Chains of eternity - To expensive.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Helmarf, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Wingrider01 Guest

    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    never set foot in chelsith for "grinding" not worth the mind numbing repitition and boredoom. Did the levels grouping with friends and guild mates in different areas, will do the next 3 levels on all my levle 92 toons the exact same way. Not sure what server you are on but the public level channels are quite are quite active on my server though I tend to stay out of the 1 to 9 blather
  2. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Wingrider01 wrote:
    That game is so popular they can get away with it. Not only that, there are so many people playing that game you can still play the game with other people even when you don't own the latest expansions.
    Its not really a fair comparison.
    Prior to SJ, you could buy the latest expansion and catch up at any time. Now that we have SJ, we try to nickle and dime instead.
  3. ARCHIVED-faith Guest

    It amazes me that people still try and compare EQ2 to WOW chalk and cheese the games are one is played by millions and one isnt..thats the reason they can charge what they want to for xpacs.

    But anyway to the main question do i think this expansion is too expensive? yes but to my mind ALL expanions should be roughly half the price of the current price of the base game,now it could be argued that EQ2 includes all other xpacs so maybe a little more than half.

    Havent really played much becuase of the pro 7 nonsense so am i right in assuming this one is only avaliable from SOE to buy no box copies to be bought? if thats the case you cant even shop around for good deals etc so SOE have sort of cornered the market with this one i do hope that the Krono can be used to buy it,otherwise i'll just sit by fror awhile and wait for it to come down in price
  4. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    You can compare WoW and EQ2. Both fantasy MMORPGs, both released at similar times, etc etc. In my mind the only reason EQ2 is not as big as WoW is marketing. I see WoW in every game store in Europe and Australia, and I bet it's in all US stores too. Right at the front and a whole shelf of it. I have only seen one box of EQ2, a Sentinels Fate expansion box I think in a bargain bin. And that was when it was f2p anyway. EQ1 was slightly better, had the first couple of boxes in the UK, then dissapeared. The only reason I am playing EQ2 now is because I knew about it from my EQ1 days and wanted to compare it to my nostalgic memory of EQ1. Most people choose WoW because it's in their face to buy, then they try it and like it. If EQ2 was marketed at the same standard, I reckon you'd have half the WoW players playing EQ2 instead. Most games are around $40 these days when released. They're actually a lot more in Australia (like twice the price for new console games). I don't think it's an unreasonable figure but we'll see in a few months if it gets discounted.
  5. ARCHIVED-SteelPiston Guest

    SONY has hardly spent a dollar on advertising since the WALKMAN. It's a corporate thing and not just SOE.
    It is extremely poor at advertising everything it makes from TV's, Music Players, Games, Computers, Cameras and Phones. I don't remember seeing a SONY advert on TV since one for a PlayStation many months ago.
  6. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    To be honest NO ONE markets MMORPGS as well as WoW, and now they have the benefit of it (a large amount of money from subscriptions and loyalty), no one can touch them. Most people are loyal to one MMO, as it takes a lot of investment in making a character good. So once you've spent a weekend or a few months playing one, you're reluctant to give up on it to start a similar game.
  7. ARCHIVED-Helmarf Guest

    Since the prosieben deal started which led to lots of player quiting or moved server, a lowered price or being able to buy it with kronos would be a good gesture from Soe.
  8. ARCHIVED-Wingrider01 Guest

    Ulrichvon wrote:
    how sure are you that I was talking about that game?
    Prior to SJ it was not F2P, to many things have changed over the time period for you to compare intelligently. Bottom line - think it is to expensive then don;t buy it. Simple, straight forward and no issues. 40 bucks does not bother me, I know what payroll, benefits, utilities and all the othe minor things it takes to run a business that eat into the profit.
  9. ARCHIVED-Wingrider01 Guest

    Helmarf wrote:
    was under the impression you could but it with that
  10. ARCHIVED-Wingrider01 Guest

    Regolas wrote:
    they are still losing players 300K in the 2nd quarter ending report, the loss has been constant since last year, unlike you have not seen the game in the places around here that sell game software, for the last expansion, the local stores where only carrying what was pre-ordered
  11. ARCHIVED-Volov Guest

    We finally have decided not to buy this expansion. For us to come back to the game it would cost us 80 dollars per account, that's 240 dollars plus 45 a month. I can easily pay all this, but there just isn't something right about having to pay 80 dollars per account just to return to the game. There is no game on the market today that sells for that much brand new and this game is what, 10 years old? Seriouslly Sony?
  12. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    Malvin@Lucan DLere wrote:
    i would cost you more per account to start playing wow, and the age of the game dont matter because the cost of producing the content is still there.
    its not to expensive, its not a bad deal at all.
  13. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    You don't have to buy either to play. You also don't need to have 2 accounts. It's all choice. Are you at cap? If you're not, why not just pay a sub and come play till you get 90? Or not pay and play for free? If you decide you like it, and get to 90, then buy the xpac. You don't have to buy AoD at all, it's your choice if you'd like the things it provides. I'd expect AoD to drop in price soon anyway. Velious is $20 as it's not the most recent xpac, and soon AoD won't be either.
  14. ARCHIVED-Volov Guest

    yohann koldheart wrote:
    I don't see what WoW has to do with it, and if WoW cost that much or more there is no way in hell I would ever play it. And you are telling me that 80 dollars is not to expensive when I can go out and buy the lastest and greatest tripple A game out there for 60 dollars?
  15. ARCHIVED-Malleria Guest

