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  1. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Koko, I SERIOUSLY need more help to use your tools. I have downloaded the text documents and the Excel workbooks, and I am apparently too stupid to figure out what the heck to do with them. I did actually get good grades in math all the way through college calculus, too, so it's not that I lack basic understanding of math.

    I need a spreadsheet that on the first page allows me to input all my stats (for example, like the ones in the Character Stats I window or from Dragon's Armory or EQ2U,probably in the same basic stat order), then input the info from all my spells in my Knowledge book, and if necessary input info from clicky gear, war runes, etc... then take your mathematics, do your voodoo, and provide me with both (A) a sorted cast-order list and (B) an estimate of overall DPS given the postulated configuration.

    A tool like that would make it MUCH easier to figure out stats and cast order. I have my own rusticated means of doing this that involves looking up good players of my class and getting a range of THEIR stats, and a list of their adorns, then I unreforge everything and try to get my stats as close to those of my exemplars as possible. Then I do a rough pass with a very basic spreadsheet followed by lots and lots and lots of testing with ACT/guildhall dummies, but it is painfully slow.
  2. Anaogi Well-Known Member

    FINALLY! Someone talks about casting order instead of haggling about how to get another 2-4% from autoattack!

    Seriously guys, I need help with what's supposed to give me most of my output, not finagling on the margins...
  3. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    From a guy who has played Warlock since DoF, don't listen to Koko or follow practically anything he says regarding Warlocks, unless you want to give up playing Warlock.

    I've got no hate in me, but as a guy who has a reputation for being the best (or nearly so) - he doesn't know what he's talking about.
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  4. Lare Active Member

    the answer is

    what yards is saying. Cast order changes frequently especially if your have your abilities reset.

    Also I would rather teach you to fish rather than just give you the fish!

    but here is alittle help in the right direction!

    On AoE fights look at what builds your increments faster and what gives you your best dps.

    So as a very rough example I would look at casting skull focii prior to pull Gift, Eternal dam on incoming. Hit Dark Siph, cat, then Acid storm and dark infestation , con blast skull focii (again) and cat again and you prob have 160 inc then hit temp buffs and charms cast Blast and hit FC just as it lands (u now have 180 inc so instant cast rift Apox Caustic, unda and Cat etc etc) if you get reset with Ethereal (when it works) you hit Cat blast etc etc)

    There is more in there but just a rough plan but u know the key to playing the lock is increment management and trying to make sure you have 180 increments up after each fight so you can instant cast stuff for the next fight! (which again changes you cast order)
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  5. Lare Active Member

    I have a degree in Maths and Stats and I would never bother with his tools sadly what mogrim said
    kinda fits. Some of these websites really screw with peoples understanding and why we end up with people with 350 CST as they think that is the way to go!
  6. Koko Well-Known Member

    Let me explain how my tools work.
    1. Get encounter data
    2. Get character stats for that encounter
    3. Determine how damage in that encounter would be different if stats were different.
    e.g. If you had 50 more CB 'now' compared to then: DPS (now) = DPS (then) * (CB mod now)/(CB mod then)

    It assumes everything 'else' is identical to how it was previously.
    Encounter duration is the same,
    Encounter health/resists are the same,
    Everyone cast their skills in the same order,
    Ability damage rolls were the same,

    The calculator innately assumes that 'stats' remain constant as well, but this can be circumvented by parsing the encounter into sections and modeling each section independently.

    This is pretty far from a 'vacuum' environment. In fact, the tools are 'custom fit' to your encounter! It shouldn't be surprising that the calculator estimates are incredibly accurate.
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  7. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    yeah, yeah, yeah .. :)
    I am already down to 213 or so casting speed :) and yes I did notice it not affect much my SDA :) that and 101 AMOD - need just my myth ranged (at about 97% AoE/157 Multi still slacking at SWDB at 50 and DPS mode at 567 or so)
    As for increments build - yes in AoE fight hitting Cata/Infestation/Gift/E.Damn tend to bring increments sky high very fast ... I am was not sure if Acid storm help with increments as well (but since it "sorta" PBAoE I tend to keep it running all the time) Other thing I usually do (did) in reverse - GIft/E.Danm and hit fast with Cata/Unda (Unda required from me to be engaged with target so hitting Cata first just do a trick in picking 12 targets at will) after that I normally hit with Blast and RIft (regard of increments since it PBAoE). Thanks for tip with Foci and precast dumpfire pets
  8. Lare Active Member

    other than cat, dark infestation and acid storm is purely about DPS and what they do with Enternal Damnation. Damn can be as much as 30% of my parse this way. Also its a blue AoE and its great for mass pulls that are not linked

    don't forget concussive blast for increment building. Think of it this way how can I get my increments to 180 in 4 casts or less?

    I really never cast rift without max increments unless in a AS even then I normally have full increments. Even Apox STorder I will try and delay it a few casts if I can get it to max increments first..

    You do get that Focii builds increments on the 2nd + cast.
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  9. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Oh! completely forgot about concussive blast - I know it fast to cast but never realized that it help with increments. Lare - love your mathematical thinking btw :)
    What your opinion btw on ranged weapon delay? - is it useful to convert it on 4s base (1.8s after haste) or keep it at 8s base (and 3.6 after haste but with higher base damage)?
  10. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Put it at 4sec delay for temp procs and such, you don't have to worry about delaying your autoattack anyway
  11. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Good point ... if this speed up building stacks with furious barrage it might worth it
  12. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Not that kind of procs, it won't proc more cuz of quicker delay. I meant temporary procs used by player abilitys such as VC for example. Or the wizard's ice lash, etc etc
  13. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Ah those ... well it might add a bit to damnation and gift but question is - do I need to convert my weapon damage to disease (warlocks proc kind of picky on damage type :))
  14. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I think all u need to do is place a disease arrow in your ammo slot to make wand hit for disease dmg.
  15. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    I don't remember if Gift procs from autoattack, as I remember it it only procs off spells.

    Edit: lol I quoted myself.... Getting sleepy!
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  16. Yards Well-Known Member

    The ammo slot does nothing as warlocks don't use ammo. You have to change the damage type on the actual ranged weapon.
  17. Lare Active Member

    I already told you to change your delay to 4 sec's a while ago guess you missed that one. If you raid I would change my damage type to zap (just my opinion)
  18. Lare Active Member

    Doom, what I would do now is practice building increments on say 4, 6 or 8 immortal raid dummies. Then I would look at what is best to cast when you have full increments up on the pull because that's when you really do shine as an AoE class. Time to start beating those Swashies ok!
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  19. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Zap is what? (disease, poison or what)?
  20. Yards Well-Known Member

    zap is arcane personally with my raid set up i go with disease/poison.
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