Attn non-depressive Warlocks

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  1. Lare Active Member

    Are raid forced debuffs arcane far more than disease/poison and there is a significant enough difference for me to swap to it. If you look at what your raid force debuffs more change to that it does make a difference.
  2. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Another semi dumb question .. I have infuser to reset damage to the Void ... I do not see any "void" resistance nor any "void" debuff ... does this mean if I turn my damage type to the void it become irresistible?
  3. Yards Well-Known Member

    void is arcane.
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  4. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    I've read through this, and worked on the stats/spell order, and while I don't have the exact stats, only 75kAM and 68 DC, rest I'm good. I am still stuck at 20Mill dps, where conjur in the raid are at 80M and the sin is at 100M

    I inspect the other people and their stats do not seem to be that much higher than mine, maybe 20% higher int (I'm a little over 14k int and she is a little over 16k int) on the conj for instance.

    Of course since I am a low performer I get kicked to group 4 without a troub/illy, but still.
  5. Mandoblast Active Member

    Without seeing your setup, I cannot comment on where you could improve some gear. I can tell you that no troub/illy is probably 30-40% decrease in your parse. Passive buffs from troub, POTM from troub, and of course TW from the illy, are all focused on increasing the type of damage that warlocks excel at: spike damage.

    It seems like a catch 22. Moved to G4 because of low parse but will not parse higher without troub/illy. I have been there, trust me.
  6. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Cold - Lare gave me a lot beating for many things :) in most things (not all ;)) he was right. I did struggle with same problem - now my DPS ... better say erratic :) ... For AoE fights I am hitting 70+M occasionally upsetting most of conjurers :) but for ST it really depend do I need to do other jobs - like power drain or joist (last thing major DPS killer - unlike conjurers we do not have persistent dot (pet) that do track load damage)
    With all this said I am going to steal Lare's lines and say this
    First basic stats need to be made in order
    200SPS/200Haste/120MA/100AoE/75+SDA/600DPS/60+Recovery/100+K AMOD
    second thing AA - while Morgrim and Face mimic might looks as "perfect" final setup in mean time I'd still keep CB over PoT and still keep spec into Unda
    third thing - spells - with current state of market spending even 10k+ on buying all masters should not hurt much your wallet
    Next thing right effects on jewels - for good or bad we are pretty much "locked" in what we had to use - underfoot ring/darkened shards wrist/furious barrage earring/aura sharing either earring or wrist/various amplifying items power/combination/energy
    Next thing is infusions - some might say what I say blasphemy but ...first I would spend around 1k on each item which you going to use for a long long long time (like uplifting fury neck) for straight physical layer infusion, next I'd buy 10 stack of mastercrafted 100% infusers or each kind (CB/POT/AMOD/STA) and infuse with them every item you going to use in a long run
    Next thing by my list but not by importance - adornments - first war runes while there is some debate about 4 out 5 is pretty much same for all Wind of Obol, Screams of Battle, Wilde Swings and Bolstering Attributes - 5th is depends on many factors - ideally get from Jewel of Marring from RC to have 8/8 damage sigil if not ... I wend with +32% CB one.
    Purple adorns is debatable - I went now with sigil of damage mostly and some are sigil of power but as per Face recommendation I am willing to try couple accuracy to get my Acc stat to 20%
    White adorns - its more like a stat correctors to keep you at soft caps (imo of course)
    While I am not 100% agree on that (specially after nerf) tune up of your ranged weapon is good idea - ideally get Myth on from umbrite if not try get one from collections either with molten detonation or with Noxious Rend. Use weapon delay adjustor to reduce it do 4s (with 200 haste you should be at 1.8s) change weapon damage type to either nox (disease/poison) or arcane (void/mental) also try to adjust your gear in a way that you can get at least 100SWDB
    Again as per Lare advise - there are few key components that will command your over all DPS - main is ability fast built increments and know when to release them (basically you need make sure your FC chain goes in with 180 increments - PB-Apoc-Rift-TA-(DA if up)-Chains-TClap) other this is Unda - you need hard code sync it with TW (if you get illy).
    Outside of your main gun FC (again per Lare advise) always keep up E.Damnation/Gift and your dumpfire pets (Acid Storm/Infestation/Neatherlord) as well as Dark Siphoning - those will help with increments and do respectable contribution to the damage
  7. Yards Well-Known Member

