Chains of eternity - To expensive.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Helmarf, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Helmarf Guest

    The price for next expansion is way to high for what we get. Standard digital version 39.99$ for that price im expecting little more then what CoE have to offer.
  2. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    If you want to level to 95 and remain viable, you pay it.
  4. ARCHIVED-Volov Guest

    Don't forget the other 40 you have to thrown down if you didn't get AoD. 80 bucks just to come back to the game, lol
  5. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    Malvin@Lucan DLere wrote:
    AoD is not required to play the game.
    If you want mercs and want to use the CE merc, then you must get AoD.
  6. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    I'm curious as to what you want for 40 bucks.
    we're getting several instances/raids/at least 1 contested dungeon..maybe 2 depending on what Harrow's End turns out to be like. and 2 pretty darn big overlands imo.
    new prestiges and 3 new levels.

    so what would you add on to make it worth the money to you?
  7. ARCHIVED-Cloudrat Guest

    Malvin@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Umm but but I am here and have all that stuff.
  8. ARCHIVED-Helmarf Guest

    SS was free and for that we got 1 overland zone, 4 heroic zones, 1 contested zone, 2 raid zones, 2 levels. So im not so sure about the math here . But ofc i will pay the price but i know a couple of friends who cant afford it, living in contrys where 40 - 60$ have a huge impact on their economy.

    Solution - Buy the expansion with Krono?
  9. ARCHIVED-Juggercap Guest

    Helmarf wrote:
    It wasn't free. It was only included with an earlier expansion purchase.
  10. ARCHIVED-Deago Guest

    Too too too tooooooo expensive.

    Eh forty bucks is not very high for this because even with the economy the way it is you have to stop and think what will forty dollars really get you anyway? A dinner? A night out at the movies? Just saying these things are one shots and with the expansion you get (hopefully) days of entertainment.

    This is not a paid ad for SOE. lol
  11. ARCHIVED-Wingrider01 Guest

    Malvin@Lucan DLere wrote:
    same price if you where two expansions behind on that other 8 year old game. 40 for the previous and 40 for the current
  12. ARCHIVED-salty21db Guest

    Helmarf wrote:
    If 40 dollars is too much for them then perhaps their concern shouldn't be playing a game? kills the weak.
  13. ARCHIVED-Helmarf Guest

    salty21db wrote:
    Im sure they will be very happy to hear your opinion. The earth is round and maybe you have to work a half day for 40 bucks but on another place in the world someone have to work 4 days for the same.

    Still to much for this expansion - nuff said!
  14. ARCHIVED-Rendoir Guest

    It's not necessarily too much, but in the context of people feeling the pinch, EQ2s ever aging (read more commitments, and expense with families, insurances, recession oan payments etc) population it could be seen as a non-budgetable expense.
    An easy fix for this would be cutting the price to $35.98 and then making it available for 2 Kronos.
    This would introduce some flexibility to players, and I am sure would increase the expac sales, and therefore the population after November.
  15. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    Standard content for the standard price. What's the issue here?
  16. ARCHIVED-Helmarf Guest

    Standard 20$ collectors 30$ would be much more inline for what we get, for the current prices we want much more content!

    A few reasons - bad economy all around the world, close to xmas, returning players will have a hard time getting in to groups, players that thinking of comming back would hesitate paying 39.99$ + 1 month subs.

    Tbh Krono is the option here.
  17. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Helmarf wrote:
    not every country is doing it tough. besides if you can afford a $20 purchase you can surely put it away and take a little out of each paycheck to buy the stadard edition expansion.
  18. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    if your one of those people that think the price is too much, then dont buy it its that easy.
    the price is inline with their past expansions .
    we are getting a good bit of content for the price, so its totaly worth it.
  19. ARCHIVED-JJDillon Guest

    Meanwhile, CCP still releases expansions for Eve-Online for free.
  20. ARCHIVED-Warpig Guest

    Wirewhisker@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    ^^^^ This

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