    Malvin@Lucan DLere wrote:
    When said latest and greater triple A game only provides *maaaaybe* 60hrs of gameplay? Yea, I'd say EQ2 is superb value for money.
  16. ARCHIVED-Volov Guest

    Regolas wrote:
    A couple things, yes I am somewhat at cap. To play the end game of EQ2 you will need AoD for reforging and the 20 extra AA. That's 40 bucks right there, obviously you need the real true expansion.. that's another 40. Note I'm looking to come back to the game, not start from the beginning. And I need 3 accounts because if mamma isn't happy, then nobody is happy. :)
    This entire thing though is a little shocking to me. Sony I think is making a huge mistake. When expansions like this come out your best chance to get people back into the game is right when the expansion is released. By coming up with a pricing schedule/model that is so bizzare like this you are pushing people away from the game. Maybe their strat is to gouge people now, then lower the price later.. but the later is the problem. If they change their pricing in 2 months after release I will give it a look.. but if the reviews are bad and people aren't happy.. then no way do I come back to the game. I'm not going to jump into stinky water.
    Of course, if the expansion was priced correctly then I would jump into the water... and if it began to stink I would probably stick it out to see everything.. that's a good bit of monthly subscription money that they are loosing.
    Just a note, I'm not really saying that the expansion is priced incorrectly, it's just when you combine it with the previous expansion which is required for a raider.. then you are looking at 80 dollars, that is way over the line.
  17. ARCHIVED-faith Guest

    Regolas wrote:
    And thats why you simply can not compare the 2 games,it was game over from day 1 WOW won and then came back to several victory laps Blizzard are marketing wizards and when you have a playerbase installed as large as that game has now you can charge what you want simple as that.

    SOE should be pricing the game now as an alternative to other fantasy games other than WOW and pricing the xpacs accordingly tempt people in EQ2 is a brilliant game ive been here apart from this last months since 2007 once it hooks you its got you for life (unless of course SOE try to drive you away,still another story).

    Still all about opinions isnt it?
  18. ARCHIVED-Freejazzlive Guest

    Wingrider01 wrote:
    I could, if I'd chosen to, have missed the $40 mark by a much larger margin if I'd gone to a matinee, which is what I normally do. We only paid as much as we did because we both wanted to see Prometheus on a 3D screen.
    As I said earlier, even at $40 there are other things I'd much rather buy than yet another EQ2 expac -- particularly one the details of which leave me utterly underwhelmed. It's not just a matter of cost, it's a matter of that much cost tied to a game I never even play any more, for an expansion that doesn't flip my switches at all. In fact, since I no longer play EQ2, the only reason I come to these forums at all is to see if anything has changed that might entice me to come back.
    I should also point out that the memory of Prometheus is still with me, several months later, whereas I'm hard-pressed to remember anything I'd done in EQ2 over the last 6 months or so. With that in mind, yes, I think the $18 dollars each my older brother & I spent for Prometheus was a much better use of entertainment dollars. The other point I was making is that movie theater expenses are relative to where one lives, while the cost of an EQ2 expansion is not. IOW, just because either one of us spent $X at the theater is not an indication of what anyone else would, so using that as a comparison to CoE's fixed-cost-for-all is hardly analagous.
  19. ARCHIVED-Wingrider01 Guest

    Freejazzlive wrote:
    not worth the discussion anymore, if you fee the movie was a better ROI then the expansion,then save the expansion cost for the net 3 hour movie that comes out.
    Just boils down to your decision and outlook, personally do not thiink 40 is to much considering the various costs that are associated with a buiness that have to be included in the bottom line figure, not sure I uderstand your reasoning behindthe statement "fixed cost for all statement" or the context in how you use it. Been running a successful business for decades and have rarely seen a "fixed cost" for anything.
    Bottom line - if the 40.00 is beyond the limit you want to spend, then don't spend it, simple as that. Already have all my accounts pre-ordered for the regualr exapnsion - see nothing worth having in the special edition so not need to buy that, but again, I see no problem with the cost for that one either.
  20. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Let me reiterate, and maybe this goes in the enticing returning players thread more than here.
    CoE not containing AoD is a sizeable barrier to people potentially returning to the game, considering what exactly is in AoD in the first place makes it a particularly ugly proposal.

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