Best non-raid gear set (T8)

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Effidian, Feb 21, 2008.

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    let me get this right... everything here is NON raid gear...?
    i wouldve never guessed the FABLED Eagles Talon to be groupable
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    Lamini wrote:

    It's the Ranger epic, all the epics are groupable.
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    here i was thinkin i was done with bows after just gettin RainCaller with a group... very nice and thanks.
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    The Blackened Alloy Coif from RE2 looks to be a good ranger item. Effidian is gone now, right? How do we go about updating the list? Are we going to have to start a new thread and re-sticky?
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    ChodeNode1 wrote:
    He was last on 6/4/08. Is he not around anymore?

    If not then someone responsible really needs to take over that list to keep it up to date... it's great!
    edit: Ok I just saw where he let his account go. Someone really needs to post and keep up a ranger gear non raid thread... I have started compiling my own since this one may be pretty much over with.

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    \aITEM 2089753867 -1393162559:Links of the Dragonslayer\/a Got this from a VoES run
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    Sebilite Croaking Dirk was improved last update - makes it a much more viable option now.

    Sebility Croaking Dirk

    +32 Agil
    +15 Int
    +50 Health
    +50 Power

    +2 Melee Crit Chance
    +2 Ranged Crit Chance

    Sinister Toxins

    Damage: 42 - 297
    Delay: 4.0 seconds
    (84.9 Rating)

    Still no Str, but still... not too shabby for non-raiders.
  8. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Where does Quartermaster's Clasp fall into this? Dropped in Sebilis tonight.

    +38 str +38 agi
    +120 health +100 power
    +287 vs cold +287 vs magic +287 vs mental +287 vs disease +287 vs poison +2 Ranged Crit
    +2 Double Attack
    +45 CA damage
  9. ARCHIVED-Solaar Wynd Guest

    Effidian wrote:
    New Stats for Fireproof Cooking Mitts:

    +40 Str
    +25 Sta
    +25 Agi
    +20 Int
    +115 Health
    +115 Power
    +1,121 Heat
    +581 Magic
    +2 Attack Speed
    +1 Melee Crit
    +1 Ranged Crit
    +40 Combat Art Damage
    Mitigation: 348

    These are probably the best non-raid gloves available for Rangers at this point
  10. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    New from Veksar:

    Kwagan War Stud
    +40 str + 20 sta + 20 int
    +150 health + 75 power
    +498 heat + 498 poison
    +3 Ranged Crit

    Deleted a bunch of stuff it takes 3 Impetuous Strikes items to yield +2 Ranged DA and +2 Double Attack, not +6 Ranged DA. And you have to have 6 items to get the Impetuous Strike bonus.

    Just got Runed Leviathan Carapace today so the Coat of Impetuous Strikes goes in appearance slot.
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    Levelling in my 40s I picked up this from Everfrost which is a rather nice upgrade to the usual charmslot doll - very simple quest line too:
    Neckerchief of the Winterbandit
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    Charms are supposed to be getting a revamp in TSO.
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    Add the Vile Strider Feathered Ring to the list, 42str,agi 2RDA and 30CA damage goes in finger slots and is attuneable
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    Pretty sure you can add the entire Advanced and Regular Void Shard Armor to this list as well, since they smoke most of the Kunark Legendary stuff. The most "bang for the buck" for me are gonna be the head piece and gloves. I've already got Leviathan Scaled Tunic and the Trooper Scale Boots.
  15. ARCHIVED-glowsinthedark Guest

    I would think you would get more from the shoulders, the base CA damage increase looks pretty nice, and unless you have raid shoulders(and even if you do most likely) they blow anything from RoK out of the water
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    feldon30 wrote:
    Yep, I've been making a lot of this Void Armor, and the gloves seem to be the most popular for majority of classes. They are cheap of course (4 shards) but they are also very good.
    Marauder's Chain Gloves - +40 str, +25 sta, +20 agi, +5 DPS, +2 DA, +2 RDA, +20 CA, +35 Haste
    If you have the Coif/Chest set from RE2 then Boots and Shoulders would be a good option too.
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    Why is this 2008 armor guide still stickied?