Do people still think the Varsoon XP rate is too high?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Xeshaka, Jun 14, 2022.

  1. Xeshaka Member

    Saw endless complaints on these forums about XP rate being too high for Varsoon.

    Does anyone still think that? Seems to be working pretty well in game.
  2. adaria Member

    Nope. its ok. truth be told i dont like to play a toon without vitality otherwise it feels too much of a grind. I was one advocating slower xp but the truth is its plenty slow enough. Glad its not any slower.
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  3. Xevran Well-Known Member

    It should have been left at live rates, leveling alts is way too much of a grind and everyone was 50 almost instantly anyway thanks to the xp potions.
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  4. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I think it's just right. Back in The Day, it was interesting to level slowly and learn everything about the game - but now that we know, I think our focuses (foci?) are placed differently for how we like to explore the game.
  5. Malvolio Member

    Personally I liked it compared to 2 TLE's ago. I remember at one point a previous TLE you could do Colony and be under leveled , pause and go to DLW/Frostfang and yet again hit a roadblock and need a 3rd leveling area or mindless mob grind.

    Dungeon grinding can be quick depending on pace but that's more of a player power issue than exp. Although the speed mentality does tend to favor too strict a progression. Very few people are running Nek Castle 1, Obelisk of Lost Souls, DFC, Sol, and Perma for leveling (just for their relevant quests at 50) as the name of the game is WC/BB -> SH/FG -> RoV -> RE -> CT. I think back in the day it was indeed slower so people favored variety as a change of pace.

    Questing is still much slower in comparison. Even in the 30s one has to multi dip zones. I feel like that's appropriate as EQ2 should not be one of those golden path theme-parks where you pick one and out-level the other. For my alt I did Colony -> DLW and I needed to level in WC before being able to complete DLW as I was under-leveled. But not nearly as bad as the mindless grind of before.

    AS for the comment of wanting it to be faster #1 they have to keep people for 4 months between expansions which IMHO is a mistake and #2 its undoubtedly a huge profit area. I can't tell you how many people were running mutliple single and group pots in a row. Not to mention all those that bought the fillable vials.
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  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

    The people who stack pots to level get to 50 day 1.
    Two TLEs ago (Fallen Gate) those same people hit 50 on day 4.

    The argument of keeping people around longer with slower XP is absurd and just needs to stop.

    As long as XP / Vitality potions are a thing, the XP rate of the server is irrelevant when it comes to making content last longer.
  7. DENSER Well-Known Member

    I do not believe. you want to go fast, you do the routine mentioned above and it's good. you want to take your time, discover the areas, you do the quests, glean here and there.
    Different players, different ways to play, and a multitude of options that allow you to take your time.
  8. Shaagul101 New Member

    I think they needed to make it about 50-100% slower EXP rate. They also should have looked at the loot being dropped by all the original content. Level 50+ mobs should NOT be dropping terrible level 40 loot. 2xRaid loot should be better then level 50 groupable gear but it isn't. All in All this is WAY better then Kaladim was but still not even close to EQ1s TLP servers.
  9. Zenji Well-Known Member

  10. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    I think they need to quit selling xp and vitality pots on a TLE if they're going to do 4 month unlocks.
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  11. Sehenry1010 Member

    Whether it makes sense or not to have an xp pot on a TLE server like this, saying they shouldn't do it will kill the server completely.

    The only reason they do these servers is to make money, and they make a TON of money off xp pots in the store. Without that money we aren't playing right now.
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  12. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I think they got it right the first time with Stormhold, not sell XP potions for the first month or so. It slowed the grind at the very start and then made it appealing to alts and latecomers.
  13. Shaagul101 New Member

    16 weeks is a LONG time. most of the server has hit 50 already. I leveled so fast that I had quests in areas turn grey before i even got around to completing them.
  14. Shaagul101 New Member

    I agree with this completely. No exp pots and for god sakes why did they sell the 200k exp pots for a day or whatever and not completely remove them all after they realized they messed up.
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  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Ok so you make it 100% slower.
    Instead of hitting 50 7 hours into launch we take 14.

    All you managed to do is cause people to make less alts.
    Congrats. Server is now saved and 16 weeks gets boring 7 hours later.
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  16. Zenji Well-Known Member

    You understand the 200k XP vials have to be filled first? You don't just buy them off the marketplace already filled.

    The vials were great, and it is terrible they were removed.
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  17. Shaagul101 New Member

    Okay you talked me into it. Make it 1000% slower and it took me a week or so to hit 50. Did you hit 50 in 7 hours?
  18. Shaagul101 New Member

    I didn't know they were filled. How do they actually work?
  19. Mandoh New Member

    Did minimal grinding, even locked exp for a few hours once. Leveled almost exclusively by boxing and exploring all the main dungeons with achievements and doing Heritage Quests/LnL/Language Quests. A few random quests like The Windstalker Rumbler and some other stuff that had a nice reward and Qeynos AQs. Played daily, crafting all at 50 (crafting exp is pretty slow but I get it they want vitality potion sales), no grinds needed and hit 50 in EF/Ferrott finishing lvl 45 HQs. Perfect exp tuning. I can plow an alt up in less then a day if I choose.

    I haven't played in years and this was the best tuned exp I have found in EQ2. FG/Trak servers were a hot mess on exp. The grind was brutal.
  20. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Yes I did, and some people did it faster than me