Attn non-depressive Warlocks

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Anaogi, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Lare Active Member

    that's the issues until you learn attention to detail in this regards rather than near enough is good enough your not going to get the most out of your toon. In the past I have spend 1,000's of plat reforging over and over again in one sitting, to get the best set up. (ok that's extreme) but its the point.

    Also I did say spike pot and that comes from raid and grp buffs as well as your temp buffs. (I have a few clickies in my bag that I also use on the pull that I swap out before the encounter is engaged that all add up). I have one bit of raid gear this expansion have not infused much. Have not been playing for a few weeks due to work commitments that may change so yeah your gear is not far off stats wise (well it would be closer if you tinkered more with your toon). I have a little more Fuvor and the range ethereal but not a lot most of the stuff I have was gotten months ago from this expansion Heroic or last expansion raid gear.
  2. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Oh! see you have essence of duality - that's one "big" booster another - is more fervor (say by humble estimate it will end up with at least extra 30%?)
    Off the record ... there is 1 thing that will boost my spike a bit ... ok may be more than a bit :) ... I still forgetting to switch on rare food (just by doing so crit chance will go up by 200 points)
    I can most certainly use better pant and better robe (that's another extra couple K of AMOD easy). I can (and I will) invest about 5k per item to fully infuse on mastercraft fable deity level - I just don't have enough cash for that atm because I am chewing through keys to get that ever elusive myth range
    Other thing - my clickable aren't that grate - best what I got is vigor and disengage (btw what good way to automate swapping them in and out?)
    Another of the record thing - oddly got another relic shoulder this time with 18.6SWDB bonus but with zero AMOD which create another temptation - drop my casting shoulders get this one reforge MA into AMOD (probably going to loose 1-1.5k AMOD on this), since it have AOE reforge few pieces I got reforged for AoE onto re-use and drop 200AMODs whites in favor 15% Spell Casting ... might actually add a little edge with wand ...
    Lol funny enough that range nerf actually hit even me (lost about 4M in parses)
  3. Lare Active Member

    not to potency, your charms are meh for spike dps.

    my spoon is broken all I can say is make a macro for it,
  4. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    The darn salvo charm from Abysimal apparently not just rare but ultra rare drop :( I done submerged like 20 time or so - not a single time seen that salvo drop ... disengage is 300 Pot btw ...