Best non-raid gear set (T8)

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Effidian, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Effidian wrote:
    Actually I was thinking the same thing only in reverse, adding your "no-trade rare drop" to mine, but either way is fine. Like you said both have about half of the items in common they really should be one list. How about we put the best "quested" and best "dropped" item (if there is a better dropped one) for each slot, that we everyone will be happy with one list?
    Thanks Effidian (and everyone else) for these great lists. It makes life easier for the vast majority of the rangers out there.
  2. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Danean@Guk wrote:
    I merged your list into this one. They were very close. A couple changes I made, let me know what you think.
    1) I listed Cookie's Pig Sticker instead of Anaphylaxis, because I think it gives us more. The STR on Aanaphylaxis is nice, but the crit and DPS on the pig sticker outweighs it. I think anyway.
    2) I left the Calcified Timber Longbow off the list, because the flimflam is much better and is a quest reward.
  3. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Effidian wrote:
    I think that there is a lot of discussion on what is the best primary weapon, not the least of which is the great "does it proc on ranged" question. For now just leave the Pig Sticker on there. I haven't tested the Anaphylaxis vs the PS yet so I can't say for sure which is better.
    The only reason I had the CTL on my list was because it is FAR supperior to the GBoB and I wanted to be sure Rangers upgraded to it at level 68 instead of using the GBoB all the way to 75. I made an exception for this slot (actually showing a level progression, rather than just one item) because of how important our bow is to us.
    I like your additional catagories and in fact have used them to improve my Ranger. By the way that is what I like the most about playing a Ranger. The people behind the toons are some of the most helpful I have ever met and have helped me play my Ranger so much better since the day I started 3 years ago, and in fact help me to play Danean better and better every day.
    The only other improvement I would suggest is changing over to EQ2WIKI for your item links. I find way too many errors on LootDB.
    Thanks again for all of your help,
    P.S. Could I ask the forum moderator to sticky this post please.
  4. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Thanks Danean (sorry I keep calling you dbmoreland, I always see your name when I reply and it is listed as dbmoreland. )
    I'll leave the CTL off the list since it is a bit out of place (since it would belong in a progression list).
    And I'll work on switching the item links over to EQ2I. (Edit: Gah, they don't have all the items. I'll keep this in mind and try to figure something out. I also like that the item link is right at the top of the page in LootDB.)
    I PM'd a moderator for help on the sticky cleanup, so hopefully we'll get some changes soon.
  5. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Effidian wrote:
    NP at all Effidian, dbmoreland is my RL moniker, Danean is just my EQ2 avitar ;)
    NP with the CTL, you are correct, it does not belong here.
    Yes EQ2I is missing some items, however many of us are correcting that. I have added several items myself. For now the LootDB link is prob best, we will just have to live with the errors, but the in game link makes it easy to check.
    Thanks again
  6. ARCHIVED-ChodeNode1 Guest

    I'm having trouble finding the "Honoring the Master Chef" details. Anybody by chance have a link or info? I'm getting nothing from EQ2i and Allakhazam's.
  7. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    ChodeNode1 wrote:
    This was added in LU43. After you finish Veeshan's Feast, go to Dreg's Landing. There is a quest giver there that will give you Honoring the Master chef. It is very simple, you just fly to Teren's Grasp and turn it in.
  8. ARCHIVED-Lordaniel Guest

    Here some gloves, which I think are also worth considering as non-raid gloves.
    Ironhide Gloves of Brute Force from Maidens
    The stun proc on them really procs ok.
    Lordaniel :)
  9. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Added Ironhide Gloves.
    Made slot names match in game names.
  10. ARCHIVED-ChodeNode1 Guest

    I'm just curious on this. I just did a quick run of the numbers here and I came up with 666 Str for all this equipment, then you'll add whatever your race would have and any AA points you chose. I've taken a substantial Str loss already in upgrading to some of these.

    Is there a target for what our Str should be? Is there any consensus on how much Str is equivalent to 1 point of RC? I'm now less than 550 strength when I used to be approaching 700 and am curious about what you guys know.
  11. ARCHIVED-Beldin_ Guest

    Lordaniel wrote:
    Ok.. for them i would throw away my darkened gauntlets and seek something else with haste
  12. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Added Gorowynian Rune of Intent for second Charm slot. Probably should remove the hex doll and canteen, since I *think* it is better than both of those.
  13. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Added Mana Infused Star
  14. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Change "haste" to "Attack Speed" on Voracious Shield of Striking.
    Thanks Walford. :)
  15. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Updated for LU44.

    Added pristine imbued tynnonium band of strength (replaced previous ring)
    Changed arrow stats.
    Removed hex doll and canteen, since the +CA charm is better and easily obtainable.
  16. ARCHIVED-WebinKaltani Guest

    Eff... can you explain why you are listing the Gorowynian Rune of Intent? Is the 10 CA really that critical? I admit that I don't really understand the true impact of +CA stats, but I would personally pick the 18STR of Battleworn Canteen over this Rune.
  17. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Webin@Befallen wrote:
    The +10CA damage will increase most of your CA's damage more than the 18STR does. The exception to this is the higher damage CA's, where STR does more and your auto-attack, which the +CA doesn't affect. The higher damage CAs have longer recast times though, so there is a balance in there somewhere. Additionally, if you get STR buffs, the 18STR becomes worth less and less.
    Honestly, it is probably close enough that it won't make a noticeable difference. The +6 INT is nice for the poison, and it is an easy piece to get.
  18. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Effidian wrote:
    Are you seriously suggesting that at level 80 the best non-raid charm is a level 32 quest item? Talk about busted itemization...
  19. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Danean@Guk wrote:
    Yep. I'm happy to be wrong if someone proves otherwise though. :)
  20. ARCHIVED-Walford Guest

    I went with the +1DPS gorowyn rune of intrepidity
    8 STA
    25 Health 25 Power
    +1 defense
    +1 DPS
    Would this not scale better than using +10 CA? That was my original thinking on the matter. Anyone else?
    <Renegades> AB

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