    I never recommended purple accuracy adorns I said to try to get to ~20% accuracy via reforge / forearm primordial adorn. Warlocks should not be using wild swings war rune. War runes should be truespirits, winds, screams, bolstered attributes, either cloak purple or magnitude.
  8. Mandoblast Active Member

    I also would not keep damnation running on a fight with less than 3 mobs nor would I cast Acid Storm in the same scenario. Too much time lost casting other very useful spells. Toxic on less than 3 mobs, and Caustic on 4 or more. Keep gift running at all times.
  9. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Why not use CD on 3 mobs? loosing TA on single mob from the pack ... seems to be a waste of increments not?
    About Damnation - its also give boost in damage for spells that we convert with myth ability from green AoE to single target is it not?
  10. Mandoblast Active Member

    One TA cast is more DPS than Caustic on 3 or less mobs.

    Damnation has nothing to do with the myth conversion from AOE to single target. Damnation procs damage from mobs when hit with a spell. This will do tremendous damage in an AOE fight to 4 or more mobs (and lag out your whole raid force which is hillarious), but it not worth casting except pre-incomming in ST fights. High cast time of 1.5 sec, 1 min reuse, just not effective.
  11. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Nah I am about description on AA
    "blah blah blah" while damnation is active disease based spells will do 30% more damage (or something along this lines)
  12. Mandoblast Active Member

    You are thinking Void Retribution in the Prestige line. Go back and look at the AAs.

    Damnation is just an upgrade from Netherrealm.
  13. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Will do, it's not upgrade is replacement with different damage type thou
  14. Mandoblast Active Member

    That is also incorrect. Netherrealm and Eternal Damnation both do the exact same type of damage: poison.

    Again, it is an upgrade since the damage is increased on ED.
  15. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    What is SPS short for?
  16. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    spell casting speed
  17. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    Where do the weapon 'cyan' adorns come from?
  18. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Those are tricky ... very uncommon drops from previous x-pack AoM from contested dungeon named (for some reason most ppl I have seen farming Ossuary contested.. but rumor has it that BrokenSkull Bay contested has it too)... Plus watch /auc channel ppl are selling those via SLR
  19. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    IMO The biggest problem with this game is the static requirements of other people to perform and the gear required to perform vs the willy nilly random dispensation of that gear, so that you must either be lucky or totally committed to acquiring a set of items.

    Since blue adorns are almost required by other players to participate with them, there should be some clear path to those items.

    I won't participate in SLR since it is an exploit.
  20. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Per se ... you are not bound to certain items to have but rather certain stat/effect to carry. To help you with that exist 2 mechanisms - first is reforging best yield I seen casting speed to AMOD, attack speed to AMOD and same stats into DPS .. worst - trying to reforge something into POT .... AOE attack not much better
    Like say early advantage - this 8.7M proc that goes 4 time per minute (with 200 haste) you can get it via lancerator or via collection or via dirt encrusted key... Yes jewels more or less identical regardless of name - after all you are looking for certain effects..
    Amplifying effect self explaining - for personal/Solo DPS they aren't shine much but for group is completely different story in full group using same effect you are doubling what ever you may got with "uplifting" item. Share aura - you get decent boost in everything but for solo? meh ... or say Finisher V (as a personal DPS) versus Furious Barrage same darn story it's either you get 210 POT in the end of fight or! you run nearly all fight (whole group) with 190 POT. IF anything exist to complain than it's necessity to have 2 set of gear for solo and for raid.
    Believe you or not but by simply running AS and doing key quest you can get at least baseline stats with throwing in collection rewards you will be decked very decent (again if you know what stats to target for)
    SLR is not exploit - imo heirloom/no-trade should not be even in game
    Again stealing Lare line - I'd say once you got cover your bases you can start fine tuning up and for bad or good there no magical item or skill or spell that suddenly increase your DPS by mile ... rather bored pen and pencil work (a little here a little where optimize here) which lead to overall notable DPS increase
    P.S. still there are few items that ARE game changers - ethereal ranged (essence of duality)/ethereal conduit rune and ire-dream hammer with 100 fervor