longer than 4 hours to cap lolz
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    5. I like to raid with my friends - we challenge each other and other people like us to see who can do it better and faster. Levelling is just a little speed bump that interferes with my goals and fun.
  20. Satarie Member

    I knew this was going to happen. People that rushed to Max lvl whining about server is to slow. they rushed to make lvl now its I'm bored needed to rush again. This happens with every TLE server that comes out maybe what they need to do is make one new server that you can rush as fast as you want with all the zones in place at start and make another one that is close to original start of game. maybe a bit faster. No potions at all. I am so tired of people doing this to a new server all the time. if yo want to rush that much stay on live servers. let the people that want to go slower have the server like they wanted in the first place.
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