Best non-raid gear set (T8)

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Effidian, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Beldin_ Guest

    Danean@Guk wrote:
    The problem is that Hex-Doll simply suck .. +1 more STR per Tier is not really great. And the Gorowyn Rune was the first Item that was easy to obtian and much better than Hex Dolls.
  2. ARCHIVED-Dmntd1 Guest

    The "Belt of the Scorpikis lord" does not have + range. Its only crushing/piercing/slashing.
  3. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Dmntd1 wrote:
    Removed it. Without the +4 ranged, it just doesn't offer enough for us. Weird that I thought it had ranged on it...
  4. ARCHIVED-Thalazaras Guest

    When compared to the Bow of Flimflam I am leaning towards this one more because of a few things.

    GameLink: \aITEM 1528739461 -1486545148:Di'Zok Bow of Flame\/a

    25str, +1RDA, nice lil flame proc which in my mind might offset the slight reduction in max actual damage (but has a higher starting...)
    same delay... what do you guys think?
  5. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Yes it is. I seemed to have missed doing that when I updated it for all the other LU44 stuff. Thanks.
  6. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Aros@Venekor wrote:
    While I agree that for this list the Di'Zok bow is probably a better one to list, there are some advantages to the Flimflam.
    First, while the quest is not trivial you can complete it at level 75 and thus get the Flimflam 2 levels before getting the Di'Zok.
    Second while both bows have almost the same base damage rating (102 vs 102.7), the Flimflam has a higher max damage and larger damage spread. Thanks to the way critical hits work this means that the higher your ranged crit percentage is, the more damage the Flimflam bow will do on average compared to the Di'Zok. At 50% RC the effective DRs become 141 Ff vs 132 Di'Zok.
    Third the Flimflam adds 35 damage to all of our combat arts.
    Finally while the Flimflam does not have a damage proc it does have a nice little deaggro proc. This is very helpful in group situations.
  7. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Edit: I'm not sure. It's probably pretty close. I'll just list both.
  8. ARCHIVED-Thalazaras Guest

    yeah I agree, its -very- close, thats why I wanted some feedback. I am wondering though with the proc if it all evens out =\ but you are definitely right about the higher damage and crit mechanic. Tough...
  9. ARCHIVED-Gisallo Guest

    Just one question, why the peral inlaid bracers in stead of master crafter melodic. I would think the 45 CA turning into +2 range crit and +10 CA is 6 of 1/2 half dozen of the other but the melodic gives + to slashing and piercing which with the still wonky t8 hit rates can be a life saver.
  10. ARCHIVED-Effidian Guest

    Piercing and Slashing don't do anything for us. We need +Ranged, which is missing from the melodic set. I believe that 2 ranged crit is > 35 CA.
  11. ARCHIVED-WebinKaltani Guest

    And if you are using field point arrows... you're doing crushing damage.
  12. ARCHIVED-BigChiefJJ Guest

    Webin@Befallen wrote:
    But you are still using your ranged skill for all bow attacks regardless if the arrow doing slash/pierce/crush damage - Slash/ pierce is only applied to melee weapons and I don't think scouts even get a crushing skill
  13. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Wodreaux@Nektulos wrote:
    There are two things at work here. First the + slash/pierce/crush/ranged that you see on the bracers affects your ability to hit the mob with a slashing/piercing/crushing/ranged weapon. Therefore we want +ranged to help us hit more with our ranged auto attack, which accounts for ~40% of our damage output. We do not need +slash/pierce/crush because melee auto attack (slashing/piercing weapons) should account for 0% of our damage, and we can't use crushing weapons.
    As for the arrows, they (and everything else) do some TYPE of damage so that when it hits the mob, the mob gets to resist some portion of our damage based on his defense vs that TYPE of damage. That is the only reason for every using any type of arrow other than field points. IF the mob is highly resistant to crushing damage, then it MAY be better to use one of the other types of arrows.
    Hope this helps,
  14. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Effidian wrote:
    Actually according to my calculations based on a couple of parses and the damage increase from these two stats it looks like 2 RCH is about the same as 20 CA. So the player made Melodic may be better than the pearl inlaid bracers. As a test I am going to try parsing the wall again with my old complete set of Melodic and see what happens.
  15. ARCHIVED-Mirkanon Guest

    Well I'm adding for your consideration: \aITEM -207037097 -551791741:Bristled Drachnid Flesh Cuff\/a
  16. ARCHIVED-Walford Guest

    Mirkanon wrote:
    I certainly solo with it. It procs close to 85% or better of my kills. you just need to cycle mobs quickly to gaint he most benefit. Definitely on my list of soloing gear. :)
    In a group, i think other scouts would benefit more, as they seem to have a higher hit rate, and maybe a better chance of getting a killing blow. Added to this, if your group does nto cycle mobs quickly enough, then it is lost buffage. Not experimented much, though, personally. Just an impression...

    <Renegades> AB
  17. ARCHIVED-BigChiefJJ Guest

    edited for posting on wrong thread
  18. ARCHIVED-Gisallo Guest

    Danean@Guk wrote:
    actually for me its kinda irrelevant now, I am running the Impetuous strike bacers along with the gloves and the Chest pieces for the individual and 3 piece bonus. But I did use those calculations (and 1 I did my own that has me wearing the Mastercrafted helmet until I get a genuinely better helm vs some that are at best marginally better.

    Just a suggestion, maybe its me but I really wonder if blue shiney items should be on the list. I go after all the sparklies I see, even if its near suicidal and I am still not close to finishing the expert collection quest. Maybe I am just cursed <shrug>
  19. ARCHIVED-Gisallo Guest

    Wodreaux@Nektulos wrote:
    That I know but a few things. First I am finding in many instances and raids that I am often stuck doing a fair amount of melee. I know as a class we suck at it but its the geometry of the encounter that is putting me in that position so I figure every bit helps (god I hate getting in the water in Chelsith). Second it appears if the changes continue in our class (as it is alleged they will) we will continue to be more reliant on our CA's with apparently our melee CA's getting more of a boost than our ranged CA's, just preparing for the apparent inevitable
  20. ARCHIVED-Walford Guest

    Gisallo@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Honestly, you have to look at the value of other items that can be had on the market. If someone is selling complete blue shiney collections on your server, and they are reasonable compared to the cost of other tradeable legendary gear and faction items (I would personally avoid CTL bow, for example, but there are other faction items that are good value, imo).
    I picked up the reet helm through buying the collection. DPS is an expensive business for us, no matter how you look at it. This list is valuable and we aren't too badly off compared to some other classes trying to get to where they need to be. That being said the STR still sucks, and not much on the horizon to alleviate it. We roll the dice for decent group buffs every time we get a group or raid. Incidentally, I use my bristlebane cloak a lot when grouping (with my marr cloak), as the permanent buffs are very useful to my playstyle.
    <Renegades> AB

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